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THE LIVING [feat Duff McKagan] – ”1982” (2021)

This one was requested and it’s a very interesting piece of rock n’ roll history; with Guns N’ Roses, bassist Duff McKagan reached cult status, but before GN’R, there was THE LIVING. The short-lived punk band by no other than McKagan himself recorded an LP, but it was never released, well… until now. Yes, the guy on the cover is Duff.
The Living: 1982” is a seven-track long LP that is reminiscent of the English roots of punk. But McKagan was by no means the only future-legend in the band. Greg Gilmore, on the drums, went on to be part of the famous band Mother Love Bone.
The future Guns N’ Roses bassist reflects back on the album saying: “Would this even ever get out of our basement? We had something magical then, and it was ours, so who gives a fuck!”
At the time of this recording McKagan was 17 years-old and handle the guitar. But don’t for a second let that fact that they’re younger (at the time of this recording), than most of you reading this that this record is not a professional undertaking, because it as well done as anything else from the era, and in some case, which will be unnamed, a better quality.

ANTIX [produced by Don Dokken] – Get Up, Get Happy (Retrospect Records / first time on CD)

Also requested, pre-Serious Pleasure guitarist/singer Jace White band ANTIX, which managed to released this album in 1984 produced by Don Dokken, “Get Up, Get Happy“, reissued in CD for the first time by Retrospect Records.
Co-produced by Jeff Pilson together with Don, they provided to ANTIX a punchy hard rockin’ melodic sound indeed, similar to Dokken, XYZ, early Black N’ Blue, etc. The album worked very well but unfortunately internal troubles conspired against the band’s future.
Don Dokken & Pilson’s working schedule was so tight they split between the ANTIX album in the evenings and their own ‘Tooth And Nail’ during the day shift. Hence, you can tell there’s similarities between Antix and Dokken. However Antix’s music is more party-ready, with catchier, gang-style choruses…

CATS IN BOOTS – Kicked & Klawed [Rock Candy remastered] + 0dayrox extra

Requested by one of you, “Kicked & Klawed“, the one and only CATS IN BOOTS album appeared in 1989 for sure deserved a place on this blog via this stupendous Rock Candy Records remaster, and to make it better, we added an extra track, the original Japanese edition bonus.
The Cats In Boots story is the ultimate tale of late ’80s big haired rock ‘n’ roll excess. Based in Los Angeles and nudging shoulders with every Sunset Strip wannabe (including Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt, Motley Crue, and Dokken) Cats In Boots found a new path forward by developing a huge following in Japan that quickly manifested into a series of major record companies falling over themselves to get the band to sign on the dotted line.
It was EMI who won the day, lining their pockets with ready cash and a promise to make them stars. Put in the studio famed engineer Mark Opitz, the band…

SERIOUS PLEASURE – Serious Pleasure ’89 [Digitally Remastered]

As requested, here’s the back in the day unreleased material from American melodic hard rockers SERIOUS PLEASURE. This is the Digitally Remastered release by FnA Records, not the demo version floating the web.
Serious Pleasure was formed in 1986 by former glam metal band ANTIX guitarist/singer Jace White. Looking for a more commercial, melodic sound White recruited bassist Dave E. Weeks (who had a brief stint with Hollywood Rose, the precursor of Guns N’ Roses), drummer Paul Preshaw, and guitarist Mark Silver. The band later recruited Mike Peterson from Mickey Knight (featuring Mark Knight of Bang Tango fame) on drums, while Preshaw switched to keyboards full time.
The band gained significant popularity on the Sunset Strip at the time, co-headlining with various acts, the most popular being Jani Lane’s Warrant, who actually approached Serious Pleasure with the offer to use the power ballad “Ain’t That Enough” to be featured on their debut album, but White decided to turn them down at the time… wrong decision. “Ain’t That Enough” is included here, and indeed has a hit potential.

