BENEATH THE SURFACE – Race The Night [Deluxe Edition Remastered +4] (2020)

For the first time officially released on CD, here’s “Race The Night [Deluxe Edition +4]” the debut album from UK rockers BENEATH THE SURFACE, rounded out by the group’s rare 1985 demo (with Shy’s Tony Mills on backing vocals, no less) completely remastered by Jamie King Audio.
Beneath The Surface had that signature UK melodic hard rock sound with traces of pomp, AOR, and classic melodic metal. Stylistically they were similar to early Shy, Bronz, Magnum, Tobruk and Shogun.

The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s ”Lost UK Jewels Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride“, featuring another rare band from the series, limited to 500 copies CD, already out of print.
Straight out of Bolton, Lancashire, UK, came Dirty Tryx that sold out the Albert Hall venue, had the legendary Derek Oliver on speed dial and a thousand plus members of their fan club.
This six-piece band delivers melodic hard rock in the vein of FM, Tobruk, Kiss Of The Gypsy, Glasgow, etc, and their quality music certainly deserved to be exposed.
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SHY – The Lost 1984-1986 Songs (0dayrox Vault compilation)

After many requests, here’s the quite rare, collector’s material from England’s AOR / melodic hard rockers SHY. We have here the demos SHY recorded between 1984-86, including many songs that never made into disc, or morphed into other titles with different arrangements / lyrics.
These tapes were released by Shy’s drummer Alan Kelly in one way or another, but our files are from a different source, and if you ask, ours are in much better quality sound.
Of course, these are demos, but enough to enjoy the incredible vocals of Tony Mills (RIP)
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s “The Lost UK Jewels Vol.18 ; FIRST STRIKE – Just Another Night +1” one of the latest releases from the series, limited to 500 copies.
A band that saw Dave Ling in the pages of Raw Magazine declaring that they had the image and musical ability to take on the big boys. And its easy to see why he came to that assuption with material such as ‘Nasty’, ‘Girls of the World’ and ‘Hold Tight’ at his disposal : think ’89 Danger Danger with a British touch.
Theirs was the sound of UK Melodic Rock / AOR last great white hope from the late ’80s, a band that should have done so much more but were ultimately washed away by a music scene that was rapidly changing in the early 90s. But what they did leave was a fine musical legacy with this CD being the ample proof.
File under Danger Danger, Steve Overland’s FM, Trixter, XYZ
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SHY – USA Demos for ‘Excess All Areas’ 1986 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

British melodic hard rockers SHY have released a bunch of demos from the ’80s, in this case the titled “USA Demos for “Excess All Areas“, the tapes the band recorded in America prior to their awesome 1987’s album Excess All Areas.
It’s great to hear the original takes of anthems such as ‘Emergency’, ‘Can’t Fight the Nights’, ‘Talk to Me’, or ‘Breakdown The Walls’ (here still titled “Last Chance”). And even more a version of ‘Emergency’ with Michael Bolton singing lead vocals, and “Breakdown The Walls” with Don Dokken.
We have as well tapes from Birmingham, UK, sessions, and while the sound quality varies, it’s pretty fan-damn-tastic these tapes have been finally made available.
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MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS – This Ain’t Heaven [recorded 1994 / Unreleased] (2020)

MARYANNE SCANDIFFIO’s NO ANGELS formed in late 1992, featuring female singer MaryAnn Scandiffio which in the mid-Eighties fronted Blacklace. Scandiffio found her band rising in hard rock charts, with very good record sales of their LP. Though the growing success of Blacklace, Scandiffio had become a star in her own right, drawing large crowds at record signings and personal appearances and even being featured on the cover of Hit Parader magazine.
After Blacklace had decided to call it a day, Scandiffio began to focus on her solo project with ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, when she would meet her NO ANGELS co-founder Robbie Parker. They recorded the band’s debut album ‘This Ain’t Heaven’ engineered by Paul Orofino, known for his work with bands such as Danger Danger, TNT, Tyketto and Riot among many others.
The recording would be shelved for the next 26 years, and now is finally released; female fronted melodic hard rock with an ’80s feeling and catchy melodies…

HURRICANE ALICE – Hurricane Alice ’86 LP + Hericane Alice ’88 demos

US hard rockers Hericane Alice are back 2020 with a new album, and we featured here as well their 1990’s major label debut, but few know the band released before a self-managed album in 1986 while still operated under the name HURRICANE ALICE. The band’s style at the moment was more hard rockin’ with a bluesy background, much in the vein of Great White first album.
“Hurricane Alice” only was released on 12” vinyl and never on CD, but our team members have done a very nice, clean LP-rip. We doubt you’ll find a better sounding version of this rare disc elsewhere.
As extra, we have the band’s – re-named Hericane Alice – first generation tape 1988 demos, which lead them to being signed by Atlantic Records.
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The ”Lost US Jewels” Vol.2 ; BOB WHEELER – Bob Wheeler +3 *EXCLUSIVE*

