TURBOSNAKE – Cold Blooded +3 (2021)

Hailing from London, Ontario, Canada, TURBOSNAKE are here to bring back the fun, carefree rock and roll / glam / hair metal of 1987 to these 2021 somber days. Their music is cliched, formulaic (and they are proud of it) but darn catchy and very well done.
OK, Turbosnake‘s ”Cold Blooded” probably won’t change the world in any way and as has been the norm in the hard rock universe the past 20 years, will more than likely only go down as a guilty nostalgic pleasure for a few folks. However, we sincerely got to say, for the many in need of some great rock and roll to lift the spirits, take the soul back to better days, or even just escape for a while, man this is a great little package of joy.
All tracks have something to offer and I appreciate the diversity found in many of the songs. Yes, it’s all about a hooky riff, anthemic choruses and easy melodies, but that’s what fun rock n’ roll is all about…