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TUPLE – Welcome To Hell (2021)

TUPLE aka Tommi ‘Tuple’ Salmela, vocalist for TAROT, LAZY BONES and others, is back with his band and his second solo effort “Welcome To Hell“, to be released soon by AOR Heaven Records.
TUPLE’s music is guitar / keyboard-driven melodic hard rock with elements of glam and certain parallels to WIG WAM, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA or even RETURN. But this guy from Finland is able to push aside the genre’s limits to deliver something fresh.
Examples would be the popish “Hold On To Me“, the melodic rock duet “Survive“ with BATTLE BEAST front-woman Noora Louhima, or the rock anthem “Pride“, which will make you dance…

Tommi Salmela’s TUPLE – Wooden Box (2020)

Veteran Finnish vocalist Tommi TUPLE Salmela (TAROT, LAZY BONEZ) will release his first ever solo effort “Wooden Box” tomorrow on AOR Heaven Records. It’s a kind of concept album dealing with his life, while musically you get melodic hard rock with a huge amount of poppy AOR which means tons of keyboards and, of course, strong hooklines.
“Wooden Box“ is well-produced with a certain British feeling as well, and offers different approaches stylistically…