LEAGUE OF LIGHTS – League Of Lights +1 / plus 2019 single

After eight years since their debut album, LEAGUE OF LIGHTS are ready to return with a 2nd effort in a few weeks. Meanwhile one of you asked for their self-titled first full length, plus a standalone single appeared two years after, and the 2019 advance from the new CD.
Think as a mix of Wetton/Downes Icon going melodic rock, a hint of Bangles’ catchiness, a touch of AOR from Issa solo albums, and Magnum lite progressive moments, resulting in fresh, vibrant and why not, sumptuous rock.


Dutch symphonic metal group WITHIN TEMPTATION are on the rise again: after some troubles with the production of their seventh studio album “Resist”, finally it will be released next February.Within Temptation is notorious for incorporating various genres and influences into their sound. It has even caused associated with different sub-genres like goth and melodic metal to hard rock. Varying influences...

WITHIN TEMPTATION – The Unforgiving [Special Edition] (2011)

3 bonus tracks For a band that forged a major international reputation on the basis of sweeping gothic melodrama – all drop-tuned guitar riffs, massive orchestral/choral backgrounds and vocalist Sharon den Adel’s pure, angelic soprano – Within Temptation’s new album “The Unforgiving” is a major step in their departure from that sound.Some slight changes were already underway in their album...