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ROCKET QUEEN – Back To The 80s (2020)

Check the album title: “Back To The 80s“. Check the artwork. Check the band’s name: ROCKET QUEEN. Any doubts about their musical style? This female fronted melodic hard rock band brings back all that decade melodies and catchy choruses.
Think Vixen, Femme Fatale and of course Heart circa 1987: the American sound of the genre, however this Spanish band (English lyrics) also adds an European AOR touch to their songs, sure, with an Eighties feeling.


MARK VIGIL PROJECT just released “I Believe In You“, a collection of wonderful Melodic Rock / AOR songs written and some of them recorded in the ’80s. Mark Vigil has been in the music business since the early Eighties working for / with major artists, at the same time writing music thinking in his own project.
With his long time friend & partner, 2-Grammy winner Steve Fontana (Cher, Santana, UFO) as producer, by the end of Nineties they finished to tape this very good pack of songs.
Featuring the likes of Josh Ramos (The Storm, Two Fires), Mike Mani (Michael Bolton), Bill Church (Sammy Hagar, Montrose), Kevin Chalfant (The Storm, Two Fires) and many more, this is a must listen for all classy Melodic Rock / AOR fans.

TANGO DOWN – Damage Control [10th Anniversary Edition Remastered] (2019)

Damage Control“, originally released in 2009, this sophomore effort by TANGO DOWN almost never happened. They lost the lead vocalist, but found an even better replacement in Alex Barbieri. Plenty of catchy 80s-style melodic hard rockers influenced by Firehouse, Winger, Saigon Kick, commercial Skid Row, etc, long out-of-print and collectible fans can now get this special 10th Anniversary Edition remastered.

COURSE OF FATE – Mindweaver (2020)

COURSE OF FATE is a Norwegian sextet that formed back in 2003, but their debut album “Mindweaver” is just now releasing, seventeen years later. They already have some EP’s but it was time for a full-length, and they’ve been working on “Mindweaver” for the last six years.
It’s hard to not have high expectations for an album six years in the making, but I’m happy to say that Course Of Fate absolutely delivers here.
HIGHLY Recommended

TANGO DOWN – Take 1 [Collector’s Edition] (2019)

Originally released in 2005, “Take 1” is where the 80s melodic hard rock revival of TANGO DOWN started. Long out-of-print and collectible fans can now get this Collector’s Edition CD. Few bands that started in the 2000’s carry a torch of Melodic Hard Rock / AOR as brightly as Tango Down. Featuring master guitarist Scott ‘Riff” Miller also in Romeo...

QUEENSRYCHE – Operation: Mindcrime [Japan SHM-CD remastered +2] + I Don’t Believe In Love EP + Eyes Of A Stranger EP *EXCLUSIVE*

Yes, many of you asked for this hard to find, out of print Japan SHM-CD press of QUEENSRYCHE‘s masterpiece “Operation; Mindcrime“. I really don’t like the remastered sound of the European / US reissue, where the atmospheric passages of the album are lost.
This SHM-CD use the same remaster, but on SHM-CD this is a new sonic world. As example, there isn’t that horrible distortion at the beginning of “I Don’t Believe In Love”. Everything sounds fantastic on this SHM-CD, also the mastering (no gaps between tracks).
As great extras, we have the “Eyes Of A Stranger EP” where the song is shorter and has a different mix. Love the different ending riff as well.
And the “I Don’t Believe In Love promo-only CDsingle, which includes an extended version of the song with over 1:30 minute of great extra guitar work.
The definitive, best version of this Must Have album.

