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THE COMPULSIONS (feat Bumblefoot) – Ferocious (2020)

THE COMPULSIONS features fine musicians with a long pedigree having played / been part of the likes GUNS N’ ROSES to the NEW YORK DOLLS to DAVID BOWIE, and it shows – this is rock ‘n roll at its finest and the album proves Rob Carlyle, leader singer/songwriter, will not be defeated in his mission to deliver roots rock to the masses, despite changes to the line up and a 5 year gap between albums.
”Ferocious” delivers track after track of kick ass, roots original rock which is contagious and fun, with a blend of metal, blues and country rock influences, this album flies on every level. Carlyle’s vocals and lyrics are superb with a real gravelly edge that just transports me to imagining this band playing live, in a real grass roots music venue with the audience lapping up every riff, beat and chorus.

KING KING – Maverick [Deluxe Edition +5] (2020)

With their just released studio album number five “Maverick“, British bluesy hard rockers KING KING deliver yet another superlative demonstration of songwriting prowess – a bit of FREE here, a smidge of early WHITESNAKE there, a dash of BAD COMPANY for good measure – led from the front by guitarist/ vocalist Alan Nimmo.
Recorded with a new line-up, ”Maverick” nevertheless sounds like a band that’s been together forever, with cohesive performances meshing together perfectly across the entire track list.
If there’s any specific change to speak of, it’s probably a gentle shift away from overt blues into more classic hard rock territory – a bit more THUNDER, perhaps – but otherwise it’s business as usual…

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One [digipak +1] +4 standalone new singles (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT is the awesome all-star melodic rock project which released its debut album “Volume One” three years ago presented in exclusive here at 0dayrox. Now this project evolved into EAST TEMPLE AVENUE, who are releasing their impressive debut album today.
But let’s revisit “THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One” in this physical CD edition including an exclusive bonus track, but also the 4 standalone singles they released since, the last appeared only one month ago.
Besides mastermind Darren Phillips (songwriting, vocals, production) and multi-instrumentalist / producer Daniel Skeed, the ‘who’s who’ from the international Melodic Rock / AOR world are collaborating here.
Take a quick look; Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Khymera) on lead vocals and mastering, Enzo Almanzi (White Widdow), Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me / Blanc Faces), Philip Lindstrand (Find Me / Jim Jidhed), Michael Palace (Palace, Kryptonite), Erik Heinke (Miss Behaviour), Herman Furin (Work Of Art), Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh), Robin & Mats Eriksson (Degreed) … and many more.

GRAHAM BONNET – Solo Albums 1974-1992 [HNE 6xCD Box Remastered + Bonus] (2020)

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records are releasing today “Solo Albums 1974-1992” a 6xCD Box Set collecting together all of GRAHAM BONNET’s solo albums from 1974-1992, plus rare singles for the first time on CD and lots of unreleased material fully remastered.
Although the Skegness born Graham Bonnet is probably best known for the melodic hard rock he fronted in the 1980s with Ritchie’s Blackmore RAINBOW, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, and his own band, ALCATRAZZ, his musical odyssey started with the duo The Marbles in 1968.
What makes this rare collection an extra treat is the inclusion of…

JADED PAST – Believe [remastered reissue] (2020)

With many of their releases already out of print, Melodic Rock Records is reissuing some artists / albums from their catalog, and JADED PAST‘s “Believe” was made available again, with revised track-list and remastered.
JADED PAST is the creation of New Jersey-based lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter George Becker. The album was produced by TRIXTER’s guitarist Steve Brown who also contributes some riffs n’ solos and backing vocals.
Brown also was involved in Jaded Past’s first, self-titled album….

