PRISCILLA – High Fashion +6 [digitally remastered] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

FnA Records just reissued PRISCILLA‘s ”High Fashion”, a collection of ’80s recordings by the American band originally released in 2010 cleaned & remastered, now with the addition of 6 previously unreleased tracks.
Many of the songs here would have been scorching hits during the glam / hair metal heyday if PRISCILLA had better luck. Picture a slightly heavier version of hair legends Poison and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Priscilla is all about. It was the late ’80s when Priscilla made waves with their “Wake Up the Neighborhood” single, followed by opening slots for Hericane Alice and Pretty Boy Floyd.
The sound on “High Fashion +6” quality varies quite a bit, however for the most part is really good. Half of these were professionally produced by Sean Beavan, who later made a name for himself working for both Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.
Priscilla is the polar opposite of those bands however, sticking to party-hardy hair metal plenty of hooks.
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THE LIVING [feat Duff McKagan] – ”1982” (2021)

This one was requested and it’s a very interesting piece of rock n’ roll history; with Guns N’ Roses, bassist Duff McKagan reached cult status, but before GN’R, there was THE LIVING. The short-lived punk band by no other than McKagan himself recorded an LP, but it was never released, well… until now. Yes, the guy on the cover is Duff.
The Living: 1982” is a seven-track long LP that is reminiscent of the English roots of punk. But McKagan was by no means the only future-legend in the band. Greg Gilmore, on the drums, went on to be part of the famous band Mother Love Bone.
The future Guns N’ Roses bassist reflects back on the album saying: “Would this even ever get out of our basement? We had something magical then, and it was ours, so who gives a fuck!”
At the time of this recording McKagan was 17 years-old and handle the guitar. But don’t for a second let that fact that they’re younger (at the time of this recording), than most of you reading this that this record is not a professional undertaking, because it as well done as anything else from the era, and in some case, which will be unnamed, a better quality.

SERIOUS PLEASURE – Serious Pleasure ’89 [Digitally Remastered]

As requested, here’s the back in the day unreleased material from American melodic hard rockers SERIOUS PLEASURE. This is the Digitally Remastered release by FnA Records, not the demo version floating the web.
Serious Pleasure was formed in 1986 by former glam metal band ANTIX guitarist/singer Jace White. Looking for a more commercial, melodic sound White recruited bassist Dave E. Weeks (who had a brief stint with Hollywood Rose, the precursor of Guns N’ Roses), drummer Paul Preshaw, and guitarist Mark Silver. The band later recruited Mike Peterson from Mickey Knight (featuring Mark Knight of Bang Tango fame) on drums, while Preshaw switched to keyboards full time.
The band gained significant popularity on the Sunset Strip at the time, co-headlining with various acts, the most popular being Jani Lane’s Warrant, who actually approached Serious Pleasure with the offer to use the power ballad “Ain’t That Enough” to be featured on their debut album, but White decided to turn them down at the time… wrong decision. “Ain’t That Enough” is included here, and indeed has a hit potential.

LONG GONE – Long Gone [1987-1991] Demon Doll remastered reissue + 0dayrox extras

Some days ago we featured here MITCH PERRY’s album Better Late Than Never featuring future L.A. Guns vocalist Ralph Saenz. Here’s another fulfilled request with other band formed by Saenz in the ’80s: LONG GONE.
This is the collection of songs the band professionally recorded back in the day, remastered from the original tapes obtaining a superb sound quality. “Long Gone” delivers pure late ’80s US melodic hard rock / hair metal, all very good songs, catchy and very well produced.
As extra, we added some LONG GONE demos from the era.

BENTWOOD ROCKER – Taken From The Vaults B-CD [previously unreleased ’80s recordings]

The second, 1982’s album by Canadians BENTWOOD ROCKER sold well, but their label went on some troubles and the band lost its contract. However they continued playing and recording all over the decade, and all these tracks (some singles and some unreleased) were compiled onto “Taken From The Vaults“.
There’s two CD’s, this is the second “B-CD”, and we have here recording from the second half of the ’80s, few released as singles, mostly unreleased. Here BENTWOOD ROCKER turned much more keyboard driven AOR, including big drums and layers of harmonies. It’s really good stuff for fans of the genre.
“Can’t Let Go” blends Foreigner with Survivor, the anthemic “Walk Through The Fire” is on par with any Surrender hit, “Missing You Tonight” reminds you of REO Speedwagon, and “I Would Give Everything” rocks with a Franke & The Knockouts radio appeal.
“The Danger Of Remembering” is an elegant, polished mid-tempo AOR tune…

