This Is NWOCR Volume One (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Tags and Genre labels have been with us in force since the 70’s but people have always been looking for shortcuts to describe the music that’s out there and these days the amount of tags and genres are mind-boggling and quite confusing.
For those who long for simpler times what could be better than ‘NWOCR’ (though in my day Classic Rock was just plain old Rock) – NWOCR of course is the ”New Wave Of Classic Rock” and here we have ”The Official New Wave Of Classic Rock – Volume 1”.
Featuring 42 red hot tracks and an exclusive bonus, “This Is NWOCR Volume One” is a double CD compilation album that features a selection of the best and current NWOCR artists that have been carefully curated by the NWOCR team and RPM / Rock People Management. Some of these are remixed versions for this compilation.
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