WARRANT – Dog Eat Dog [Japan HR-HM LEGEND 1000 series / Remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive WARRANT‘s underrated album “Dog Eat Dog” in remastered form, from the Universal Music Japan series ‘HR/HM 1000‘ (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9 USD) a more than welcomed campaign reissuing long time out of print albums from the label’s catalog.
This is the only remastered version of “Dog Eat Dog”, so this is a must have release of this overlooked gem of an album.
Only at 0dayrox

BRIAN HOWE – Tangled In Blue (original version) Out Of Print

As requested, here’s BRIAN HOWE (RIP) first solo album, 1997’s “Tangled In Blue“. After his years as frontman for super-group Bad Company Howe moved on to a solo career. He took more almost four years to carefully craft this delicious solo debut, plenty of smooth AOR songs and recorded / produced with a pristine gloss.
The album was reissued some years after but the sound quality of this original press is much better. We added the reissue bonus track as extra.
One of the best rock voices ever. R.I.P.

ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO – Sounds From The Notebook [The Demo Sessions] (2020)

Well-known Melodic Hard Rock / AOR producer, keyboardist and singer ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO has released “Sounds From The Notebook – The Demo Sessions,” a collection of the original versions of tracks later recorded by Hardline, Revolution Saints, Find Me, Edge Of Forever, Place Vendome, Sunstorm, and more. Del Vecchio has become a household name in the modern melodic rock scene,...

STONE ANGEL – Turning Point [20th Anniversary Edition] (2019)

STONE ANGEL was the very first band ever signed by reputed Kivel Records, and over the years their debut album ‘Turning Point‘ became out-of-print and collectible. Fans can now get this special ‘20th Anniversary Edition‘ CD with all the bells and whistles featuring an updated / new cover, and a refreshed mastered sound. Stone Angels style is early US Melodic...

TODD SUCHERMAN (Styx) – Last Flight Home (2020)

Drummer TODD SUCHERMAN, who is best known as holding down the groove for STYX over the past 25 years, “Last Flight Home” means to officially come into his own as a lead singer and to release an album that bears his name on the front cover. “Last Flight Home” is filled with strong songwriting, expert production and solid musicianship. Oh...

REALITY SUITE – Live at Alpha Wave Studios + Standalone Single (2020)

New Jersey rockers REALITY SUITE are releasing ‘Live at Alpha Wave Studio’ for all the fans eager for more music from the band. With most countries locked down due to COVID-19 pandemic, Reality Suite opened the paths for their fans around the world to listen to their performance 12 songs in a their first live album, including their hits ‘Kiss...

WILD SOULS – Queen Of My Heart (2020)

Greek melodic hard rockers WILD SOULS delivered two really good albums so far, and now are presenting their new CD via Lions Pride Music, the darn catchy “Queen Of My Heart“.
Things kicks-off with the Whitesnake-esque tune of “Nothing But Loving You”, a great start for sure with its classic hard rock riff, strong arrangements, tight musicianship and harp production sound.
The indeed groovier and hard hittin’ bluesy rocker “Night Groove” is one of my personal favorites here, while with “Love Ain’t No Lie” Wild Souls brings back the glory sounds from the mid-80s with gusto.
Highly Recommended

TED NUGENT (feat Brian Howe) – Penetrator [digitally remastered] Out Of Print

Back in the first half of the ’80s MTV ignored Seventies arena rockers like TED NUGENT, so it was time for a change. For this “Penetrator” (originally released January 1984), Nugent and his label decided to fully embrace the commercial hard rock from the era, adding keyboards into the mix and sporting a glossy production.
External songwriters were used, like AOR guru Clif Magness, renowned Andy Fraser and Robin George, and the entire line-up was changed with the Billy Squire’s back up band, plus at the time quite unknown English singer Brian Howe (RIP) to provide his melodic yet powerful pipes.
Requested by one of you, this remastered version of “Penetrator” is out of print now, being sold for over U$S 900 (!) at Amazon.

RUSH – Permanent Waves [40th Anniversary / 2xCD Remastered] (2020)

Celebrating 40 years of RUSH’s phenomenal album “Permanent Waves“, this ‘40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition‘ to be released tomorrow feature two CDs, the main album remastered and a bonus disc loaded with unreleased bonus live tracks from three stops on the Permanent Waves World Tour 1980: Manchester Apollo, Hammersmith Odeon (England), and Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri, all newly mixed by...