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TREXEL – Balance Of Power [Retrospect Records remastered reissue +4]

As requested, here’s “Balance Of Power”, the first album by TREXEL in its Retrospect Records reissue. Originally released by himself in 1991, “Balance Of Power” is the culmination of multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Trechsel works between 1989 / 1991.
Trechsel adopted the artistic name Ben TREXEL (also the name of his band) however “Balance Of Power” comprises the his own recordings where he performs all instruments.
Mostly an electric guitar virtuoso, Ben sings pretty well too and as Berklee graduate, he’s able to play a wide array of instruments.
Despite his ablilities with the six strings – there’s a great guitar work all over the CD and some smokin’ solos – “Balance Of Power” is a song-oriented album with that late ’80s melodic hard rock / AOR classic sound…

TREXEL – Nocturne (1995) rare album out of print

As requested, here’s the second album by TREXEL, the band of guitarist / vocalist / songwriter Benjamin Trechsel. After his first album where he performs all instruments, on “Nocturne” – released by a small label in 1995 and hard to find now, here TREXEL – the band – is in full exposure, a four-piece of talented, virtuoso musicians.
But “Nocturne” focus are the songs – not flashing shredding – melodic hard rock songs with cool hooks like if 1989 never passed. Kudos to Ben Trexel for keeping the hooks and feel-good vibe alive in 1995 with this solid CD.
Professionally, multi-tracking recorded, on “Nocturne” can hear some early BON JOVI, TRIXTER, HOWE II, GEORGE LYNCH first solo album, MacALPINE, etc…