CHERIE (Sweden) – Cherie [unreleased] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the rare, mysterious album never released by Swedes CHERIE. The album is professionally recorded apparently between 1989-1990 but never released, and details of the band / line up remain unknown.
What it isn’t mysterious is the type of music on offer here; quality Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR with the classy sound form the era ranging from Europe circa 1988 (Out Of This World album) to Talk Of The Town self-titled debut from the same year.
A ‘lost’ little gem from the golden period.

TOMMY BOLIN – Shake The Devil : The Lost Sessions (2021)

This 2021 we reach the 45th anniversary of the passing of TOMMY BOLIN, the supremely talented guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with Deep Purple and The James Gang, who captivated the world with his sophisticated and ferocious playing. Bolin’s tragic death, when he was a mere 25 years old, has been one of rock music’s great “what ifs,” forcing critics and fans to grapple with what Bolin might have been able to accomplish in subsequent years were he still alive, given that he managed to produce such amazing works of mature artistry at such a young age.
Now Cleopatra Records / Purple Pyramid are releasing a collection of lost tracks by Tommy Bolin titled “Shake The Devil: The Lost Sessions“, featuring demos, alternate mixes, and outtakes, music from the ‘Private Eyes’ album sessions.
A must listen for fans of this gifted musician.

UNTAYMED – Tell The Truth / Max’s Sessions [Digitally Remastered Ltd. 500 copies] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s in exclusive the just released “Tell The Truth / Max’s Sessions“, from obscure New York act UNTAYMED, a set of 1994-95 recordings taped at the legendary upstate New York Max Trax Studios. This limited edition CD is put together by new Dutch rarities reissue label No Dust Records (Europe) and Animated Insanity Records (USA / Canada), remastered from the original tapes.
Founded by vocalist Chris Jacobson (still active solo) “Tell The Truth / Max’s Sessions” comprises the band’s early recordings, indie, but professionally produced with a first class, punchy sound.
This is classic American hard rock with that ’80s / early ’90s style plus US melodic metal touches all melodic and with a commercial feel, expressive, strong vocals and very good driven guitars akin DOKKEN, SHOK PARIS, DRIVE and a pinch of QUEENSRYCHE, CRIMSON GLORY, and even RATT’s harder side.
Highly Recommended collector’s stuff.
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ANDY TAYLOR – Nobody’s Business [1988 / Previously Unreleased 2xCD remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Today 0dayrox is presenting in exclusiveNobody’s Business”, the album ANDY TAYLOR recorded in 1988 but never released. Co-written with ex WHITESNAKE Bernie Marsden who also play guitar, plus Micky Moody, The Power Station huge rhythm section Bernard Edwards / Tony Thompson, keyboardist Kevin Savigar (Pat Benatar), etc, this is a true ’80s music blast.
This Limited Collector’s Edition 2-CD features original 11-track album recording on disc one, plus 35 minutes worth of bonus material and a 25 minute Japanese media interview from 1986 on disc two.
Previously unavailable / unreleased, all tracks have been carefully remastered from the original archive tapes, with a perfect sound quality. Additionally there’s a complete booklet outlining the making of ”Nobody’s Business”.
Released at the end of 2020, ”Nobody’s Business” is already out of print.
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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP – Assault Attack demos w/ Cozy Powell / Non album tracks

Despite Cozy Powell left the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP prior to the recording of their 3rd album “Assault Attack”, the drummer actually started to work with Michael on the early demos. Here’s all these recordings, “Assault Attack demos” including songs that ended into the album, but also 4 unreleased tracks.
Numbers like ‘Desert Song’ or ‘Rock You To The Ground’ feature some different arrangements and of course, Schenker flies on the fretboard – he never play the same solo and each has something new and amazing.
It’s great to hear 4 songs never released, not just ideas, these are complete compositions, and all with very good sound quality, taken from a cassette belonged to Cozy Powell.
There has been many bootlegs of these recordings, however I bet you this 0dayrox version is the better.
A must for MSG / Schenker (and Cozy) fans.
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JIM PETERIK – Comeback Story / The Best In Us + Quarantine Live Set 2020 *EXCLUSIVE*

