WILDKARD (ex KICK with Nick Workman of Vega) – Megalomania

Megalomania” by WILDKARD is, simply put, one of the best melodic rock / AOR albums released in 2000’s and a must have in your collection. WildKard was in fact a sequel of Kick, featuring members Chris & Mikey Jones and current Vega vocalist Nick Workman plus members of Finnish melodic rockers House Of Mirrors.
Originally called “The Zero Hour Project”, these songs recorded in the U.K. and Finland were written by Chris and Nick while Kick was still taking shape back in the Nineties and were heard only by a privileged few, but it was only a matter of time that they would see the light of day.
So these songs were written before Kick, but recorded after Kick disbanded, with the project named ‘WildKard’. And the style is pure late ’80s British AOR!