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LUCIDOR (feat Dennis Stratton) – Two Tonnes Of Steel (2021)

Released today, “Two Tonnes Of Steel” is the second album from Swedish rockers LUCIDOR, a collection of straight and easy riff driven hard rock songs. The uncomplicated, yet well made melodies makes this album a fun listening, traditional hard rock with an English feeling overall.
Speaking of British stuff, Lionheart / early Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton play some guest guitar solos here.
Otto von Lucidor’s raspy voice adds a whisky-soaked feeling to these bluesy based hard rockers, songs benefited by its three and a half running time, straight to the point. And the aim of getting a good beer & rock ‘n’ roll time is fulfilled. Oh, and they do a cool cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)’
Crank this to 11.

ASIA – Aurora [3-CD Box Set] (2021)

ASIA and British label Secret Records just released this 3-CD box set titled “Aurora“, including three discs with ASIA live recordings from the Nineties, something not easy to find. Led by Geoff Downes & John Payne, this was a very talented and interesting version of the band in our opinion.
The first CD features a performance captured at the Town and Country Club, London, in 1992, CD 2 is an acoustic set recorded in Germany, 1994, while disc 3 packs recordings from Osaka, Japan (1992), Philadelphia (1992), Köln Germany (1994).
Sound quality is very good overall, especially the London gig, our favorite because features Vinny Burns on lead guitar and the whole band feels energized.
Highly Recommended

CHRIS MANNING (feat Bruce Kulick) – Destination (2020)

American guitarist CHRIS MANNING is releasing a new solo album titled ”Destination”, featuring 11 new songs combining his signature guitar style with the talents of Hollywood vocalist Chris Hodges. Manning and Hodges collaborate on a wide range of tracks covering many different styles, but always revolving around Classic Rock, AOR, and melodic rock.
On this CD, Bruce Kulick takes on the role of “creative consultant” and provides the lead guitar on one track. You can hear Kulick’s touch all over the record, and many songs brings to mind his ’80s bands / collaborations.
Hodges really surprises. The tone, control, and range of his voice are on par or better than many of the top male rock vocalists out there…

KISS THE GUN – Nightmares (2017)

British melodic hard rockers KISS THE GUN just released their new album featured here, and honestly their first release / debut CD “Nightmares” (2017) slip under our radar. But it’s never too late, and we assure you’ll enjoy this album aplenty.
This is an impressive debut and one of which the band can be proud. Production is very good for an indie and they have a great sound which gathers from many places without sounding like they’re trying to be anyone else.


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We are restoring 0dayrox as soon as possible, it will be fully updated.
Meanwhile, you’ll see some functionality working slow. That’s until the site gets properly populated over the net and because we’re still working on it.
Keep Rockin’

DAVE CLARK – Rock City (2019)

Released today, “Rock City” is DAVE CLARK’s first full-length solo release, an album more than 30 years in the making. While now based in Arizona, this singer-songwriter knows Northeast Ohio well: he used to perform with the local hard rock outfits Baby Blue, Dreamer, Rough House. and others Now Dave is delivering 11 original compositions that put an updated twist on the glory days of late ’80s / early ’90s US melodic hard rock.
As example, the song ‘If You Only Knew’ was recorded 1992, with vocals & keyboards recently added to bring the past into the present. So you get an idea of what “Rock City” is all about.

VANDENBERG – The Definitive Vandenberg [Dutch only 2-CD / rarities] *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the Dutch only 2-CD release “The Definitive Vandenberg”, including hard rockers VANDENBERG all singles remastered, plus new recordings and an extra disc of rarities, previously unreleased material. This isn’t the typical ‘best of’, because includes a bunch of never heard Vandenberg songs essential for fans of the band and really enjoyable for hard rock aficionados in general....

DIAMOND HEAD – The Coffin Train (2019)

Formed in 1976 under the riff-rolling leadership of guitarist Brian Tatler, DIAMOND HEAD would quickly establish themselves as a vanguard of the exploding New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. “The Coffin Train”, their 8th studio album to be released tomorrow, is the band’s first since the acclaimed 2016’s self-titled album. “The Coffin Train” is even more varied, bringing a...

ZONDER / WEHRKAMP – If It’s Real (2019)

ZONDER / WEHRKAMP, the new band featuring drummer Mark Zonder and guitarist / keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp, has just released its debut album, “If It’s Real”. Both long known for their work in the metal and progressive scenes – Zonder with Graham Bonnet / Fates Warning / Spirits Of Fire, and Wehrkamp with Shadow Gallery / Ayreon – in this project...

GRAHAM BONNET – Line Up [Remastered & Expanded Edition +4] (2016)

GRAHAM BONNET – Line Up [Remastered & Expanded Edition +4] (2016)

Cherry Red Records / Hear No Evil just have released a Remastered & Expanded Edition of GRAHAM BONNET‘s “Line Up” including 4 juicy bonus tracks.After a pretty successful solo career throughout the Seventies, Graham Bonnet made his name with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow on the album ‘Down To Earth’ back in 1979. Come 1981 after leaving Rainbow the year before, Bonnet...

ROB MORATTI’s Tribute to Journey (2015)

* Canadian shouter ROB MORATTI is a well known name for all Melodic Hard Rock / AOR fans, having released fine solo stuff, fronting Final Frontier, or between 2008 – 2011, legends Saga.“Tribute To Journey” is his new studio release featuring Rob’s take on his favourite Journey songs. The album will be released on 20th March 2015 and it will...

SEVENTH KEY – I Will Survive (2013)

* Melodic Hard Rock fans have been waiting a long time for this: “I Will Survive”, the new CD by SEVENTH KEY, the first album of studio recordings from the band since 2004 to be released on Frontiers Records next Monday. So why should you care about the return of Seventh Key? Well, anyone who took a passing interest in...

MAGENTA – Chameleon (2011)

* Magenta, one of the UK’s best-loved progressive rock bands, are releasing their fifth studio album, “Chameleon”.Magenta was born in the year 2001 as a one album project.Rob Reed (a talented keyboardist and composer who had worked on several bands) decided to join Christina Murphy (now Christina Booth), an incredible vocalist that has a bit of Stevie Nicks with the...