JUDAS PRIEST – Painkiller +2 [Japan Blu-spec CD2 remastered reissue]

A couple months ago we featured here JUDAS PRIEST most relevant albums in its Japanese pressings / remastered edition. And many of you asked for “Painkiller” too, fully remastered and pressed on Blu-spec CD2 that employs the Phase Transition Mastering, the technology developed for mastering of Blu-ray discs.
In an effort to recapture metallic edge they once held so dear, Judas Priest ratcheted up the tempos, ramped up their aggression and wrote a batch of songs that approached the ferocity of speed metal. Straight out of the gate, Priest fired on all cylinders with a barrage of hammering double-bass drumming, blowtorch guitars and banshee vocal shrieks…

TimeCop1983 – Faded Touch (2021)

We already featured here an album from TimeCop1983, a Dutch musician / producer considered one of the first, forerunner artists of the retro ’80s / synthwave movement. Now he has joined reputed vocalist Josh Dally to co-write more proper rock&pop songs and they are delivering their new album “Faded Touch”.
This beautifully nostalgic album is catchy and heartfelt, pumping out what may be Timecop1983’s most moving album to date, combining the ’80s arcade video-game culture and Miami Vice incidental music with radio-ready rock&pop / lite AOR.
Emotive music that takes you back to a lovely era and it’s like a soundtrack to your memories…

LONG GONE – Long Gone [1987-1991] Demon Doll remastered reissue + 0dayrox extras

Some days ago we featured here MITCH PERRY’s album Better Late Than Never featuring future L.A. Guns vocalist Ralph Saenz. Here’s another fulfilled request with other band formed by Saenz in the ’80s: LONG GONE.
This is the collection of songs the band professionally recorded back in the day, remastered from the original tapes obtaining a superb sound quality. “Long Gone” delivers pure late ’80s US melodic hard rock / hair metal, all very good songs, catchy and very well produced.
As extra, we added some LONG GONE demos from the era.

SIMON SAYS – Spin This +6 [remastered reissue] (2020)

Born from the ashes of two local bands, Spectrum and Rawx, Quebec-based SIMON SAYS released “Spin This” back in 1991 with seven songs in the track list. It is now being fully remastered and re-released – limited, numbered 1000 copies – by Escape Music who have given it a new front cover (a roulette wheel as opposed to a spinning top, which is present into the complete booklet anyway) plus an additional six bonus songs.
Originally produced by ex- April Wine guitarist Gary Moffet, I am somewhat at a loss to understand why this wasn’t a major album at the time, so can only put it down to timing as the year this was released was of course the same year as ‘Nevermind’, and labels (as they always do) only want to have the latest sounds and happily ignore anything else.
If this album had come out in the ’80s then I am sure we would all be well aware of Simon Says, as this is a superb polished melodic rock / power pop album with radio appeal…

SCARVED – Flashback (2021)

SCARVED is some kind of a rarity, not only for being one of the few bands from Belgium playing classic hard rock, but also for having a front-woman. Their new album is the aptly-titled “Flashback“, as the band delivers a bunch of ’80s flavored songs driven by classy guitars and strong vocals.
From songwriting and performances “Flashback” is an old-school hard rock album with influences from the rock giants of 70s-80s, but served with a fresh sound and production.
There’s a nice smorgasbord of influences on display on “Flashback“. With some truly awesome bass work from Vincent De Laat giving way to a ripping hard-rock riff by Luc Van Dessel and soaring verses / chorus from Caro Verboven, album opener “Fly“ brings some Dio-flavored grandeur to proceedings.
Then the title track “Flashback“, with its groovy guitars…

CHEAP TRICK – One On One +8 [Japan BluSpec CD2 remastered miniLP]

Continuing with the excellent CHEAP TRICK Japanese BluSpec CD2 remastered versions with loads of bonus tracks, here’s “One On One“, on this reissue almost featuring a bonus album ‘cos we have no less than 8 bonus tracks, including among them the very hard to find Canadian animated musical science fantasy film ‘Rock & Rule’ original soundtrack outtakes.
Released on April 30, 1982, “One On One” starts in high gear with “I Want You.” Singer Robin Zander shows off his mighty pipes on this straightforward rocker, while “If You Want My Love” is a perfect example of Cheap Trick assimilating their influences into something all their own…

