TWISTER – Cursed & Corrected (2020)

It’s just over a year since Durham-based rockers TWISTER truly announced their arrival upon the circuit of emerging rock outfits. A scintillating set saw the quartet deservedly claim both the plaudits and the prize of a record deal at Highway to Hell. Seizing their opportunity, TWISTER have delivered the magnificent ‘Cursed and Corrected’ – their debut on the Off Yer Rocka label, the record arm of event organisers HRH – chock-full of tunes that soar effortlessly whilst radiating a solar-sized incandescent warmth.
No matter how many times I spin ‘Cursed and Corrected’, I never tire of it. There’s just something that little bit eclectic about Twister’s new record that sets it apart from the pack in a good way.
One of the best debuts of the year … Highly Recommended