WARRIOR SOUL – Cocaine and Other Good Stuff (2020)

The always provocative Kory Clarke is back with a new WARRIOR SOUL album titled “Cocaine and Other Good Stuff“. And if  the title offend you, let me tell you this is a covers album, and yes, JJ Cale / Clapton’s ‘Cocaine’ is part of the track list.
Clarke said: “We wanted to make a record that was not about all the crap we are all living in, as it seems like a well-worn path for Warrior Soul. So, I had to think out of the box“.
The result is album of 11 covers, that are pretty much all given the Warrior Soul treatment. That is to say, they all sound as pure as the driven slush.
Not for nothing the record start with a cover of The Cars’ “Let The Good Times Roll”. Yes, forget the lockdown for a moment, and get some fun.

WARRIOR SOUL – Rock ‘N’ Roll Disease (2019)

Fronted by rebellious singer Kory Clarke, WARRIOR SOUL have a new record titled “Rock n’ Roll Disease” set for release on June 7th, 2019. Featuring the same songwriting team and musicians who played on the band’s 2017’s critically acclaimed LP, “Rock N’ Roll Disease” is a real stormer. This is raw and raucous Rock and Roll, timeless kick ass numbers...

WARRIOR SOUL – Back On The Lash (2017)

Always fronted by riotous singer / songwriter Kory Clarke, WARRIOR SOUL are releasing today “Back On The Lash“, their new studio album. While nobody can really blame Clarke for dropping out of the fight every few years to mop up the blood and give his embattled liver a brief respite from further punishment, now is probably the most crucial moment...

JAKE E. LEE – Runnin’ With The Devil [Japan LTD mini-LP remastered]

JAKE E. LEE – Runnin’ With The Devil [Japan LTD mini-LP remastered]

A true guitar hero and one of the best electric six-string emerged from the ’80s, JAKE E. LEE took a sabbatical decade away from the stages during the 2000’s. Anyway, Jake recorded this very good record of classic rock songs with the help of famous singers entitled “Runnin’ With The Devil“.Never published in the Asian market, recently has been remastered...

WARRIOR SOUL – Stiff Middle Finger (2012)

* When burst into the scene at the very first nineties, WARRIOR SOUL was like a kick in the face for many. Founded by corrosive frontman Kory Clarke, their first politically charged album 1990’s Last Decade Dead Century was a critical sensation, especially in the UK, where listeners readily embraced the band’s insurrectionist rantings as the next big thing. But...