BENTWOOD ROCKER – Taken From The Vaults A-CD [previously unreleased ’80s recordings]

Canadians BENTWOOD ROCKER started as band in 1977, but several members were friends since many years before. They released an independent album which sold pretty well, and then Quality Records singed the quintet for a new record and promises of proper distribution. The band moved to Florida, and recorded the 1982 LP “Take Me To Heaven”, a very fine slice of radio-friendly early ’80s AOR tunes. Bentwood Rocker are strong in multi-part vocal harmonies performed by all members, present on all tracks.
The album sold well, but their label went on some troubles and BENTWOOD ROCKER lost its contract. However the band continued playing and recording all over the decade, and all these tracks (some singles and some unreleased) were compiled onto “Taken From The Vaults“.
There’s two CD’s, this is “A-CD”, with material mostly recorded during the first half of the ’80s. The recordings – very good sound quality – ranges from AOR similar to Spys / Balance and melodic rock (think early Loverboy) to some WestCoast touches here and there ala Player / Pages…

MINDLESS SINNER – Turn On The Power [Remastered digital reissue including early versions] (2021)

A cult act from the Swedish early ’80s Scandinavian metal scene, MINDLESS SINNER just got their second LP “Turn On The Power” reissued / remastered. The album was recorded in 1984, but released in 1986.
Tomorrow Pure Steel Records will release as well this digital download-only edition of the album including as bonus the early, previously unreleased 1984 versions of the songs, rawer, heavier, without keyboards.
At the time of “Turn On The Power”, MINDLESS SINNER was purely influenced by the NWOBHM sound, with a melodic approach and catchy choruses but a traditional style akin JUDAS PRIEST, 220 VOLT, PRAYING MANTIS, IRON MAIDEN, etc

BARFLY – No Place Like Home [1991 / Unreleased] Remastered Ltd bootleg CD *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Now we have here a rarity amongst rarities: the New York 5-piece melodic hard rockers BARFLY unreleased album “No Place Like Home“. BARFLY was formed in the late ’80s by lead guitarist Nick Bowcott when Grim Reaper broke up. Including renowned musicians, ex members from Spread Eagle and Big Mouth, BARFLY developed a potent and melodic rocking sound and got signed by major label RCA.
Produced & mixed by top cats Jack Ponti & Michael Wagener, their debut album “No Place Like Home” was ready at the end of 1990, promotion and merchandising in the making, but inexplicably the release was shelved.
Only few promotional / testing cassettes were distributed, and since then “No Place Like Home” remains into obscurity. It’s strange none of the reissue labels put out this album until now, as the quality here is all over the place, a killer mix of Danger Danger, Hurricane, first Damn Yankees, Warrant, etc.
This is taken from a very limited bootleg CD with a cleaned, remastered sound.
Terrific stuff, collector’s item, Only at 0dayrox

JOHN FARNHAM – Break The Ice [1987 unreleased album +2] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

As requested here we have a rarity; “Break The Ice“, the JOHN FARNHAM album that never was… After Farnham success with his solo LP Whispering Jack his record company wanted to capitalize the moment and release this LP with songs he recorded back in 1984.
“Break The Ice” was meant to have the catalogue number INT 147.730 on Curb Records, however, for unknown reasons, this album was never manufactured or released. This is a German LP Test-pressing for this album.
These songs were subsequently used on a number of movie soundtracks like ‘Voyage Of The Rock Aliens (1984)’, ‘The Slugger’s Wife (1985)’, Fletch (1985) and RAD (1986), all cult pieces from the ’80s, and as the LP “Break The Ice” never materialized, were effectively “lost” in time.
Song quality is excellent, and the material, a must have for ’80s AOR / movie soundtrack fanatics. As 0dayrox extras, we added a couple of rare tracks / versions from the RAD movie performed by Farnham.
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.9 NIGHTWORK – Nightwork +5 (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s one of our latest purchases; the much sought after, awesome 1986 AOR self-titled album from NIGHTWORK, reissued for the first time on CD few weeks ago as part of the “Lost U.S. Jewels” series. Fully remastered from the original tapes and including 5 previously unreleased tracks, this is a mus have for fans of classic era Survivor, ’86 Journey, early Bon Jovi… and Kobra Kai fans!
NIGHTWORK was founded in 1984 in San Antonio, Texas, by ex-members of Pomp AOR band Winterkat, and they played first-class AOR / Melodic Rock supporting then bands like Kansas, Cheap Trick, UFO and Night Ranger amongst others.
The original LP is now a prized collector’s item amongst ‘80s AOR / Melodic Rock aficionados. This remastered reissue is a Limited Edition of 500 copies, and it will be sold out soon.
Only at 0dayrox

