PINK FLOYD – The Later Years (2019)

PINK FLOYD are to release “The Later Years 1987-2019“, another massive music box set in the style of 2016’s Early Years package. This time around, as the title suggest, the set focuses on the later period when Roger Waters had quit and David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason were left to continue on their own to produce studio albums and undertake massive world tours.
This ‘highlights’ single CD of “The Later Years” will also be released, including the best of the bunch including unreleased recordings, new 2019 remixed tracks and rare live takes.

PRETTY BOY FLOYD – Stray Bullet [Limited Edition +3] (2019)

Cleo Recs has just released “Stray Bullet [Limited Edition +3]”, PRETTY BOY FLOYD‘s early ’90s recordings that were to be the band’s follow-up to their major label debut album Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz. The material showcases a more commercial from the band close to Poison, and were originally supposed to be released as their second album on MCA Records in the early 1990s
The release – limited to 500 copies – also includes the entire 1998 EP ‘A Tale Of Sex, Designer Drugs, And The Death Of Rock N’ Roll’, plus 3 special bonus tracks featuring Tracii Guns on guitar.

BLACKTHORNE – We Won’t Be Forgotten ; The Blackthorne Anthology (2019)

It’s been a little over 3 years since HNE Records issued the expanded remasters of short-lived Graham Bonnett fronted super-group BLACKTHORNE. The good news is that the vaults have been fully raided and a plethora of tunes has been unearthed. “We Wont Be Forgotten” is 3 CDs of Blackthorne material, a total there of 44 tracks of which 30 of...

NEW ENGLAND – The New England Archives Box [Hear No Evil 5-CD Set] (2019)

One of the most influential bands from the late Seventies, NEW ENGLAND were way ahead of their time. Despite their lack of commercial success, their slim volume of work with 3 albums – New England (1978), Explorer Suite (1980) and Walking Wild (1981) – staked out a sizeable chunk of popular music territory that unfortunately did not ultimately translate into sales.
Thankfully New England did leave behind plenty of recordings, outtakes, demos, and unreleased songs, now collected by HNE / Cherry Red Records here for the very first time on “The New England Archives Box Volume 1”.
We have no less than 5 CD’s here, and the sound quality is very, very good.

AERIAL – Crazy Over You [Recorded ’89] (2018)

AERIAL had no luck securing a major label contract in the overcrowded late ’80s US melodic hard rock scene, but they were close. However they professionally recorded a set of songs in 1989, and now these tracks have been remastered with a few additional tracks for the album “Crazy Over You” released by Metallic Blue Records. Always fronted by Michael...

JUNKYARD – Old Habits Die Hard [The Lost Album] (2019)

JUNKYARD opens the vault and blows the dust off a collection of recordings slated as the follow up to their second effort 1991’s ‘Sixes, Sevens and Nines.” Recorded in Los Angeles in 1992, “Old Habits Die Hard” features the original members Brian Baker, David Roach, Chris Gates, Todd Muscat and Patrick Muzingo. The cover artwork of Junkyard’s classic ‘Sixes, Sevens...

CHICAGO 18 [Japanese SHM-CD remastered +2] + rare unreleased track

During the ’80s CHICAGO created a string of really successful albums with their sound morphing to mainstream AOR / Adult Contemporary, something first time followers of the band disliked. But for AOR / West Coast fans like me, these records are pure gold. “Chicago 18” originally released in 1986 captures like few the classic mid-80s FM sound, and this Japanese reissue on high quality SHM-CD with a fully remastered treatment is a must for aficionados of this genre.
Additionally, we added here an unreleased track from the “Chicago 18” sessions, only available at the band’s website years ago and impossible to find now.

DESMOND CHILD – Rarities [AOR Moon Collector’s] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

After the new DESMOND CHILD album featured here few days ago, you asked for more material of this hit-maker. Well, Japanese indie / club collectors label AOR Moon has just put out 2019 one of their own pressed CD’s with DESMOND CHILD solo material titled “Rarities”.
The collection, as happens with this bootleg label, appeared with different track order depending the ‘press’ (these are limited editions) and include Child’s solo versions of the hit ‘Living On A Prayer’, his vinyl-only single from 1982, his contribution to ‘Warriors’ / ‘Shocker’ movie soundtracks, and more rare unreleased material.

DANTE FOX – The Roots of Great White 1978-1982 (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

From the vault of powerhouse vocalist Jack Russell comes this almost lost gem of recordings featuring Russell’s earliest recorded collaborations with guitarist Mark Kendall, which formed the foundation of ’80s hard rock icons Great White. The band was called DANTE FOX, and “The Roots of Great White 1978-1982“, to be released soon on CD & LP, compiles all these recordings....

ALAN LANCASTER’s BOMBERS – Live [1989 recorded / unreleased] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

More than 30 years ago now, Sydney rockers The Bombers were on the cusp of success. With a line-up that boasted Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan from Status Quo, John Brewster of The Angels, a powerhouse vocalist in Ty Coates and a legit blues player Steve Crofts (RIP) on Stratocaster guitar. The band inked a deal with US label A&M...

SCARLETT – One Night Long [Lost US Jewels Vol.5 Collectors Series] (2019)

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they truly deserved. This is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavour to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies pressed of each CD) under the supervision of Classic Rock AOR / Powerplay / AOR Underground journalist Rob Evans.
The Lost U.S. Jewels Series takes care of the 1988 cassette-only debut album “One Night Long” by Sacramento melodic rockers SCARLETT, plus 8 unreleased tracks taped 1990-91. The self-distributed debut album enthused fans as well as critics, but somehow the scene was already so saturated that such a high quality album couldn’t prevail any longer.

RESURRECTION MARY – Moon Over Babylon [Previously Unreleased / Remastered] (2019)

Fronted by Eddie Robison before became famous joining Alleycat Scratch, US hard rockers RESURRECTION MARY recorded a bunch of songs produced by L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns with the hope of securing a record deal. It never happened, but these tracks alongside additional material the band demoed back in the ’80s finally are being released under the title “Moon Over Babylon“.

THE CULT – Sonic Temple 30th Anniversary Edition [5-CD Box Set] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

This 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of THE CULT’s seminal album “Sonic Temple”. To celebrate the event, Beggars Arkive will release THE CULT: SONIC TEMPLE 30, a five-disc Box Set containing the album completely remastered, B-sides / remixes and rarities, demos and the complete 1989 Wembley show, previously unreleased.
The release planned for the second week of September has been delayed to October, but we have it here in exclusive at 0dayrox.

SKULL – II : Now More Than Ever (HNE Records / Previously Unreleased) *EXCLUSIVE*

And now we have here HNE / Cherry Red Records 2-CD release of Bob Kulick’s band SKULL “II : Now More Than Ever”. This 37 track, 2 disc set represents a “what could have been” second SKULL album. It includes 14 previously unreleased original studio tracks making up an entire “lost” album’s worth of SKULL material, plus an abundance of...

SKULL (Bob Kulick) – No Bones About It [HNE Remastered 2-CD reissue / unreleased tracks] *EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s the recent HNE / Cherry Red Records remastered 2-CD reissue of “No Bones About It”, the sole album from SKULL, the band formed in the late ’80s by renowned guitarist Bob Kulick (Kiss, Balance, Meat Loaf, et all).
This 35 track, 2 disc set also features an alternative, earlier recording of the full album, and is completed by 15 previously unreleased, early demos from the band’s recorded history.
This is taken from our actual CD’s, not the fake / incomplete files floating the internet from dubious websites…