FICTION SYXX – Talk · Dark · Secrets [2020 reissue]

Tall Dark Secrets” is the debut album from FICTION SYXX – the band formed by songwriter and vocalist Mark Allan Lanoue (Chasing Karma, Biloxi) released by MelodicRock Records in 2017, now being reissued 2020 for a proper re-vamp.
The band is completed with multi-talented musicians in JK Northrup (King Kobra), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder), Eric Ragno (Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet) and the extraordinaire Rory Faciane (one of the most requested session drummer around) plus stellar Melodic Rock guests such as Jimi Bell (House Of Lords), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Steve Brown (Trixter), Lee Small (SHY, Lionheart) and more.
Musically this a classy mix melodic rock…

FICTION SYXX – The Alternate Me [2020 reissue]

After a successful debut album in 2017, FICTION SYXX released their last album “The Alternate Me” last year, now being reissued 2020 for a proper re-vamp.
Founded by musicians with years of experience namely vocalist Mark Allen Lanoue (Biloxi, Chasing Karma), JK Northrup (XYZ, King Kobra), and Eric Ragno (Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet), and with players such as Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder) on bass, FICTION SYXX’s aim for melodic rock with a modern sound.
Opener ‘My Darkest Hour’ is the perfect picture of what the band wants to propose: power bubbling from Ragno’s keys, hooky guitars and strong vocal from Lanoue.
‘Monster In The Mist’ is even better, JK’s production being…

EAST TEMPLE AVENUE – Both Sides Of Midnight (2020)

In 2017, guitarist, songwriter and producer Darren Phillips hosted a melodic rock radio show in his native homeland of Australia. Throughout the lifetime of the show, Darren conversed with many artists from across the melodic rock world and inevitably the conversation turned to songwriting and collaboration. These conversations spawned the awesome “Volume One” of The Darren Phillips Project and an ongoing friendship & collaboration between all involved.
In 2018 Phillips approached bass player Dennis Butabi Borg (CRUZH), lead guitarist Philip Lindstrand (FIND ME, ARKADO) and drummer Herman Furin (WORK OF ART) with the idea of doing an entire album together and actually forming a studio band.
For Phillips, having previously worked with Robbie LaBlanc (FIND ME, BLANC FACES) on two other occasions, the American was the first and only choice. Fortunately, LaBlanc agreed and the line-up of new band baptized EAST TEMPLE AVENUE was complete.
Their debut “Both Sides Of Midnight” to be released by AOR Heaven Records, is one of the best Melodic Rock releases of the year.

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES (Alice Cooper Band) – Battle Axe [HNE 3xCD Complete Edition Remastered] (2020)

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red are releasing tomorrow the most complete BILLION DOLLAR BABIES‘ album “Battle Axe” ever; fully remastered and with 2 extra discs.
Following Muscle Of Love in 1974, the original ALICE COOPER BAND took a break to consider solo projects outside of the band. The plan had been for the original Alice Cooper band to regroup and record in 1977, but by this time the name of the band had become very much synonymous with it’s lead singer – Vincent Furnier – who now had very much morphed into Alice as far as the public were concerned. The “solo” Alice record Welcome to My Nightmare had firmly separated Alice Cooper the singer from Alice Cooper the band.
Rather than abandon the intended album, drummer Neal Smith, guitarist Michael Bruce and bassist Dennis Dunaway joined forces with lead guitarist Mike Marconi and Alice Cooper keyboard player Bob Dolin, and signing to Polydor records, fashioned the abandoned Alice Cooper band album into ”Battle Axe”, calling themselves BILLION DOLLAR BABIES, a very deliberate nod to their previous incarnation.
The original album has now been augmented with a whole disc of pre-production demos, including non-album tracks ‘I Don’t Know Babe’, ‘Wallow Through This Madness’, ‘Only One Will Walk Away’ and ‘High Heels Hollywood’. The Billion Dollar Babies only played four live shows before disbanding, but thankfully someone was around to record the very first of these shows, in Flint, Michigan on 6th July 1977, put on CD3.

DREAM THEATER – Distant Memories Live in London [Bonus Track Edition] (2020)

Progressive metal legends DREAM THEATER will release tomorrow ”Distant Memories — Live in London”, a live record which features the band performing the venerated 1999 album, Metropolis Part 2 — Scenes From a Memory, in its entirety, alongside other hits..
Earlier in 2020, before the touring industry was shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic, Dream Theater embarked on a special tour to commemorate the historic release and its two-decade milestone.
This concert was captured at the Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK, last February, and the band performance is amazing.

