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WIG WAM – Never Say Die (2021)

“Never Say Die”. Yeah, never said that to classy melodic rock. After many years out of business Norway’s WIG WAM are reunited and the aptly titled “Never Say Die” will be released on Frontiers Music.
The new record showcases all the elements that helped the band develop the monster reputation they are known for: driving energy, fun and great musicianship.
For sure these experienced cats never forgot how to rock with the ‘catchy factor’ on, but this time WIG WAM adds a welcomed maturity to songwriting & arrangements, plus a crunchier, heavier edge to some songs.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January / March 2021 – Vol.2

New Year, new very good music / albums to come. Here we have our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases, the first 2021 batch, featuring top class artists / singles.
Among the numbers into this “January / March 2021 – Vol.2” advances we find new music from HONEYMOON SUITE, BITE THE BULLET (great to hear about these ’80s AOR bands again), MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, INGLORIOUS, WIG WAM, JOEL HOESTRA’s 13, the first advanced from SMITH / KOTZEN – the guitar giants Adrian Smith & Richie Kotzen project, and many more.
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WIG WAM – Hard To Be A Rock’n Roller… In Tokyo [Japan Edition +3]

WIG WAM – Hard To Be A Rock’n Roller… In Tokyo [Japan Edition +3]

One of you asked for WIG WAM‘s Japanese recent reissues as part of the Metal Frontier Archive Collection Series. The band’s debut Hard To Be A Rock’n Roller was many years out of print and these 2015 reissues are more than welcomed. This is the original edition though, exactly the same.For the Japanese market, the album was re-titled “Hard To...