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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.6 TIMOTHY LEWIS – Timothy Lewis (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive another installment from the awesome ”Lost US Jewels” series, the Vol.6, American melodic rocker TIMOTHY LEWIS self-titled album “Timothy Lewis”.
Here’s a songwriter / vocalist that is Steve Perry, Kevin Chalfant and Hugo all rolled into one; a bold statement for sure, but when you get to hear this guy I’m sure you’ll agree that he is something special. As a proof, while most the material here is penned by Lewis, he also does his own version of Perry’s terrific AOR song ‘Lost Angels’ (only recorded by Perry in demo form, featured into 0dayrox’s compilation The Vault).
Lewis’ songwriting and vocal-style is very close to the one of those big Melodic Rock acts of the ’80s such as Journey, Styx and Boston, and most the recordings on this CD only were distributed as promo material to record labels.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.17 ; SHOGUN – III The Lost Album (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Today we bring to you perhaps one of best releases from the ”Lost UK Jewels” series: Vol.17 ; “SHOGUN – III The Lost Album”, the band’s third album that unfortunately never saw the light of day, due to Jet Records closing their activity at the end of the ’80s.
So here’s finally the official release – limited to 500 copies and already out of print – of this pre‐production Master, 13 long lost tracks of great keyboard-driven British AOR / Melodic Rock, close to the style of early Bon Jovi / White Sister / Surgin and Survivor.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s ”Lost UK Jewels Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride“, featuring another rare band from the series, limited to 500 copies CD, already out of print.
Straight out of Bolton, Lancashire, UK, came Dirty Tryx that sold out the Albert Hall venue, had the legendary Derek Oliver on speed dial and a thousand plus members of their fan club.
This six-piece band delivers melodic hard rock in the vein of FM, Tobruk, Kiss Of The Gypsy, Glasgow, etc, and their quality music certainly deserved to be exposed.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s “The Lost UK Jewels Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1” one of the latest releases from the series, limited to 500 copies.
A band that saw Dave Ling in the pages of Raw Magazine declaring that they had the image and musical ability to take on the big boys. And its easy to see why he came to that assuption with material such as ‘Nasty’, ‘Girls of the World’ and ‘Hold Tight’ at his disposal : think ’89 Danger Danger with a British touch.
Theirs was the sound of UK Melodic Rock / AOR last great white hope from the late ’80s, a band that should have done so much more but were ultimately washed away by a music scene that was rapidly changing in the early 90s. But what they did leave was a fine musical legacy with this CD being the ample proof.
File under Danger Danger, Steve Overland’s FM, Trixter, XYZ
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.2 ; BOB WHEELER – Bob Wheeler +3 *EXCLUSIVE*

More from the excellent ”Lost Jewels Series” here’s BOB WHEELER‘s “Bob Wheeler +3“. Coming from New Jersey, Bob Wheeler released this self-titled album in 1987, here reissued / remastered on CD for the first time, plus 3 new tracks.
Wheeler’s style is similar to the likes of Bon Jovi and Surgin, so expect plenty of keyboard heavy AOR here.
Some time after, Bob Wheeler would be the vocalist of EKLYPSE, recently featured here at 0dayrox.
Limited to 500 copies and sold out now.
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL – Push And Shove (Out Of Print)

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they deserved. This is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavour to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies pressed of...

The Lost US Jewels Vol.7 ; EKLYPCE – Passion After Midnight +4 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested here’s the latest release from the much sought after “Lost U.S. Jewels” series; Vol.7 “EKLYPCE “Passion After Midnight +4“, limited edition of 500 copies already sold out now.
Led by vocalist Bob Wheeler, EKLYPCE debut album “Passion After Midnight” was released independently on vinyl format during 1989 and it’s a treasure trove of Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Surgin type of 80s AOR.
Whether it’s the surging “Make Me Feel Right”, the stabbing keyboard brilliance of “I’m Only Me” or “Lady Love” with its liberal sprinkling of keyboards, this is an album for the AOR “connoisseurs” / Melodic Rock collectors, a true “lost jewel” that has been fully restored and remastered incl. 4 bonus tracks and liner notes by AOR journalist Rob Evans.
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The Lost UK Jewels Vol.8 ; TOKYO – Listen To Your Heartbeat

As part of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.8 features TOKYO, a pretty killer band that released a much sought after EP in 1988; “Listen To Your Heartbeat”, here fully remastered alongside other material of the band ranging from 1984 to 1989. This disc number eight in the series is by Eeighties Pompsters Tokyo, who emanated from...

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.5 ; UNITED NATIONS – ‘2014’

Many of you fellow AOR collectors will remember the Stoke-on-Trent, UK, based band UNITED NATIONS and their one and only album released through the little label Magnet in 1985. Soon after, the group went their separate ways. Now 30 years later, original band members Pete Hankey on bass, Chris Stonier on keyboards and drummer Chris Mooney are back, with new...

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.19 SAVANNAH NIX – A Long Time Ago… (2020)

Here’s the new installment of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.19 featuring London melodic hard rockers SAVANNAH NIX‘s all material ever recorded by the band under the title “A Long Time Ago Does Not Mean F**k All“. Taken from the original master tapes and professionally remastered – including the two songs appeared on the “Metal for Muthas...

The “Lost UK Jewels” Vol.15 ; WINTERS REIGN – The Mini Album +9

After many requests, today we bring to you in exclusive at 0dayrox “The Lost UK Jewels Vol.15 ; WINTERS REIGN – The Mini Album +9“, one of the most recent – and best – release from these series. Released before the band’s more well known ‘The Beginning’ album, “The Mini Album” is really one of the rarest and most obscure...

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.4 ; GRAFFITI UK – Rock The World! *EXCLUSIVE*

As part of the stupendous “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.4 compile all the singles / EP / early demos from GRAFFITI, a very good 80s British Melodic Rock / AOR band that deserved better luck. A Limited Edition of 500 copies, this is a must for fans of the genre including a complete booklet with the band’s history...

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.3” ; GENEVA – Temptation

As part of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.3 features Canterbury AORsters GENEVA and their great 12” EP “Temptation” released in 1988, plus their ’87 demos for label shopping, and some exclusive material they recorded when reunite for this CD release – the first ever of their music. If classy ’80s Brit AOR is your thing, you’ll...

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.2” ; PEROUX – Wheels Keep Turnin’ *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s another volume from the great “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.2 featuring one of my favorite bands from the 80s British underground scene; PEROUX. “Wheels Keep Turnin’” is the 5-piece only official EP on appeared on vinyl, and what a fantastic slice of classy AOR it is. Here’s augmented with an unreleased track plus the band’s original 4-track...

The Lost Melodic Jewels Vol.1 : TANZEN – Piece By Peace +4 (1986-2018)

Now we have here in exclusive at 0dayrox a little pearl from Steelheart Memories Records ‘Lost Jewels Series’: produced by former APRIL WINE guitarist Gary Moffet and MINDSTORM producer Bill Szawlowski, back in 1986, “Piece By Peace” is the debut (and unique) album from Canadians TANZEN, featuring an incredible set of Classic ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock songs comparable to...