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WILD SOULS – Queen Of My Heart (2020)

Greek melodic hard rockers WILD SOULS delivered two really good albums so far, and now are presenting their new CD via Lions Pride Music, the darn catchy “Queen Of My Heart“.
Things kicks-off with the Whitesnake-esque tune of “Nothing But Loving You”, a great start for sure with its classic hard rock riff, strong arrangements, tight musicianship and harp production sound.
The indeed groovier and hard hittin’ bluesy rocker “Night Groove” is one of my personal favorites here, while with “Love Ain’t No Lie” Wild Souls brings back the glory sounds from the mid-80s with gusto.
Highly Recommended

WILD SOULS – Game Of Love (2016)

“Game Of Love” is the new album from Greek melodic hard rockers WILD SOULS to be released tomorrow October 31, 2016. Monday is a strange day to release a Rock album but there’s a reason; Halloween, and not so strange as Wild Souls’ style & sound are absolutely ‘Americanized’. “Game Of Love” is the second Wild Souls album, but their...