CHEAP TRICK – The Epic Archive Vol. 3 (1984-1992)

Sony Music / Epic Records released three CHEAP TRICK rarities compilations entitled “Cheap Trick The Epic Archive” something that had been rumored to be in the works for years.
The track listing on “The Epic Archive Vol. 3 (1984-1992)” is a must for fans and collectors comprising the group’s 1984-1992 period (my favorite), featuring many songs previously unavailable and most of Cheap Trick’s hardest to find soundtrack contribution material.
Among the pearls, you have here ‘Money (That’s What I Want)’ from “Caddyshack II” Original Soundtrack, ‘You Want It’ from “Say Anything”, ‘I Will Survive’ from “Gladiator”, or the awesome ‘Mighty Wings’ from “Top Gun”, but also very rare alternate / single versions of ‘The Flame’, ‘She’s Got Motion’, ‘It’s Only Love’, etc.
Additionally, it’s really interesting the inclusion of ‘Big Bang’ (Japanese version of ‘Busted’, hard to find) and lovely different mixes..

CHEAP TRICK – The Epic Archive, Vol. 2 [1980-1983]

Sony Music / Epic released three CHEAP TRICK rarities compilations entitled “Cheap Trick The Epic Archive” something that had been rumored to be in the works for years. The track listing in all volumes is a must for fans and collectors, with this “Cheap Trick The Epic Archive Vol.2” covering perhaps Cheap Trick’s more creative period (1980-1983) featuring many songs previously unavailable on digital format and most of Cheap Trick’s hardest to find soundtrack material.
In fact, a track in this “Cheap Trick The Epic Archive Vol.2” – the band’s contribution to Spring Break Original Soundtrack – is not available as digital download / streaming due to licensing troubles.
… don’t worry, we have it 🙂
These ‘Spring Break OST’ tracks alone worth the purchase as always were almost impossible to find. But there’s much more to enjoy here, such as..

CHEAP TRICK – The Epic Archive, Vol. 1 [1975-1979]

Sony Music / Epic released three CHEAP TRICK rarities compilations entitled “Cheap Trick ; The Epic Archive” something that had been rumored to be in the works for years. The track listing is a must for fans and collectors, this “Cheap Trick The Epic Archive Vol.1” including lots of rare tracks from the early era of the band.
Some of these tracks were included as bonus in the reissues of Cheap Trick’s first four albums, others are unreleased, and now you have all here in one package. We find excellent sound quality of…

CAROUSEL – Round & Round (unreleased)

As requested, here’s the rare material from Austin, Texas based act CAROUSEL which operated between 1988 – 1994. This is the cassette-only album the band released in 1992, with quite good sound quality.
Style-wise CAROUSEL were classic melodic hard rock similar to HAREM SCAREM, GARRISON, DOKKEN, etc, with strong songwriting, catchy melodies and very good musicianship.
Despite opening for national acts such as TRIXTER, SAIGON KICK, PAT TRAVERS (to name a few), being featured at Metal Edge’s “Rock on the Rise”, and some labels showed interest, CAROUSEL didn’t secured a recording contract as the musical climate in America was already changing…

ROBIN ZANDER – Countryside Blvd. (201?) Unreleased

This one has been requested over and over again in comments for a long time: the second unreleased solo album from Cheap Trick’s frontman ROBIN ZANDER, entitled “Countryside Blvd.
Zander’s long-gestating solo effort has a complicated release history. It was supposed to come out in 2011 but has been stalled for reasons no one seems to know.
Apparently it was for sale on iTunes for two days before the record label spontaneously removed it.
So this is a strange case of an album released, then immediately un-released.
And let me tell you, it’s a shame, because it’s a first-rate outing from the lead singer of Cheap Trick that has had fans flummoxed by its very (non) existence since it originally surfaced… before mysteriously disappearing within a few days of its debut…