JIM PETERIK hasn’t been quiet during this lockdown: he wrote & recorded two new songs, “Comeback Story / The Best In Us” performed in a duet with powerhouse vocalist Cathy Richardson (Starship).
But Jimbo also did a streaming live show presenting bot new cuts plus some amazing acoustic / electric versions of some of his best songs.
There’s a great take of timeless classics such as ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, ‘Burning Heart’, ‘Caught Up In You’ (the song he wrote for 38 Special) but also surprising arrangements on ‘Heavy Metal’ (co-penned with Sammy Hagar for the movie of the same title), his classic ‘Vehicle’ into an amazing blues version where Cathy Richardson shine on vocals, and the rare, very early Ides Of March’s ‘L.A. Goodbye’.
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BIG COUNTRY – Out Beyond The River [Compulsion Years Anthology, Cherry Red 5-CD Remastered Boxset] (2020)

As requested, here we have the Cherry Red Records limited box-set ”Out Beyond The River: The Complete Compulsion Recordings”, a newly remastered set featuring the original classic line-up of Scottish rockers BIG COUNTRY, fronted by the late Stuart Adamson.
This set celebrates the recordings of the band made between 1993 and 1994 for Chrysalis Records imprint Compulsion.
Featuring 71 tracks on 5 discs, including the albums ”The Buffalo Skinners” (featuring the great Simon Phillips on drums), the double live album ”Without The Aid Of A Safety Net’ recorded at Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow on 29 December 1993, a disc of rare B-sides / bonus tracks, US radio mixes & previously unreleased song, plus a CD with the original demo for every track on The Buffalo Skinners album…

FIGHTER – The Waiting + unreleased 4-Song EP [Digitally Remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the recent remastered reissue of one of the best female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock albums from the early ’90s: FIGHTER‘s “The Waiting“, including as bonus tracks their very early 4-track demo EP with two exclusive songs.
Led by talented vocalist and principal songwriter Amy Wolter (we featured her solo album at 0dayrox some time ago) FIGHTER played arena style melodic hard rock plenty of hooks and melodies galore.
The distinctive element in FIGHTER’s style was the trade-off vocals between Wolter and male singer and drummer Sean Murphy. Dual vocals proved to work great for them and provided dynamics not seen in other bands of this ilk.
Not a single weak song on here, but a wonderful collection of superb tunes wrapped by a crystal clear production, now even more enhanced by a vibrant remastering job.
A MUST for female-fronted AOR / melodic hard rock fans.
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MESHEEN – A Matter Of Time [1994 / Previously Unreleased] (2021)

Alongside the lost recordings from FORTRESS, Cult Metal Classics/ Sonic Age Records is releasing today the album from other band of singer Ted Heath, MESHEEN, titled “A Matter Of Time“.
Recorded in 1994, “A Matter Of Time” is American melodic hard rock with the early ’90s sound of the genre. There were record labels interested, but this kind of rock music resulted hard to sell at the time and the album was shelved.
MESHEEN released by themselves some homemade CDr’s later, with only a few collectors having it in their possession.
Now “A Matter Of Time” has been remastered and properly released with fresh artwork.
Think a mix of DOKKEN, KEEL, LION, early STRYPER, strong guitar-driven songs plenty of groove with a touch of progressive here and there, professionally recorded & mixed.

RADAR – Lost In The Atlantic [1986 Previously Unreleased] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Shelved for almost four decades, Escape Music will release next month one of the best British secret; RADAR unreleased album ”Lost In The Atlantic”, for the first time on CD in a limited edition to 1000 copies only.
RADAR was formed in 1981 when David West (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue), Rod Jordan & Gary Stevenson (Go West / Robert Hart / Wild Blue / Snakecharmer) met at the ABC Music Store in Surrey England, where David & Gary were working as guitar & keyboard demonstrators.
In 1983 Radar was signed to Warner Bros Publishing UK and their journey began.
RADAR began recording their album at the famous ‘Trident Studios’ on Wardour Street, London early 1985. But at the time Gary was very busy as producer for other artists. The band was happy to hold back the release of the RADAR album and use the success of Gary’s production works with various bands to promote an upcoming release.
However this had a negative effect on RADAR the momentum was lost and “Lost In The Atlantic” was never released.
This is primo mid-80s lite AOR with melodic arrangements and pristine production sound.
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GTR – Nerotrend [2nd Unreleased album / first generation tape] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured the reissue of a Nightwing album featuring talented British lead vocalist Max Bacon. Bacon was later part of super-group GTR founded by Steve Hackett & Steve Howe, and their only official album.
However, there was a second album in the making, “Nerotrend“, that never materialized. Bacon sung some of the songs, the others were performed by the exquisite Robert Berry (Alliance UK, Hush). It is very interesting to listen to the different styles of Bacon and Berry on a same song (Young Hearts) and what would have been GTR second album. This really is a must for any GTR collector, and all the musicians involved.
There was a bootleg of this unreleased material, but this is taken from a first generation tape owned by a recording studio employee, with much better sound quality. (thanks to K.V. for this exclusive)
Only at 0dayrox

