TREMONTI – Marching In Time (2021)

Mark Tremonti is one of those musicians who simply cannot stop. The music is always there, trying to get out of his head. His solo band TREMONTI albums have generally been sold on the premise that the sounds therein are ​‘too heavy’ for Alter Bridge – but in reality, Mark simply needs more outlets.
The upcoming ”Marching In Time” is his fifth release in nine years (only one fewer than Alter Bridge in total), giving some idea of his creative yield. It’s a more straight song-format opus than the band’s previous albums, still a jaw-dropping platform for the guitarist’s brawny riffs and rippling solos, all of which stand out but never to the detriment of the songs.
Some may argue that straddling the divide between modern rock and the more jagged fringes of old school metal can’t yield greatness; “Marching In Time” begs to differ…