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VINCE DiCOLA – Only Time Will Tell (2021)

In the early to mid-Eighties musician / songwriter / keyboard wizard VINCE DiCOLA was involved in some well-known film scores such as “Staying Alive”, “Rocky IV” and “The Transformers: The Movie” and his songwriting abilities shone through at a very early stage.
Vince has been involved with some of the best musicians in the business over the years and the 13 songs listed on his new album ”Only Time Will Tell” have been co-written and feature lead vocalists such as Bobby Kimball, Jason Scheff, Steve Walsh, Rick Livingstone, Roger Voudouris, Stan Bush, Mark Boals and Ellis Hall.
In one word: Awesome

VINCE DiCOLA – Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack] (2017)

Today here’s one for ’80s movie soundtracks and synth-based music: VINCE DiCOLA‘s “Angry Birds Transformers [Extended Edition Soundtrack]“. Vincent Louis “Vince” DiCola is an American keyboardist and arranger who composed scores for iconic ’80s films such as The Transformers: The Movie, Staying Alive and Rocky IV soundtracks. DiCola pioneered the use of sequencers on his soundtrack recording for Rocky IV,...