More from the excellent ”Lost Jewels Series” here’s BOB WHEELER‘s “Bob Wheeler +3“. Coming from New Jersey, Bob Wheeler released this self-titled album in 1987, here reissued / remastered on CD for the first time, plus 3 new tracks.
Wheeler’s style is similar to the likes of Bon Jovi and Surgin, so expect plenty of keyboard heavy AOR here.
Some time after, Bob Wheeler would be the vocalist of EKLYPSE, recently featured here at 0dayrox.
Limited to 500 copies and sold out now.
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The Lost US Jewels Vol.4 ; BEG BORROW & STEAL – Push And Shove (Out Of Print)

Some great AOR & Melodic Rock acts – specifically in the Eighties / Nineties – both in UK and the US never got the luck they deserved. This is the mission of Steelheart Memories Records with their “Lost UK / US Jewels” Collector’s Series; endeavour to bring you these ‘hidden treasures’ via Limited Edition Collector’s Volumes (500 copies pressed of...

RIVERDOGS – Pre-Production 1989

On October 30, 1989 the RIVERDOGS began pre-production work on what was to be their 1990 debut album ‘Riverdogs’. Now the band are releasing themselves “Pre-Production 1989“. These are the boombox recordings of the band’s live rehearsal with drummer Mike Baird at the Power Plant in Los Angeles.
Also included is the studio recording of the previously unreleased track ‘Caroline’ which was later cut from the album. This collection of recordings bares a glimpse inside the making of ‘Riverdogs’, complete with outtakes and conversation.
The album is only available on physical CD through Amazon.

The Lost US Jewels Vol.7 ; EKLYPCE – Passion After Midnight +4 (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested here’s the latest release from the much sought after “Lost U.S. Jewels” series; Vol.7 “EKLYPCE “Passion After Midnight +4“, limited edition of 500 copies already sold out now.
Led by vocalist Bob Wheeler, EKLYPCE debut album “Passion After Midnight” was released independently on vinyl format during 1989 and it’s a treasure trove of Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Surgin type of 80s AOR.
Whether it’s the surging “Make Me Feel Right”, the stabbing keyboard brilliance of “I’m Only Me” or “Lady Love” with its liberal sprinkling of keyboards, this is an album for the AOR “connoisseurs” / Melodic Rock collectors, a true “lost jewel” that has been fully restored and remastered incl. 4 bonus tracks and liner notes by AOR journalist Rob Evans.
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ROCK CITY ANGELS – Southern Vision (Lost Recordings 1989-1992 VOL.2 remastered)

ROCK CITY ANGELS released one of my favorite R N’ R albums ever in ‘Young Man’s Blues’ back in 1988, which we featured here in its remastered form. Also, the compilation of unreleased material ‘Midnight Confessions’. But few know there’s a new CD titled “Southern Vision (Lost Recordings 89-92 VOL2)“, presenting more recordings the band was working on for Geffen Records for their second album that never got to be released.
The sound quality is very good, and despite album’s title title, musically it’s pretty rocking and more commercial, catchy than the previous set of unreleased stuff.
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ROCK CITY ANGELS – Midnight Confessions (Lost Recordings 1989-1992 remastered)

Few days ago we featured in exclusive the remastered version of ROCK CITY ANGELS. Now many of you asked for the band’s second album that never was. The tapes of what should have been the follow up to ‘Young Man’s Blues’ were finally released some years ago into this “Midnight Confessions (Lost Recordings 1989-1992)“, fully remastered and including as well unreleased material from the first album sessions.
This limited release is out of print now, with a new remaining copy being sold at Amazon for U$D 898 !

FORTRESS / ELIOT – On Loose… You Can Rock ’86-88 [Retrospect Records remaster]

Recorded between 1986 and 1988, “On Loose… You Can Rock” comprises all the 80s early recordings from FORTRESS / ELIOT, cleaned and remastered into a single CD. Only 500 of these were pressed, and despite of being released few years ago, it’s out of print now.
This is old-school, timeless Eighties US melodic hard, driven by kickass vocals, heavy guitars, groovin’ bass, thundering drums, all mixed together into molten melodic rockin’ music.

TOMMY FUNDERBURK (Airplay / King Of Hearts) – Wishing Well [Unreleased]

Japanese indie / club collectors label AOR Moon / West Coast Sun has just put out one of their own pressed CD’s with TOMMY FUNDERBURK’s unreleased album from the ’80s: “Wishing Well”. The sound quality is excellent. Tommy Funderburk not only was the voice on the Airplay iconic AOR masterpiece album, but also sung harmony vocals on the most famous...