VANISHING POINT – Tangled In Dream [2-CD Special Edition reissue]

Tangled In Dream“, the great 2000’s album by Australian melodic metal band VANISHING POINT, has been reissued as 2-CD Special Edition. After being out of print for many years and also not available digitally, this new edition finally allows to (re)discover one of the most impressive debuts of the genre in this new Century.
Disc 1 holds the regular album, while the Bonus Disc includes 10 bonus tracks; 9 of these available on CD format outside of Japan for the first time ever, plus a newly recorded song.
Although being classified as progressive metal, Vanishing Point’s music is in fact a mix of styles also including melodic metal, classic hard rock, acoustic moments and…

VANISHING POINT – Dead Elysium (2020)

This far into their career – they formed in 1995 – Melbourne’s VANISHING POINT can be relied upon to uphold their melodic metal musical legacy with each release they put out. If you are already a fan of the band you’ll have a fair idea of what new release, “Dead Elysium” – their first in six years – is going to sound like.
However there’s a fair chance you’ll be blown away with just how fresh, how revitalized the band sounds on this new album. It was always going to be great to have the band back, but in this form? well, that’s an added bonus most of us could only have dreamed of.

VANISHING POINT – Distant Is The Sun (2014)

* It has been seven years since the last VANISHING POINT album and fans have been anticipating new material from this loved Australian progressive metal act. The wait and expectation supported by the assertions from the band, proclaiming: “it’s a little more technical, more progressive, more of a step forwards compared to how we were previously, yet keeping our melodic...