THE LICKERISH QUARTET (ex Jellyfish) – Threesome Vol. 1 & 2 (2021)

When former JELLYFISH Tim Smith (bass), Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. (vocals, keyboards) and Eric Dover (guitar) – also members of Imperial Drag, Slash’s Snakepit, Alice Cooper in between – convened after a twenty-year period apart to knock around new tunes together, it led to the kind of musical partnership that’s been a godsend for fans of well-crafted melodic rock / art rock &pop.
Baptized THE LICKERISH QUARTET with the addition of drummer Jeremy Stacey, their “Threesome” Vol.1 & 2 is full of smarts, wit and arrangements that often reached toward heights rarely seen in rock since the days of Queen, ELO and Todd Rundgren. Or, for that matter, The Lickerish Quartet’s direct ancestor Jellyfish…

ARRIVAL (New York) – Arrival (recorded 1992-93)

ARRIVAL was an original five-piece Melodic Rock / AOR band formed on Long Island, New York, in 1992. Their sound harkened back to the glory days of ’80s Arena Rock, with soaring vocals, sharp guitars, lots of keyboards and big choruses.
Arrival recorded a lot of songs between 1992-93, but with grunge taking the music world by storm and destroying everything related to melody, all their material sat idle for more than two decades… until now.
This is pure AOR / Melodic Rock with a definitive Eighties sound & feel. All these tunes were recorded in the early Nineties, but the style reminds of 1983. I mean, even the guy’s look, haircut, clothes, are absolutely ’80s!

STRONGBOW – Strongbow [Digitally Remastered first time on CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive the recent reissue, first time on CD, remastered version of STRONGBOW‘s self-titled debut “Strongbow“. This band hailing from Ohio, USA, formed in the Seventies starting life off as a four-piece, the band added a fifth member, and soon found themselves with a recording contract – signed to Buddah Records subsidiary Southwind Records.
Over the next 12-18 months, the band wrote, toured and prepped themselves for their debut album. As fate would have it, the album was released in 1975, but to very little fanfare, nor label promotion.
Despite the band name, the album covers and loose association to anything similar in the mid-west during this time frame, Strongbow head down the progressive hard rock path of KANSAS, STYX, etc. And they were incredibly good at it…

TERAMAZE – Sorella Minore (2021)

Favorites of this blog, TERAMAZE are Australia’s premier progressive rock band fronted by guitarist and band founder Dean Wells, alongside Chris Zoupa, Andrew Cameron and Nick Ross. They have been at the forefront of the progressive rock/metal scene in Australia for some time. The band saw great success and recognition after the release of critically acclaimed 2015 concept album ‘Her Halo’.
Now in 2021 Teramaze are set to deliver their most ambitious body of work to date. “Sorella Minore” is the 2nd installment of the “Her Halo” saga and it continues the tumultuous story of two sisters, and musically, this is just another brilliant piece of melodic progressive metal of the highest order.
HIGHLY Recommended

CHEAP TRICK – Standing On The Edge +6 [Japan BluSpec CD2 remastered miniLP]

This 2021 CHEAP TRICK have made an historic chart debut with their acclaimed new album, ‘In Another World’. The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ 20th studio album enters at #1 on Billboard’s “Rock” chart — their highest first-week chart placement in the veteran band’s long, remarkable career.
Many of you asked for some of their other records, and we have here the recent, terrific Japanese BluSpec CD2 remastered versions with loads of bonus tracks.
Produced by master-man Jack Douglas, according to times (1985), ”Standing On The Edge” has that all mid-Eighties magic. This Japan CD includes a worthwhile outtake, alternate versions and the classic
‘Mighty Wings’ (from ‘Top Gun’ original soundtrack).