LEGGESY – Just Reality / Left Turn at Albuquerque [unreleased ’80s recordings] (2021)

LEGGESY were a hard rock outfit from Albuquerque, New Mexico, which independently recorded, produced and released on Halloween 1987 a self-titled cassette which instantly sold out its initial pressing, however only distributed locally.
LEGGESY would also appear alongside BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and ALICE COOPER on the internationally released hard rock compilation “High-Intensity Discharge” with two tracks – “Lace By Name” and “Custom Made Lover” – released in November 1988.
Now all these and additional songs the band recorded between 1987-1989 are being released under the title “Just Reality / Left Turn at Albuquerque”. Their style is some kind of mix between KISS, early ICON, ROUGH CUTT, some late ANGEL & more…

The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.11 TORINO ”Customized” +8 *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: TORINO – Customized +8”, strictly limited to 500 copies and already out of print.
Finally on CD for the very first time and digitally remastered, “Customized” was the debut album for these British Melodic Hard Rockers, produced by talented Steve Morris (Export, Heartland, Shadowman) and released by the legendary label FM Revolver.
Full of catchy & melodic songs like “Call Of The Wild”, “Can’t Let Go”, “Out Of The Fire” and the AOR ballad “Take My Heart Away”, that might definitely bring a smile on the faces of all SHY, FM and Strangeways fans.
As extra / bonus, we have the unreleased 8-song demo the band recorded under their initial Grand Torino moniker.
A MUST have for ’80s UK Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fans.
Only at 0dayrox

CHRIS FARREN – In So Many Words [Unreleased Archives 2xCD] (2021)

American singer / songwriter / producer / publisher CHRIS FARREN has scored twenty top 10 singles, 10 Grammy nomination (won 1), various ACM, CMA nominations, picked up American Songwriter’s 1997 Country Producer of the Year Award, all as songwriter & producer, and have credits on over 20 million record sales. However Farren never achieved success as singer/performer.
But Farren recorded a lot of his own songs during the ’80s / ’90s, and some of these surfaced in a bootleg CD titled ‘Signs Of Life’, a collectors piece among AOR fans.
Now all these unreleased songs plus never before heard are being released for the first time into a 14-track album titled ‘In So Many Words‘. So rich were the archives of Chris’ recordings, that it was agreed a second disc of 11 bonus tracks would be added to the package, ensuring that none of everyone’s favourite picks were excluded.
This is top class ’80s-recorded AOR stuff, and the sound quality / production is excellent…

TAHNEE CAIN and TRYANGLZ – Tryanglz [the unreleased ’80s works / 1st generation tapes] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have another 0dayrox exclusive: TAHNEE CAIN and TRYANGLZ ’80s recordings packed under the title “Tryanglz“. These are not the demos traded for years between collectors, nor the Japanese AOR Moon Collector’s Promo bootleg releases.
What we have here are the original tapes with much better, stupendous sound quality, including songs that never surfaced the internet: 20 tracks total.
All the files come from Tryanglz’s late keyboardist John Purdell vaults, sent to one of 0dayrox team members nineteen years ago.
This is a wonderful collection of ’80s female fronted AOR, uber-exclusive, Only at 0dayrox

YOUNG TURK – Train To Nowhere [FnA Remastered reissue + bonus] (2021)

Regarded as one of the hottest ’80s melodic hard rock bands from the Florida area, YOUNG TURK recorded this debut album ”Train To Nowhere” in 1990 with the help of drummer / producer Carl Canedy (The Rods).
The album, professionally taped in a multi-track console only was released by themselves on cassette, primarily with the intention to seduce some major labels. That was close to happen when Geffen show interest and the contract was almost signed.
Now ”Train To Nowhere” is being reissued / remastered for the first time on CD, with the addition of YOUNG TURK’s rare first demo-EP “Do you know where your daughters are?” from 1987.
This is fun, entertaining US Melodic Hard Rock with that 1988-1989 sound, very well written and executed…

YOUNG TURK – Tired Of Laughing – The Lost Geffen Tapes [digitally remastered] (2021)

