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STEVE LUKATHER – Session Works II [Japan only release Blu-spec CD2] (2017) *EXCLUSIVE*

The one and only Mr. STEVE LUKATHER will present next Friday his new solo album, and it’s a nice opportunity to feature here this Japan-only release ”Session Works II”, pressed on high quality Blu-spec CD2 format.
It’s really cool to have such wide array of diverse artists / styles onto one disc not only to contrast Lukather’s talent, but also to discover some songs never heard by many and where the eminent guitarist showcase his impressive abilities.
Ranging from sessions for Michael Bolton or Boz Scaggs to Earth, Wind & Fire and The Tubes, here’s some pearls to discover for sure. As example, Luke’s work on Jon Anderson’s solo song ‘Top Of The World’ (this is the LP version, with extended guitar solo) is superb.
Japan only release
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DON AIREY & Friends – Live In Hamburg (2021)

Live In Hamburg” is the first solo live album by keyboard virtuoso DON AIREY, current member of Deep Purple and former Rainbow, Gary Moore, etc, out on February 26th on a double-disc.
Touring with the great and the good for decades, Airey has never been on the road with his own solo project. This changed when he first toured Germany in 2017 as “Don Airey & Friends”.
His Friends – of course, all true professionals in their own right – are lead singer Carl Sentance (Nazareth), ex-Black Sabbath bassist Laurence Cottle, guitarist Simon McBride (Sweet Savage) and drummer Jon Finnigan (Gang of Four).
The setlist contains a healthy mix of tracks from the bands Don’s been involved with over the years – Whitesnake, Rainbow, Gary Moore, Deep Purple & more – as well as some originals.

GALE FORCE [Barren Cross vocalist / DIO guitarist] – Subhuman (2021)

We have been featuring the most relevant works of Barren Cross here, and now it’s time to present the new band of vocalist Mike Lee aka Michael Drive; GALE FORCE, and their just released debut album “Subhuman“.
What do you get when you meld Barren Cross and DIO? Yes, the vocalist’s partner in crime here is the underrated ex-DIO guitarist Tracy G.
“Subhuman” rocks like hell mixing Barren Cross emotional melodies & DIO-like energetic riffs with gutsy rhythms & time-relevant lyrics.
Killer stuff

ALICE COOPER – Detroit Stories (2021)

Named for the city that launched the original ALICE COOPER group on the road to success, “Detroit Stories” follows last year’s “Breadcrumbs” EP as a modern-day homage to the toughest and craziest Rock n Roll scene there ever was.
In 1970, fledgling producer Bob Ezrin walked into a farmhouse on the outskirts of Detroit to work with the Alice Cooper band. Abandoning flower power Los Angeles, because they were the opposite of the hippie peace and love ideal, Alice had brought his decidedly darker gang back to his birthplace to the legendary rock scene that gave birth to hard rock, garage rock, soul, funk… and more.
Detroit was the only place that recognized the Alice Cooper guitar driven hard rock sound and their crazy stage show. Detroit was a haven for the outcasts.
50 years later Alice and Ezrin gathered some legendary Detroit musicians in a Detroit studio to record ”Detroit Stories”, Alice Cooper’s new album that celebrates that spirit for a new era.

RANSOM (Female Fronted) – Ransom (20th Anniversary Remastered Edition + 4 Bonus)

The two albums from US Female Fronted melodic hard rock outfit RANSOM were requested here and it’s a pleasure to fulfill. Here’s the Anniversary Remastered Edition of their self-titled debut “Ransom” from 1991, a luxury slice of bright melodic stuff with top class vocals and large hooks, is a simile style of SARAYA.
This is a worthwhile purchase as aside the great remaster we have as bonus the band’s 1988 3-track tape ‘Once And For All’ which earned them a recording contract. And I can hear why. Then the remaining bonus #15, is an unlisted hidden track, a recording from am early time when RAMSOM were known as FIRST AID.
HIGHLY Recommended

RANSOM (Female Fronted) – Soul Asylum [25th anniversary Remastered reissue]

The two albums from US Female Fronted melodic hard rock outfit RANSOM were requested here and it’s a pleasure to fulfill. Here’s the special Limited Edition remastered reissue from Roxx Records to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the band’s second and final album ”Soul Asylum” (1992).
Ransom burst onto the American scene in 1990 featuring the fiery female fronted vocals of Lisa Faxon, a very melodic singer but strong and precise.
Produced by Lanny Cordola (House Of Lords), who also played on several tracks and handled some of the writing duties, as well as a very special guest appearance from Oz Fox of Stryper, the original pressing of this album has been long out of print and tough to find for fans.
Additionally, the album definitely needed a remaster to bring it up to today’s standards, and this 25th anniversary Remastered reissue sounds terrific.

BARREN CROSS – Rock For The King (Re-mixed ’90s Enigma Records Edition)

At the late ’80s, BARREN CROSS entered in conflict with Enigma Records, and they had to fulfill an album contract so both parts agreed to re-release the band’s first album, 1986’s ”Rock For The King”.
But it was 1990 and the hard rock / metal sound significantly changed at the time with the original ”Rock For The King” resulting pretty heavy overall.
So Enigma asked renowned Ronnie Montrose to re-mix & re-master the original tapes. The result is quite amazing, as the 1986 songs sound completely different, with a melodic hard rock feel.
The reissue also featured a more ‘friendly’ band logo, and the fun “oh-my-gosh-blue-&-white-mid-Eighties-hair-metal-time-warp-outfits” photo on the cover was replaced by Barren Cross current mainstream-rock look / band photo in jeans n’ boots.
It’s almost a different album, and a great example of how a mixing can completely change an album – for better or worse. I really dig this ‘melodic hard rock’ 90s version of ”Rock For The King”. As extras, there’s some live cuts as bonus.

