TRASH BROADWAY – Trash Broadway [DDR Digitally Remastered +3] HQ

American Glam Metal combo TRASH BROADWAY teamed up with the Demon Doll Music Group to deliver the reissue (including 3 never-before released tracks) of their 1989 self titled Top-10 Kerrang Magazine debut record, digitally remastered and packaged in an 8-page booklet with a complete set of lyrics / photos. Although released three years ago, this reissue is almost out of print with remaining CD copies being sold from $100.
This hard-edged quartet from Boston included David Allyn Steele fronting the band with a kind of classy glammy degeneration and a voice that slices the air with its honed edge. The edge of Dave’s voice is picked up, carried along and shoved down your throat by the intense and genuinely stunning performance of Berklee professor / virtuoso guitarist Joe Stump.
Some kind of mix between DOKKEN, RATT and ICON, “Trash Broadway” rocked hard with melody on great songs like ‘Dangerous’, ‘Victim Of Love’, or ‘Showdown’ with its atmospheric intro. These guys were good, very good, and if released by a major record label with the proper push, “Trash Broadway” would have been bigger back in 1989…