Regarded as one of the hottest ’80s melodic hard rock bands from the Florida area, YOUNG TURK were victims of their own mistakes in not reaching stardom. “Tired Of Laughing” is the band’s third album, ready to be released in 1991 by major label Geffen. But few months before three band members got arrested and the incident sealed their fate.
While “Tired Of Laughing” was anyway put out by the band themselves as promotion, the album never was properly released. Now FnA Records is releasing “Tired Of Laughing – The Lost Geffen Tapes” on CD for the first time, remastered.
Produced by Carl Canedy, “Tired Of Laughing” sound is more according to times – US Rock 1991 – with a more traditional hard rock approach than the glammy / hair metal delivery of their previous recording ‘Train To Nowhere’ (also remastered by FnA and featured at 0dayrox)

ERIK TURNER – Demos For Diehards (feat Jani Lane) (1998)

In a similar fashion Jerry Dixon did with the ‘Hollywood Underground’, Warrant’s guitarist ERIK TURNER also released in the late Nineties his CD titled “Demos For Diehards“, with songs written for a potential Warrant album.
Half of these are co-written with Butch Walker (Southgang guitarist), one with future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer (who also play on it), there’s songs with Adam Shore who was one of Warrant’s lead vocalists when Jani left, etc.
But the star here is the late Jani Lane: he sings in three unreleased Warrant songs, and his performance is among his finest moments, even better or equal to the band’s first albums.
Despite its horrible cover artwork and the album’s title, this isn’t ‘For Diehards’ only, believe me, this is very good Eighties inspired material – among the best Melodic Hard Rock song appeared in the ’90s in America – with a pretty good sound quality too.

TIM – Tim [1983 previously unreleased] (2021)

MelodicRock Records will release one of the best kept AOR secrets from the ’80s; the unreleased album from TIM, a super-group of session musicians including vocalist Thom Griffin (Trillion, Mecca, Pride Of Lions), superb guitarist Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Fergie Frederiksen, Jim Peterik), bass player Bob Lizik (Pride Of Lions, Dennis DeYoung), drummers Tom Radtke & Jim Hines (Dennis DeYoung, Cyndi Lauper) and keyboardist Terry Tossing Esq.
Written & recorded in 1983, TIM members were so busy individually with sessions, touring and family commitments, that the band never made any more music together and the album was shelved. Until now…
The album is so good it would have challenged others in this style & sound back in ’83; think TOTO, Trillion, Le Roux, etc.
A treat for Eighties AOR / melodic rock fans and collectors, limited edition of 1000 copies…

The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.22 ; LAROCHE – Dancing After Midnight (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from Steelheart Memories Records ”The Lost UK Jewels series”: LAROCHE “Dancing After Midnight” pressed in limited 500 copies.
LAROCHE was a Welsh band that made its reputation as the English answer to GIUFFRIA and WHITE SISTER in the mid/late ’80s. After two demo tapes in 1987/88, the Welsh band released a 4 track EP entitled ‘Dance’ in 1989.
Despite the great reviews from the era, the band never managed to sign a contract with a reputable label. A shame, as “Dancing After Midnight” packs some of the best, unknown ’80s AOR melodies & hooks we never heard before.
All these awesome songs of this British pomp AOR act were finally put on CD here, carefully remastered from the original tapes…

ENUFF Z’NUFF – Never Enuff: Rarities & Demos [3xCD Box Set] (2021)

From the vault of bassist Chip Z’nuff and vocalist Donnie Vie comes this long buried treasure of early ’80s demos that chronicle the very birth of melodic glam rockers ENUFF Z’NUFF.
This box set entitled “Never Enuff: Rarities & Demos” features high-quality studio recordings consisting entirely of unreleased, original material written by Chip and Vie as they honed their songcraft in the years leading up to their 1989 Atlantic Records self-titled debut album, which featured the massive hit singles “New Thing” and “Fly High Michelle.”
All of the band’s elements were present in these early days – the power-pop melodies, the dynamic harmonies, and the feel-good, hippy-vibe energy up to 11 – all of which have served to make Enuff Z’nuff one of the longest lasting acts to emerge from the US glam metal explosion…

