THE UNION – The World Is Yours +1 [Japanese Edition] + Euro Bonus

In the business for more than 30 years, Luke Morley has been producing quality rock music since his ol’ days with Terraplane, then with at this point legends Thunder, and lately with ex Winterville and current Silvertheorne  singer Peter Shoulder under the name THE UNION.
“The World Is Yours” is the third release from the duo, and they show no signs of the quality dropping. This Japanese edition is quite rare, including an exclusive bonus track. This was one of the few Japan releases without OBI strip.
As extra, we added the European Edition bonus track only appeared in selected countries.
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WINTERVILLE (Pete Shoulder of Silverthorne) – Everything In Moderation +1 [Japan Edition] +2 B-side

The very good EP from Silverthorne triggered various requests of vocalist Pete Shoulder previous band WINTERVILLE and their only album “Everything In Moderation”. It has been said that Silverthorne is pretty much the continuation of Winterville’s spirit, classic bluesy hard rock with a modern approach in arrangements and some dark melodies throw in as well.
And yep, “Everything In Moderation” is exactly that, some kind of Black Country Communion meets Cream meets Chris Cornell solo works.
This Japanese edition is extremely rare (out of print now) including a bonus track, and to make it more complete we added 2 single B-side.
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