SKAGARACK – A Slice Of Heaven [Digitally Remastered +1] + Live ’90 *EXCLUSIVE*

This is a request from some time ago, hard to find, and finally we get it: the remastered reissue of SKAGARACK’s third (1990) album “A Slice Of Heaven“, one of the greatest Melodic Rock / AOR albums made in Scandinavia (Denmark) during the golden era ’80s / ’90s. This pristine remaster was handled by lead vocalist Torben Schmidt himself.
As 0dayrox extra, we have the SKAGARACK live performance from the same year, captured at Kielgasten Nightclub, Holstebro, October of 1990. You won’t find this recording anywhere, at least not with the ‘home-made remastering’ done by one of our staff members at his little home studio.

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.8” ; TOKYO – Listen To Your Heartbeat

As part of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.8 features TOKYO, a pretty killer band that released a much sought after EP in 1988; “Listen To Your Heartbeat“, here fully remastered alongside other material of the band ranging from 1984 to 1989. This disc number eight in the series is by Eighties Pompsters Tokyo, who emanated from...

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.7” ; ZERO ZERO – Heroes Live Forever (Out Of Print)

There was a time – specifically in the mid-Eighties – when British AOR & Melodic Rock was a much revered genre loved by many and played by skilled musicians across the country. Some bands got to live the dream, getting their fifteen minutes of fame, whilst others never had the chance to let the world listen to their – often...

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.6” ; VOYAGER UK – Run Away Heart (Out Of Print)

“Lost UK Jewels” series presented material from awesome bands like Peroux, Graffiti, Geneva, Zero Zero or Strutz (all featured on this blog), now it’s time for Vol.6 and another fairly obscure British act, the sadly underrated VOYAGER UK with “Run Away Heart“. Formed in Yorkshire around 1986 by Verity keyboard player Andy Wells and Rhabstallion guitarist Dave Thompson, the earliest...

RIOT – Archives Volume 4 ; 1988-1989 [Previously Unreleased] (2019)

As requested, here’s RIOT “Archives Volume 4 ; 1988-1989”, a collection of late 80s unreleased material from the band. These are the early stages of the songs later appeared on Riot’s album The Privilege Of Power (1990). While the recordings are pre-production demos (fine sound quality) many of these ‘Rough Mixes’ are – in my opinion – better than the...

HEAVY PETTIN’ – The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

All 3 HEAVY PETTIN’ Eighties albums have been reissued at the end of 2019, remastered and with bonus tracks on Burnt Out Wreckords via Cherry Red Records. We already featured Heavy Pettin’ 2 first, now it’s time for their third and last 80s LP “The Big Bang”, including previously unreleased bonus.
Originally appeared in 1989, “The Big Bang +2 [Cherry Red Remastered + Unreleased]” sees the band fully embracing the AOR sound production of that magic year, hugely layered, plenty of keyboards and sing-along choruses.
HIGHLY Recommended
Only at 0dayrox

DEF LEPPARD – The Early Years [Japan SHM-CD Box Set Remastered & Unreleased] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

The Early Years 79-81’ 5-disc boxset represents DEF LEPPARD’s first two albums, ‘On Through The Night’ (1980) and ‘High ‘N’ Dry’ (1981), and with 3 extra discs including previously unreleased material, it’s the definitive collection of the band’s early music.
The release has been prepared in conjunction with singer Joe Elliott, while the remastering has been done by the band’s long serving sound engineer Ronan McHugh.
This Japanese box with all 5 discs pressed on SHM-CD sounds fabulous.
Only at 0dayrox

HEAVY PETTIN’ – Prodigal Songs [The Unreleased] Out Of Print

Scottish cult hard rockers HEAVY PETTIN’ all ’80s albums have been remastered / reissued with bonus by Cherry Red Records (all featured at 0dayrox in exclusive) at the end of 2019, and the band is back with a new EP.
To complete the history of this underrated – and killer act in my opinion, you need to check out this “Prodigal Songs” CD appeared no long ago.
These 13 tracks, a collection of previously unreleased Heavy Pettin’ material from 1982-1987 can hardly be considered rejects, as all are great rockin’ songs professionally recorded.
“Prodigal Songs” is already our of print, with remaining unopen copies being sold for over $ 400.