BARREN CROSS – Rock For The King ’86 (Remastered Edition Digipak)

And to complete some essential BARREN CROSS, here’s the band’s first full length album, 1986‘s “Rock For The King“, in its remastered edition managed by the band themselves and housed into a digipak case.
“Rock For The King” set the stage for many great releases by the band however none of them carried the collect-ability, energy and drive quite like this one. So much that it caught the eye of Enigma Records (Stryper) record label back in 1985.
Produced by Dino Elefante, “Rock For The King” showcases BARREN CROSS early influences from classic bands like Judas Priest or the first Queensryche. The music is melodic yet heavy and contains some killer hooks…

REDD BARRON – Sands Of Time (2021)

So many bands over the past decades have been lost to the sands of time with their numerous demos and unreleased songs being forever unknown to would be fans. Chicago-based REDD BARRON are a perfect case as their late ’80s / early 90s recordings never were released back in the day.
It was three years ago when these tracks were compiled and finally released, which lead to REDD BARRON reunite and perform at the annual ‘Legions of Metal Festival’ in Chicago. The idea to record a new album surfaced, and now we have “Sands Of Time” to be released this weekend.
The album consist of 11 tracks written back in the late 1980s /early 90s and finally recorded properly over 2019. So expect that classic US metal / Hard Rock sound from the era here, with elements of Armored Saint, early Queensryche, Stryper, etc.
Really well done, timeless stuff

BARREN CROSS – State Of Control +2 [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

As any artists who has turned out a career-defining work can tell you, watershed projects, for all of the accolades and opportunities they provide, often create unreasonable expectations for whatever happens to follow in their wake.
Such was certainly the case for the LA-based white metal quartet, BARREN CROSS, whose tour de force ‘Atomic Arena’ album did serious business on the mainstream hard rock airplay charts, spawned a heavily-rotated MTV video single, and eventually went on to be named one of the top 20 Christian metal albums of all time by the folks at Heaven’s Metal magazine.
To say that the record set an imposing high-water mark for the group’s next undertaking would be an understatement.
So ‘if ain’t broken, don’t fix it’, and Barren Cross next album 1989’s ”State Of Control” sounds almost exactly like its predecessor, just more ‘melodic’ according the year, with the Elefante bros providing that polished production sound. This fresh remastered version include two bonus tracks.
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BARREN CROSS – Hotter Than Hell! Live [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Nearing the end of relentlessly touring the ‘Atomic Arena’ album, and having only two releases under the band’s belt, BARREN CROSS pulled into the International Ballroom in Pico Rivera, CA to record this live release. For many, at the time Barren Cross was in its finest moment, and ”Hotter Than Hell! Live” only confirmed that conviction.
Studio albums are supposed to be produced, calculated, and pristine. Live albums are supposed to let the band breathe and let the musician’s talent and expertise shine though with no filters. That’s exactly what happens with ”Hotter Than Hell! Live”: a raw, no overdubs live recording published in 1990 (but recorded 1989).
There’s a doubt if a live recording can be remastered, in the case of “Hotter Than Hell!” the output is more balanced and vibrant than the original CD release.
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CHERIE (Sweden) – Cherie [unreleased] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the rare, mysterious album never released by Swedes CHERIE. The album is professionally recorded apparently between 1989-1990 but never released, and details of the band / line up remain unknown.
What it isn’t mysterious is the type of music on offer here; quality Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR with the classy sound form the era ranging from Europe circa 1988 (Out Of This World album) to Talk Of The Town self-titled debut from the same year.
A ‘lost’ little gem from the golden period.


STEVE STEVENS, one of my favorite guitar players of all time, gets his first album with the “Atomic Playboys” reissued and remastered by Rock Candy Records. This, together with the one Stevens did with Vince Neil, are without a doubt among the best guitar-driven hard rock albums ever recorded.
Steve Stevens reputation was so high in the mid-to-late eighties (‘the guitar power behind Billy Idol’ and Top Gun soundtrack) that the debut solo album from the six-stringer with hair as impressive as his playing was littered with top class names from the music business.

RADIATION ROMEOS – Radiation Romeos (retail CD)

Signed & released by Frontiers Music, the self-titled debut from RADIATION ROMEOS is the new band formed by amazing singer Parramore McCarty, best known for being the frontman of such legendary US metal acts Warrior and famed Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens’ solo project, Atomic Playboys.
In fact, the inspiration for the name Radiation Romeos came from a line in the song ‘Atomic Playboys’.
Parramore McCarty’s career in music started when Robbin Crosby of Ratt gave him his start singing in cover bands. His first major label album was ‘Fighting For the Earth’ on Virgin Records in 1985 for the legendary US metal band Warrior.
The terrific Steve Stevens’ Atomic Playboys album followed in 1989 on Warner Bros, then McCarty returned…

BARREN CROSS – Atomic Arena [Digitally Remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

Limited to 1000 units, here’s in exclusive the fresh, first time remastered version of US rockers BARREN CROSS 1988’s album “Atomic Arena“.
By the time ”Atomic Arena” was released, the hard rock audience had already been whipped into a feeding frenzy with the song ‘Deadlock’ being included on the massively popular California Metal Compilation.
Fans were demanding more, and it’s hard to believe Barren Cross could have delivered a more perfect album than ”Atomic Arena”. Most noticeably, mature songwriting with topics presented in a skilled manner.
Produced by John & Dino Elefante with a pristine sound and signed to Enigma Records, Barren Cross were label-mates with Ratt, Poison & Stryper and MTV’s embrace of the album’s opener, ‘Imaginary Music’, showed that’s exactly where they belonged.