OUTTA THE BLUE – Demos 1986-1993 *EXCLUSIVE*

And with the request of OUTTA THE BLUE self titled LP, we are offering another rarity; some of the band’s demos recorded between 1986 -1993. The band never secured a major label contract, but certainly deserved to.
These demos are most of excellent audio quality, professionally recorded.
The early tracks are in the style of the band’s 1986 LP, then in the ’90s OUTTA THE BLUE turned more classic hard rock, always driven by a strong guitar work. Russ Parrish (now known as Satchel in STEEL PANTHER) performed on some songs here.
It isn’t the ‘Lost Jewels’ series, nor a FnA rarities release, it’s the 0dayrox team unearthing this rare, unreleased material for you all.
Only at 0dayrox

BRITNY FOX – In America [first recording / cassette only 1986]

After several posts regarding rockers BRITNY FOX, some of you asked for another rarity; their first ever recording titled “In America“. Including songs later re-worked for their major label debut LP – one song is exclusive to this release though – this 1986 recording was released by themselves in limited quantities only.
In fact, ”In America” appeared on Wolfe Records, a small label founded by Britny Fox’s manager Brian Kushner, and Bill Haigh (owner of the Hollywood Galaxy Club) to promote bands.
The album only was released on Cassette – the vinyl LP floating around is a bootleg – and this is the actual cover artwork.
Ripped and cleaned by the 0dayrox team for your listening (and collector’s) pleasure (thanks DR!)
Only at 0dayrox

BRITNY FOX – Gudbuy T’ Dean [1989 FM broadcast / only at Britny Fox Records] *EXCLUSIVE*

Now we are presenting a collectors item to complete your BRITNY FOX discography: “Gudbuy T’ Dean“, an Official Fan Club only release. The only place to get this was Britny Fox’s website or at shows.
‘Gudbuy T’ Dean’ – named after the song ‘Gudbuy T’ Jane’ from Britny Fox’s first album – refers to one of the last shows featuring original vocalist Dizzy Dean Davidson.
This is a recording of a 1989 FM broadcast while thew band was promoting their second album. This tape never was released on any format except this limited BF Records CD. This is the only BF live recording available featuring Dizzy Dean Davidson.
The sound quality is pretty good, and as a curiosity, the broadcast ended before they could play their biggest hit at the time; ‘Girlschool’.
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BRITNY FOX – The Bite Down Hard Demos I & II *EXCLUSIVE*

Requested by one of you, here’s the quite rare BRITNY FOX pre-production demos for their third album Bite Down Hard: “The Bite Down Hard Demos“. After two albums, original Britny Fox lead singer Dizzy Dean Davidson left to pursue other opportunities and the band brought in Las Vegas native Tommy Paris for the 3rd LP ‘Bite Down Hard (1991)’
This album resonated with the fans and they now can hear the other tracks written for Bite Down Hard album in their raw format, plus other rarities taped during these session like covers of AC/DC, QUEEN, etc.
These demos were recently released with the title ‘Forbidden Fruits’, but note it’s under the banner ‘Tommy Paris of Britny Fox’ and includes tracks that has nothing in common with the the Bite Down Hard Demos sessions.
What we have here the complete recordings, all Britny Fox, taken from the limited edition CD released by the band (BFRecords) several years ago and now a rarity.
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