ACCEPT – I’m A Rebel [Japan SHM-CD remastered Ltd numbered mini-LP] Out Of Print

To complete ACCEPT‘s early albums reissue here’s the out of print, Japanese remastered Ltd numbered mini-LP release of the band’s second effort, “I’m A Rebel“, pressed on SHM-CD.
The album finds Accept continuing to search for their musical direction, experimenting with a more commercial sound than on their debut, some kind oh Scorpions meets AC/DC. Bassist Peter Baltes once again sings lead vocals on two tracks, the slower-paced songs “No Time to Lose” and “The King”.
The title track was written by Alex Young, eldest brother of record producer and musician George Young and AC/DC guitarists Angus Young and Malcolm Young. The song became the basis for the band’s first music video and single.

ACCEPT – Restless And Wild [Platinum Edition remastered +2]

As requested, here’s more from the AFM Records updated, latest remastered versions of German metal legends ACCEPT early albums (including bonus tracks) in a series titled ‘Platinum Edition‘.
For many, “Restless And Wild” is the best album from their career, and for sure the one which put Accept on the map world-wide.
This particular album marked a major turning point in Accept’s career. They had released 3 albums so far, but this one, “Restless And Wild” was the first to receive global distribution including North America.
While the previous records had a strong Scorpions sound & style influences (‘Breaker’ showed a slightly different and more harder edge), with “Restless And Wild” Accept found their very own sound…

ACCEPT – Breaker [Platinum Edition remastered +2]

As requested, here’s the AFM Records updated, remastered versions of German metal legends ACCEPT early albums (including bonus tracks) in a series titled ‘Platinum Edition‘.
Breaker” was the first Accept album engineered by Michael Wagener, the man who shaped their sound for world-wide success.
Recorded at Delta Studios in Wilster, Germany over the cold Winter months of December 1980 through January 1981, they would forge the songs that would make up “Breaker”, a groundbreaker LP in terms of them finding their sound, the sound that would take them to full notoriety with their follow up efforts…

ACCEPT – Accept [Platinum Edition remastered +1]

As requested, here’s the AFM Records updated, remastered versions of German metal legends ACCEPT early albums (including bonus tracks) in a series titled ‘Platinum Edition‘.
The self-titled “Accept” started all, with its amazing ‘razor’ cover artwork and full speedy rockers.
This album is their first studio effort and has been described by Wolf Hoffman (main guitar player and major songwriter for the band) as a collection of songs they had been playing over the years recorded into album form.
Appeared at the end of the Seventies, “Accept” is in fact, now in perspective, more Euro hard rock from the era than metal…

ACCEPT – Russian Roulette [HNE / Cherry Red remastered & expanded]

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Records have been doing a terrific job lately remastering classic albums with the same quality standards of colleagues like Rock Candy or YesterRock. Among the revisited bands they reissued, there is ACCEPT‘s truly classic ’80s albums with expanded artwork and bonus material (two of them featured here on the blog).
Now we are presenting “Russian Roulette” remastered & expanded, an album that proved once more that if fiery melodic Teutonic metallic hard rock was what you hankered for, then nobody did it better than Accept.

ACCEPT – Metal Heart + Kaizoku-Ban [Cherry Red / HNE remaster]

One of my favorite ACCEPT albums, their sixth studio effort “Metal Heart“has been reissued by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records including as bonus the EP “Kaizoku-Ban, remastered by the ‘Rock Candy guy’ Andy Pearce.
“Metal Heart” is Accept’s second major label release after the instant metal classic Balls To The Wall. Produced by expert Dieter Dierks (Scorpions) this record found the legendary and highly influential German band go in a slightly more US radio-friendly style than their previous releases.

ACCEPT – Balls To The Wall + Staying A Life [Expanded / Remastered]

Balls To The Wall” was the album that made ACCEPT famous all over the World, and without a doubt, it’s one of their best. For sure it deserved a Deluxe Edition, and prestigious British label Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records did a great job putting out this “Balls To The Wall / Staying A Life“, a double CD in remastered form.
I love “Balls To The Wall”, it’s like a soundtrack of my youth. Not only includes 10 killer tracks, it also redefined the ‘metal sound’ of the Eighties, with a production – courtesy of master Michael Wagener – that set a new bar for what heavy rock could sound like on a record.
From the fantastically catchy chord progressions, clean and sharp…

ACCEPT – Symphonic Terror / Live At Wacken (2018)

German / American metal legends ACCEPT will release a live set, “Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017”, on November 23 via Nuclear Blast. Fans can expect a unique Accept show, recorded last year at the legendary Wacken Open Air festival, where the band played the biggest and most extraordinary show of its career in front of 80,000, on top...

ACCEPT – The Rise Of Chaos (2017)

ACCEPT – The Rise Of Chaos (2017)

Continuing the post-reunion run of albums that has firmly re-established ACCEPT as modern guardians of old-school values, new album “The Rise Of Chaos” is unlikely to attract those who remain impervious to the atavistic truth of heavy metal, but Maiden and Priest aside, it’s hard to think of another band of this vintage that hit the bull’s-eye with such consistency....

ACCEPT – Restless And Live [2CD] (2017)

ACCEPT – Restless And Live [2CD] (2017)

When metal titans ACCEPT returned to the stage in 2009, nobody knew that this reunion would also lead to a union of older and younger metal generations, nor that guitar matador Wolf Hoffmann and his fellows were just starting the most successful chapter of their band’s history. After nearly seven years, countless live sensations and three successful studio albums (with...

WOLF HOFFMANN (Accept) – Headbangers Symphony (2016)

WOLF HOFFMANN (Accept) – Headbangers Symphony (2016)

Best known for his lifelong work with Accept, WOLF HOFFMANN is back with his second solo offering “Headbangers Symphony” to be released tomorrow. A brave album by Hoffmann that is a result of his passion for metal and classical music. Not too long ago, Florian Magnus Maier (Non Euclid, Alkaloid, and the Hungry Gods) pointed out that metal and classical...