ROSE TATTOO – The 1980 Lost Album ‘Scarred For Life’ [official remaster] (2019)

This limited edition CD of 500 copies issued by Aussie Rock Archives has the ROSE TATTOO original ‘Scarred For Life1980 recording rejected by their record label, claiming that was not commercial enough and specially for the ‘too gross lyrics’.
The band put aside this recording that only survived until today on a few cassette tapes, and from this album only a few ideas were used for the band’s 1981 album Assault And Battery.
Not to be confused; in 1982 Rose Tattoo used the title ‘Scarred For Life’ for their third album but from this 1980 recording the only thing in common is just the title.
There’s a copy of the tape circulating for years traded among fans, but this is the actual CD release cleaned & ‘remastered’ to get the best possible audio quality.

BLACKEYED SUSAN – Electric Rattlebone / Just A Taste (1st time on CD) [Bad Reputation 2-CD remastered] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Hard rockers BLACKEYED SUSAN were around between 1990 and 1992 releasing ‘Electric Rattlebone’ in 1991 on Mercury Records. Despite featuring Dean Davidson (Britny Fox) and Rick Criniti (Cinderella) they never really stood a chance as grunge was the big thing then.
That album, plus the previously self-released (on cassette only) second recording from 1992 ‘Just A Taste’, are being released by Bad Reputation fully remastered.
Avoid fake versions floating around; this is the REAL one
Only at 0dayrox

LIAR – Sunset Plaza Drive (2020)

Pionners of the British scene, melodic hard rockers LIAR finally will see released their long-lost album. Entitled “Sunset Plaza Drive“, the album was originally recorded & mixed in LA, but never released until now. Original members Steve Mann (Lionheart), Paul Travis, Dave Taylor and Dave Burton also reunited late last year to record the track “Woman” which will appear as...

SAMSON (feat Bruce Dickinson) – Bright Lights; The Albums 1979-1981 [5xCD Box remastered & unreleased] (2019)

Encompassing SAMSON first studio albums and one live offering, this “Bright Lights; The Albums 1979-1981” 5 box set from HNE / Cherry Red turns the spotlight on the formative years of Paul Samson and the band that took his name as Samson morphed from hard hitting rockers into NWOBHM hopefuls; giving us one of metal’s best ever singers along the way: Mr. Bruce Disckinson.
This truly complete set include Bruce’s alternative recordings, rare B-sides, and bonuses, all newly remastered.

LIXX ARRAY – Mud In Your Eye +6 [Digitally Remastered] (2019)

Released by themselves back in the day, rockers LIXX ARRAY got their album “Mud In Your Eye” digitally remastered reissued with the addition of 6 bonus tracks.
This album is packed with 13 hot tracks, the first 7 being from their final recording sessions with a little surprise appearance from the one and only Lemmy Kilmister on the title track, then we got 6 tracks from the early days of the band that have LA Sunset Strip Rock written all over them.

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.3” ; GENEVA – Temptation (1987-88)

As part of the excellent “The Lost UK Jewels” series, this Vol.3 features Canterbury AORsters GENEVA and their great 12” EP “Temptation” released in 1988, plus their ’87 demos for label shopping, and some exclusive material they recorded when reunite for this CD release – the first ever of their music.
If classy ’80s Brit AOR is your thing, you’ll love “Temptation”. All songs are prime-time, classic AOR built around the likable smooth vocals and skillful guitar prowess of Steve Moody.
A Limited Edition of 500 copies, complete with a booklet featuring magazine reviews / interview of the era and rare photos.
HIGHLY Recommended

“The Lost UK Jewels Vol.1” : STRUTZ – Through The Ages – Out Of Print

There was a time when British AOR & Melodic Rock was a much revered genre loved by many and played by skilled musicians across the country. Some bands got to live the dream, getting their fifteen minutes of fame, whilst others never had the chance to let the world listen to their – often spectacular – sound. This is the...