STYX – Son Of Edge [Unreleased Album 1991-1992] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Named by fans “SON OF EDGE”, this is the unreleased collection of nine STYX songs from 1991-92 or so when the band consisted of Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Chuck and John Panozzo & Glen Burtnik.
After the band’s 1990 ”Edge Of The Century” album, Styx were preparing for a follow up record and sent this, the “SON OF EDGE” tape to their label, A&M Records, who the band had been signed to at the time, although their contract was up and it was time to renegotiate terms. This negotiation was handled by a big shot show business lawyer who apparently asked for more than A&M was interested in giving, so the album was never to be, and remains unreleased.
Today 0dayrox brings to you in exclusive, Styx’s unreleased 1991-1992 album “SON OF EDGE”.
There were less than 10 CDs burned, only to be sent to A&M Records executives. And not only the sound quality is excellent, it contains some of the best two Dennis DeYoung songs we’ve ever heard. It’s great to hear where Styx would have been headed if able to do this follow-up to ”Edge Of The Century” album.
A collectors item, Only at 0dayrox

WINGER – The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased (0dayrox compilation)

There’s not much WINGER unreleased material, as the band released some time ago the excellent double album Demo Collection. But these were mostly pre-production demos, high quality professional demos prior to their first album.
As requested, here’s the 0dayrox compilation of rare WINGER – “The Non Album Tracks & Unreleased” – including they well known film soundtrack contributions, but also unpublished, rare songs.
While sound quality isn’t as great on the Demo Collection, it’s pretty good overall. What we find here are the very early demos by the band, and some tracks never released, a couple of acoustic takes. All songs here are WINGER the band, not Kip Winger solo.
Only at 0dayrox

MALICE – The Rare And Unreleased [Retrospect Records release]

Alongside the two MALICE major label studio albums in remastered form, it was requested here ”The Rare And Unreleased”, released by in limited pressing by Retrospect Records / Malice Records and now out of print, with used copies fetching over € 150.
As requested by fans for years, MALICE members raided their vaults and found these rare tracks recorded in the ’80s but never released, plus previously unreleased songs / demos from the era.
”The Rare And Unreleased” is a welcomed collection of unreleased & alternate versions of old MALICE tunes, from the time when they were one of the biggest hopefuls of US melodic metal. Comprising 18 songs in total, the sound quality quite good for most the material, including kick ass songs that easily could have been part of the band’s first two albums.
A collector’s item…

TUFF – What Comes Around Goes Around… Again! [unreleased + re-recorded songs]

To celebrate the 25 years since TUFF hit Sunset Strip in Hollywood California, the band recorded “What Comes Around Goes Around… Again!”, including re-recordings of some songs from their Atlantic Records celebrated debut album but now with a laundry list of ’80s hair metal stars appearing throughout such as Stephen Pearcy (RATT), George Lynch (DOKKEN), Jaime St. James (BLACK N’ BLUE), Steve Brown (TRIXTER) and many more.
Also included are a half dozen of the band’s earliest demos (remastered) that feature the “classic hair band” line up of TUFF, Stevie Rachelle – Vocals, Todd Chaisson – Bass, Jorge DeSaint – Guitars & Michael Lean on Drums.
After all this time, these guys still sound great!

AVALON – Everyman A King +7 [Rock Candy Records remastered & reloaded] (2021)

Rock Candy Records specialists have just “remastered & reloaded” “Everyman A King“, the mini-LP released on 1982 by American AORsters AVALON. A rarity achieving cult status among fans of the genre & collectors, this first time on CD reissue includes no less than 7 bonus tracks.
“Everyman A King” was produced by Blood, Sweat & Tears drummer and Pages / Jaco Pastorius producer Bobby Colomby, and features the talents of LA session players Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Porcaro and Jai Winding, in addition to band members Rick Neigher, Chris Cote and Mike Mirage.
This is pure AOR from the golden era…