AMAHIRU – Amahiru (2020)

AMAHIRU, the musical collaboration between Frédéric Leclercq (ex-DRAGONFORCE) and and Japanese female guitarist Saki (MARY’S BLOOD), will release its self-titled debut album on November 27 via earMUSIC in Europe and the U.S. and and Ward Records in Japan.
Frédéric and Saki’s friendship started in 2015 when MARY’S BLOOD opened for DRAGONFORCE in Hong Kong. They got along very quickly and it didn’t take long until they came up with the idea to collaborate on a musical project.
Coen Jansen from EPICA contributed keyboards, then comes Mike Heller, who has been known as a super drummer of FEAR FACTORY and RAVEN. Then Archie Wilson was invited to join the group. This powerhouse vocalist from the U.K. may be less known than other musicians involved in this band, but obviously he became the key to AMAHIRU’s music.
This varied, groovy, modern sounding classic melodic metal / hard rock with a touch of progressive, always melodic and interesting.

CATS IN SPACE – Atlantis (2020) [fixed]

There’s a new CATS IN SPACE album out this Friday titled “Atlantis“, and I know I will have a fun weekend. Nine months in the making, it is set to cause tidal waves around the globe with a sound still ‘very Cats’ but this time the ‘Rock claws’ are out.
In a year which has seen much upheaval in the world, the band have also undergone some changes whilst buried deep beneath the ocean recording their new opus. Joining the Cats onboard is none other than the star of Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’, the amazing Damien Edwards, whose incredible vocal range has brought another dimension to the unique sounds of the band.
CATS IN SPACE have reached the absolute superstardom in Pomp-rock / Classic AOR / Melodic Rock with this new album, easily beating any release in the genre in recent time.

JADED HEART – Stand Your Ground (2020)

JADED HEART started their career in 1994 as an AOR/Melodic Rock band. As the years went by and band members shifted, Jaded Heart began refining just who they wanted to be, evolving into a melodic metal band with a hard rock groove.
On November 27, 2020 the German act will release album number 14, ”Stand Your Ground”, presenting a couple of ‘firsts‘ for the band: “Stand Your Ground” is the first Jaded Heart album without keyboards and also their first album to have its lyrics penned by and outside songwriter.
And all that works… “Stand Your Ground” is a hot, rocking, driving kick ass record full of fire.

DIAMOND HEAD – Lightning To The Nations 2020

DIAMOND HEAD‘s first album — aka the ‘White Album’ or ‘Lightning to the Nations’ — is somewhat like the Ark of the Covenant of classic traditional metal. By unlocking its New Wave of British Heavy Metal secrets, one will discover most all the connecting points between the genre’s ’70s originators and the ensuing ’80s hordes — arguably even more so than via IRON MAIDEN.
And, like Maiden’s brilliantly roughshod eponymous debut of 1980, Diamond Head’s masterpiece was anything but a marvel of recording technology, but rather a living, breathing, electrifying studio performance financed by the band itself on a shoestring budget
Well, this month founder and guitarist, Brian Tatler returns with DIAMOND HEAD 2.0 for a 40th anniversary re-recording of this iconic album: “Lightning To The Nations 2020”, including covers of famous songs / bands.
And the results are simply Great
Highly Recommended

RICHIE KOTZEN & GREG HOWE – Tilt [Japan mini LP Remastered Limited Release] Out Of Print

Here’s another not-so-typical request, but we love shred instrumental albums as well: RICHIE KOTZEN & GREG HOWE first collaboration “Tilt“. Released in the mid-Nineties, the album became hard to find since then.
This Japanese reissue from the past decade – the only ever done as far we know – sounds fantastic. Not only has been remastered, but although it isn’t specified, it has been remixed too. Just listen to the rhythm section tracks; if you are familiar with this album this is immediately noticeable since the opening song.
While into the original release drums have a ‘fusion’ feel, on this Japanese version snare & bass both sound much more ‘rocking’.
Anyway, what hasn’t changed is the awesome guitar work from these two monsters; Howe always on the left stereo channel, and Kotzen on the right.
Great stuff, out of print
Only at 0dayrox