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VIXEN – Rare Vixen ; The B-sides, Outtakes, Soundtrack & Unreleased [0dayrox exclusive]

As requested, here’s our own compilation, rips and audio fix of VIXEN rarities ; “Rare Vixen ; The B-sides, Outtakes, Soundtrack & Unreleased“.
This 0dayrox compilation includes 7” versions, B-sides, 12” official Extended Versions, studio outtakes, and some little gems; the songs the then unknown Vixen recorded for the ‘Hardbodies’ movie soundtrack (1984), ripped from VHS with very good audio quality – the song ‘Runnin” is just awesome.
0dayrox always give you more… great collector’s stuff.
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VIXEN – Tangerine (third album) Out of Print

As requested, here’s ”Tangerine”, the third album by female melodic rockers VIXEN. It was recorded without contributions from Jan Kuehnemund and Share Ross, then going by the name Share Pedersen. The line-up for this album consisted of Janet Gardner, Gina Stile, and Roxy Petrucci.
”Tangerine” has a different sound from the music of the previous albums of the band, much more ’90s but not grunge at all. Gone are the fluffy keyboards anf layered vocals, in favor for a rawer, gritty approach.
Perhaps many will miss VIXEN’s original sound, but what hasn’t changed here is the quality songwriting – as good as ever. This is the only album to have Stile as Vixen guitarist, and the final studio release to feature Gardner as vocalist-guitarist…

VIXEN – Vixen [Japan remastered, re-release 2014] Out of print

VIXEN albums are pretty hard to find, even more the Japanese releases. But we get both the band’s first 2 albums for all of you whom requested these terrific female-fronted Melodic Hard Rock records. ”Vixen” self-titled debut was remastered in 2006, then this version reissued 2014. And before someone ask, indeed it was remastered, just give it a listen.
Vixen’s debut is listed in Rolling Stone’s magazine among the “50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time”, however in my opinion the band should be considered in the Melodic Hard Rock genre. Where there’s no doubt is the fact Vixen was the most successful…

VIXEN – Rev It Up [Japan remastered] Out Of Print

VIXEN albums are pretty hard to find, even more the Japanese releases. But we get both for all of you whom requested these terrific Melodic Hard Rock records. Vixen second effort “Rev It Up” was remastered in 2006, turned out of print and never reissued again. And before someone ask, indeed it was remastered, just give it a listen.
“Rev It Up” is generally considered a lower echelon than the hit self-titled debut, but for my Melodic Hard Rock ears, this second album is equally good, and even superior. The first 5 tracks on this album are terrific, a definition of the genre in terms of sound & production, which again, as on the debut, is huge.
This time with most the tracks written by the band members, Vixen rocks with ultra-polished anthems…

JANET GARDNER (Vixen) – Your Place In The Sun (2019)

All songs in “Your Place In The Sun” delivers a different flavor, all in the classic way, and all juicy, claiming for a ‘repeat’ button.
This current decade Janet Gardner reinvented herself, and damn, she’s at her peak. You’ll return to this CD over and over again, believe me.
For me, one of the best albums of the year so far.

VIXEN – Live Fire (2018)

“Live Fire” is the new 2018 release from classic ’80s rock veterans VIXEN to be released tomorrow. Mixed by Michael Wagener, the album features 12 live tracks recorded at Chicago’s legendary Arcada Theater during the group’s successful 2017 tour. In addition to the classic Vixen songs, the effort also includes a newly recorded studio version of the song “You Ought...

V.A. – Deep Cuts & Rarities (Rat Pak Records) (2018)

“Deep Cuts & Rarities” is a Limited Edition 15 track compilation CD made by Rat Pak Records that includes 9 rare unreleased and 6 previously released cover songs which are performed by various artists from the Rock and Hard Rock genres. The release features mostly classic songs from the ’70s & ’80s but also includes a solo acoustic version of...

JANET GARDNER (Vixen) – Janet Gardner (2017)

JANET GARDNER (Vixen) – Janet Gardner (2017)

A solo album wasn’t necessarily part of JANET GARDNER‘s master career plan. But a glut of material the Vixen frontwoman wrote with her husband, guitarist / producer Justin James (Tyketto), made her self-titled effort – coming out Friday, August 18 – inevitable. “It sort of happened honestly,” Gardner said. “We set up a studio in our new house and we...