THE CULT – Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary Edition [5-CD Box Set] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

This 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of THE CULT’s seminal album “Sonic Temple”. To celebrate the event, Beggars Arkive will release THE CULT: SONIC TEMPLE 30, a five-disc Box Set containing the album completely remastered, B-sides / remixes and rarities, demos and the complete 1989 Wembley show, previously unreleased.
The release planned for the second week of September has been delayed to October, but we have it here in exclusive at 0dayrox.

SKULL – II : Now More Than Ever (HNE Records / Previously Unreleased) *EXCLUSIVE*

And now we have here HNE / Cherry Red Records 2-CD release of Bob Kulick’s band SKULL “II : Now More Than Ever”. This 37 track, 2 disc set represents a “what could have been” second SKULL album. It includes 14 previously unreleased original studio tracks making up an entire “lost” album’s worth of SKULL material, plus an abundance of...

SKULL (Bob Kulick) – No Bones About It [HNE Remastered 2-CD reissue / unreleased tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s the recent HNE / Cherry Red Records remastered 2-CD reissue of “No Bones About It”, the sole album from SKULL, the band formed in the late ’80s by renowned guitarist Bob Kulick (Kiss, Balance, Meat Loaf, et all).
This 35 track, 2 disc set also features an alternative, earlier recording of the full album, and is completed by 15 previously unreleased, early demos from the band’s recorded history.
This is taken from our actual CD’s, not the fake / incomplete files floating the internet from dubious websites…

PJ RAUTIAINEN – Secret Isle (+3 exclusive Bonus) Out Of Print

Requested by one of you, here’s the out of print, Finland only release by exquisite singer / songwriter PJ RAUTIAINEN, titled “Secret Isle”. PJ (Pekka) sang on 2 excellent Melodic Rock albums with the band HOUSE OF MIRRORS during the 2000s, but left that band to start a solo career which resulted in “Secret Isle”, his full-length debut album from 2010, a delicious slice of classy AOR tunes.
While searching for PJ’s news / new material, it was shocking to read that he passed away in 2017. A great loss, such young and talented musician… A Scandinavian music collector (friend of 0dayrox’s team) provided us with 3 unreleased songs RAUTIAINEN recorded few years ago in collaboration with another gifted Finnish musician: Tomi Malm.

CRASHDIET – Illegal Rarities, Volume 2 (2018 / 2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Swedish sleaze stalwarts CRASHDIET released some time ago ‘Illegal Rarities, Volume 1’, previously unreleased recordings with original vocalist Dave Lepard. Due repeated demand from the fans, bass player Mr. London unearthed more previously unreleased Crashdiet recordings from the vault, and here’s “Illegal Rarities, Volume 2”, released at the end of 2018 (December 27) a Scandinavian-only CD release limited to 999 copies and only available at Crashdiet’s online store.

PRINCE – The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD) (2019) *Exclusive*

In 1995, PRINCE shared a limited number of cassette tapes with attendees of the Versace collection of Paris Fashion Week. The collection of songs was a promotional asset for Prince’s next album ‘The Gold Experience’, and it never saw an official release, until now. Today, Prince’s “The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD)” has been finally released. Intended as a preview...

MOTLEY CRUE – Greatest Hits [Ltd Special Edition + all 3 Bonus CD’s] *EXCLUSIVE*

One of you requested here MOTLEY CRUE‘s “Greatest Hits” – the original version, better than the appeared later. It’s a pretty easy to find album, but the request asked for the “Ltd Special Edition”, with Bonus Discs offered in select retail outlets along with the 1998 ‘Greatest Hits’ CD release.
There were 3 different exclusives randomly offered with your purchase: one is titled “Rare Crue” including rarities indeed, other titled “Live Around The World 1989-1990” including previously unreleased recordings, and other titled “5 Live ’85”, also never released. All discs feature different artwork as well.
Most of these tracks on the Bonus CD’s still are unavailable on any other format / release. Collector’s Items, only at 0dayrox.

BLACK ‘N BLUE – The Demos Remastered Anthology 1 (rarities 81 / 84 + unreleased songs)

Before reunite for the comeback album Hell Yeah!, it was released this BLACK ‘N BLUE album titled “The Demos Remastered Anthology 1”. What makes this release so unique and desirable is that it contains demo versions of some of the tracks that later showed up in a better recorded format on their debut for Geffen Records. Even more so is that it has some unreleased songs that never made it to any of the albums, 5 out of the 12 to be exact!
And we added 3 extras…

IF ONLY – Destiny [Jackie Bodimead recordings 1988-1990]

With the just released remastered reissue of IF ONLY sole official album No Bed Of Roses, it is mandatory to post here the original recording featuring vocalist Jackie Bodimead, never released. Of course the source here is a bootleg CD titled “Destiny” (as one of the unreleased tracks), but the sound quality is far superior than the tapes circulating for years among traders / the web. Additionally, there’s several Previously Unreleased tracks.

VAN HALEN – Transmission Impossible (2018)

This VAN HALEN 3-CD release “Transmission Impossible” claims to be part of the ‘Legendary FM Radio Broadcasts’ series, focused on David Lee Roth era of Van Halen’s career featuring previously unreleased live performances from Tokyo, Japan in 1978, Dallas, Texas in 1982, and a solo gig from David Lee Roth at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, in 1994....

MARK BAKER DEMOS feat. Mark Free, James Christian & more *EXCLUSIVE*

Perhaps for the regular listener the name MARK BAKER doesn’t ring a bell at all, however AOR connoisseurs are aware the man has written some of the greatest songs for the genre. An album with his compositions is about to be released soon, but we have our own 0dayrox compilation (all this material comes from our OWN collection). During the...

DOKKEN – Back In The Streets [’79 EP / Japan Edition] + Rare Single

And here we have DOKKEN‘s EP “Back In The Streets”, a bunch of demos recorded in 1979 in Germany, finally released ten years after without the band’s consent. This Japanese release features a different cover art. While the classic Dokken line up appears printed, in fact this is Don Sokken on vocals / guitar, guitarist Greg Leon, drummer Gary Holland,...