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TUFF – What Comes Around Goes Around [30th Anniversary Remastered reissue] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

RLS Records has reached a licensing agreement with Rhino Entertainment, a division of Warner Music Group, to remaster and reissue the long-out-of-print album “What Comes Around Goes Around” by famed Los Angeles hair metal / glam rockers TUFF, featured in exclusive here at 0dayrox.
The reissue of the 1991 classic comes in both vinyl and CD format and features all ten original songs remastered by Paul Tavenner.
“What Comes Around Goes Around” initially sold in excess of over one hundred thousand copies on the strength of the smash hit single “I Hate Kissing You Goodbye” reaching No. 3 on MTV’s highly rated “Dial MTV” as well as songs like “So Many Seasons” and “All New Generation”.
Since that time, the album has been highly sought after by 1980s-era rock fans and collectors, at times fetching over $100 for a CD and upwards of $200 for the vinyl on online auction sites.
Definitely one of the very last f-i-n-e and f-u-n releases from the classic hair-metal era…

TUFF – What Comes Around Goes Around… Again! [unreleased + re-recorded songs]

To celebrate the 25 years since TUFF hit Sunset Strip in Hollywood California, the band recorded “What Comes Around Goes Around… Again!”, including re-recordings of some songs from their Atlantic Records celebrated debut album but now with a laundry list of ’80s hair metal stars appearing throughout such as Stephen Pearcy (RATT), George Lynch (DOKKEN), Jaime St. James (BLACK N’ BLUE), Steve Brown (TRIXTER) and many more.
Also included are a half dozen of the band’s earliest demos (remastered) that feature the “classic hair band” line up of TUFF, Stevie Rachelle – Vocals, Todd Chaisson – Bass, Jorge DeSaint – Guitars & Michael Lean on Drums.
After all this time, these guys still sound great!

STEVIE RACHELLE – Best sTuff +3 (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

STEVIE RACHELLE, frontman of ’80s glam metal cult legends TUFF, has just released his third solo album cleverly titled “Best sTuff” via RLS Records.The 20-track album is a revised / remastered compilation from the singer’s two first solo albums – both out out print – with three additional bonus tracks, recently recorded for this release. “Best sTuff” is a varied...

TUFF – The Glam Years 1985-1989 [remastered]

To celebrate their 30th Anniversary Hollywood glamsters TUFF released “The Glam Years 1985-1989“, including the very rare early TUFF recordings featuring vocalist Jim Gillette, plus a ‘Glam Remaster’ of material recorded later with frontman Stevie Rachelle. TUFF was founded by bassist Todd Chaisson and Jorge DeSaint (guitar). After a few early line up changes, Chaisson and DeSaint settled in with...

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

Warner Music Group has put together a very interesting compilation titled “Hard Rock Beyond the Hits“, comprising some really good ‘inside tracks’ taken from albums of artists from their back catalog.These are songs that never were hits but many certainly deserved that status. Indeed, most of the bands featured here were multi-platinum sellers, but the idea was to feature songs...