VANISHING SIGNS (feat Steve Lee of Gotthard) – Vanishing Signs (2019)

Pretty silently released last year by themselves, the self-titled debut of VANISHING SIGNS certainly deserve more exposure and promotion, and that’s why we’re here. This international project delivers quality female-fronted melodic hard rock with an ’80s sheen, wrapped by a modern production and one important thing; well written songs.
Founded by former Forsale / Gotthard keyboardist & songwriter Neil Otupacca and featuring superb vocalist Dilana Smith, Nic Angileri (Jorn band), drummer Francesco Jovino (Hardline, JLTurner’s Sunstorm, Jorn) and more, Vanishing Signs rocks, and rocks greatly.
Oh, and they deliver a new version of Forsale’s song ‘Rollin’ On’, using Steve Lee (RIP) original tracked vocals.