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DAVID A SAYLOR – Built 2 Fight (2015) Out Of Print

Wild Rose and Push UK vocalist DAVID A SAYLOR delighted us with a bunch of lovely pure AOR albums all over the past decade, and “Built 2 Fight” is just another smooth AOR platter again with notable contributors as guests such as guitarists David Mark Pearce, Brett Hammond and Nik Lloyd providing great guitar solos to enhance these wonderful, sweet melodic tunes.
“Built 2 Fight” is out of print now, with copies being sold at Amazon for U$D 900 (!)

DAVID A SAYLOR – City Of Angels (2012) Out Of Print

DAVID A. SAYLOR (RIP) had a solid musical background as professional songwriter, vocal arranger and session vocalist besides a successful career as a solo artist in some Spanish speaking territories. He was a co-funder of the brilliant ’80s British AOR band Push, who finally released their lovely album ‘Strange World’ in 2010.
The following year, Saylor ventured into the studio to record the tracks for this solo comeback CD “City Of Angels“. Despite the years having rolled on, David has not lost any quality around his voice. He’s sounding as fine as ever here, and the material on this disc is pure AOR of the finest pedigree.

ANDY ROCK (with David A. Saylor) – This Time [Japanese Edition + 2] Out Of Print

As a fitting tribute to the great David A. Saylor (RIP), here’s one of his last vocal appearance in the, by the way, excellent Andy Rock recent solo album “This Time“, in this Japanese Edition featuring 2 bonus tracks, now out of print ANDY ROCK, founder member of AORsters Wild Rose, performed all instruments except the lead vocals and the...

ANDY ROCK (Wild Rose) – Into The Night (Out Of Print)

Greek guitarist ANDY ROCK started to play in rock bands in the early 2000. His main influences are some of the greatest rock acts such as Bon Jovi, ’80s Michael Bolton and Richard Marx.
In 2004, Andy formed Wild Rose and together released the sensational Melodic Rock AOR album ‘Half Past Midnight’ in 2011, highly praised by the fans of the genre.
Into The Night” is Andy Rock solo debut CD where he plays most of the instruments including singing, except for drums which are provided by Giannis Papavasiliou.
Released by AOR Heaven Records, “Into The Night” is out of print now with copies being sold for over € 250.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases April-May 2018 – Vol.1

New month (and season) coming, and new singles from upcoming released appear.The first new RAINBOW single since 1996, “Waiting For A Sign”, was penned by Ritchie Blackmore and features his band current vocalist Ronnie Romero. The studio track will be included on the band’s upcoming album Memories In Rock II, which will launch on April 6.The latest incarnation of RAINBOW...

Best AOR album 2016, Honorable Mention : WILD ROSE – Four [Hellenic Limited Edition +2] (2016)

Best AOR album 2016, Honorable Mention : WILD ROSE – Four [Hellenic Limited Edition +2] (2016)

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.For 0dayrox, an Honorable Mention among the best AOR albums of the year deservedly goes to WILD ROSE’s “4”. After three celebrated records, WILD ROSE presented this year a brand new opus aptly titled “4“, their best to date. This “4 / Hellenic Limited...

ANDY ROCK (Wild Rose) – This Time (2016)

ANDY ROCK (Wild Rose) – This Time (2016)

ANDY ROCK, guitarist and founder member of AORsters Wild Rose, just released his second solo album “This Time“. Andy is at charge of all instruments except the lead vocals and the drums, and wrote all of the songs on his “This Time” except 2 tracks in which Dirty Haris (Wild Rose) helped him with the lyrics. Having the excellent David...

WILD ROSE – 4 [Japanese Edition +1] (2016)

Cementing a strong fan base during their 10 years of existence, when a new album from Greeks WILD ROSE are coming you know what to expect; lovely melodies, beautiful harmonies, catchy choruses and a pure late ’80s AOR vibe. After three superb celebrated records, Wild Rose are back to present us their brand new opus aptly titled “4“, their best...

WILD ROSE – Half Past Midnight (2011)

fixed * This time it wasn’t Swedes’ fault. Responsible for one of the best pure AOR albums in many years are Wild Rose, from Thessaloniki, Greece.“Half Past Midnight” is a delight from start to finish. After some well crafted demos and line-up changes, Wild Rose finally has delivered an outstanding full album in the genre.The most recent addition came this...