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SPEEDWAY BLVD. – Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

Whichever way you shake a stick at it, the lone self-titled LP from studio creation SPEEDWAY BLVD. is arguably one of the greatest rocking albums from the beginning of the ’80s, which has received a great remastering treatment by Rock Candy Records. Speedway Blvd were a New York based act assembled by famed bubblegum impresarios Kasenetz and Katz. Looking to...

MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) – Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3] + Euro Edition 3 Bonus Tracks (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Now this is a real gem; we are presenting in exclusive “Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3]”, the disc the ‘voice of ZenoMICHAEL FLEXIG has put together with previously unreleased material from this fabulous band.
Flexig said; “with this album I’d like to show you for the first time the most classic, authentic and fundamental songs of the band Zeno in their original versions. Many of those recordings have never been released before.”
This Japanese Edition includes 3 exclusive tracks, however the European edition also packs 3 exclusive tracks… we have ’em all.
A Must Have
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MASTEDON – “3” [Frontiers Records release +1]

While vocalist John Elefante is best known for his work in Kansas, having been part of the group during its Vinyl Confessions (1982) and Drastic Measures (1983) era, he has also had quite the productive solo career. It all started with the demo material he put together following his mid-Eighties departure from Kansas, which formed the basis of the first...

MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

After the success of their debut album in 1989, John and Dino Elefante released this “Lofcaudio” (1990), their second album with MASTEDON, on their own label. Now fully remastered and pressed on gold CD, “Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue]” also features an all-star cast, but most of them aren’t named because of legal issues with other record labels. “Lofcaudio” has four vocalists namely John Elefante, Dave Amato, Tom Bowes and James Dean Longacre, with the Amato and the great Michael Thompson on guitar, all of which are fitting the slick and polished AOR sound of this album perfectly.
Massive, full-scale AOR with lovely melodies, harmonies and layered sound straight out of the Kansas songbook.
Without a doubt one of the finest 1990 releases finally available again with a wonderful remastering.
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MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – It’s A Jungle Out There +3 [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

John & Dino Elefante were, without a doubt, the best team producer of 80s American AOR bands with a CCM origin. The bros. formed their own band as well, MASTEDON, and their 1989 debut album ‘It’s A Jungle Out There‘ is a classic from the genre.
This 2020 Girder Records reissue on gold disc encapsulates all the magic of the original release now with the ultimate remaster done by John Elefante himself. The CD includes 3 Bonus Tracks, one of these an exclusive track for now collectible ‘California Metal’ LP.
Featuring the likes of David Pack (Ambrosia) on lead vocals, talented guitarist Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Danger Danger) who also provide vocals, or virtuoso bass player John Patitucci, this remastered reissue is A MUST for fans of pure, unadulterated late ’80s AOR perfection.
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HEAVY PETTIN’ – The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

All 3 HEAVY PETTIN’ Eighties albums have been reissued at the end of 2019, remastered and with bonus tracks on Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records. We already featured Heavy Pettin’ 2 first, now it’s time for their third and last 80s LP “The Big Bang”, including previously unreleased bonus.
Originally appeared in 1989, “The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased]” sees the band fully embracing the AOR sound production of that magic year, hugely layered, plenty of keyboards and sing-along choruses.
HIGHLY Recommended
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THE OUTFIELD – Any Time Now [Limited Web Edition / Different Mix + 9 Extra Tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured here the reissue of THE OUTFIELD’s hard to find album ‘Any Time Now’, then one of you requested this rarity: “Any Time Now [Limited Web Edition]”.
This version of the album was released by the band via their website, and not only includes 9 extra tracks, but also the rest of the songs sport a (very) different mix / recorded parts.
Of course, this version is out of print.
RARE collector’s item
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ASPHALT VALENTINE – Strip Rock Roll [Digipak Edition / Bonus Tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

After many years ASPHALT VALENTINE has released a new full length album, and we think you need to listen to their debut “Strip Rock Roll”. The album was released in 2009, but re-released in a digipak format a year after including a bonus track.
This “Strip Rock Roll [Digipak Bonus Track Edition]” appeared in limited quantities, one of these being sold at Amazon for £ 763, believe it or not…
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ASPHALT VALENTINE – Twisted Road (2020)

Atlanta classic hard rockers ASPHALT VALENTINE are back with a new album titled “Twisted Road“, which indeed showcase how much the band has oiled their craft on the road / touring. There has been 7 years since Asphalt Valentine last release (and EP), but well worth the wait: “Twisted Road” delivers that classy American early Nineties polished hard rock sound we all love.
Take some ’90s Night Ranger, Hurricane, Tesla, Ted Nugent, and a bit of current Revolution Saints, and you have “Twisted Road”.
Highly Recommended

HELIX – No Rest For The Wicked [Rock Candy remastered] Full scans

These were requested several times in some post comments: HELIX ’80s most relevant albums ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records. One of the hardest working acts in Rock multi-hued history, Canadian five-piece Helix pretty much spent their major label years out on the road, showing that the tour-album-tour routine could indeed be made to work. After a couple of...

SON OF MAN (ex Graham Bonnet, Shy, Asia) – State Of Dystopia (2020)

Tomorrow March 27 is the release date for ‘State Of Dystopia’, the new album from excellent Welsh act SON OF MAN. The album is the long awaited follow up to the band’s acclaimed self-titled debut album issued in 2016. Hailing from the heartlands of Welsh rock, SON OF MAN features members drawn from legendary Welsh bands, namely George Jones (Guitars...

TESLA – Five Man London Jam (2020)

Do you remember TESLA ‘Five Man Acoustical Jam’, right? Back in 1990 it was one of the first ‘unplugged era’ albums, and one of the best. Fast forward 30 years, and the Sacramento, California, rockers will be releasing their new “five man” acoustic album but this time titled “Five Man London Jam”. The set was recorded live at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London, UK on June 12, 2019.
As happened with the 1990 previous “five man” album, at many places the pristine sound quality seems multi-track studio than live. And all band members deliver excellent performances.
Highly Recommended

RIOT – Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95 [Digipak] (2020)

Guitar-driven songs, propelled by a shared conviction and a true love of music, is only one way to describe the latest album from metal soldiers RIOT / Mark Reale. Titled “Rock World ; Rare & Unreleased 87-95” here we have archive cuts from 1987-1995, a very interesting period for the band, hard rocking.
Freshly remastered, these are finished / properly recorded songs never used, alternate versions, and recordings of known songs but featuring featuring vocalist Tony Moore, so the audio quality is excellent (not demos)

CROSSON – Rock ‘n’ Roll Love Affair (2020)

‘Rock’N Roll Love Affair’ is the second full-length album from the Australian Glam Metal / Theatrical Rock band CROSSON, which musical style isn’t influenced by the Eighties… it is absolutely ’80s. Song titles like “Weak At The Knees (For A Hot Brunette)”, “Everyone’s A Star”, and “Rock ‘N Roll Love Affair” speak for themselves. The album was mixed by legendary...

STATE COWS – Challenges +2 [Japanese Edition] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

STATE COWS got released in Japan today, March 25, their last album “Challenges +2 [Japanese Edition]” including two bonus tracks. The Swedish combo is one of the few current acts truly faithful to the classic sound of early ’80s West Coast AOR. Characterized for their crystal clear studio recordings with a clinical attention to detail in the style of the...