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TRANCE – Victory [CD reissue remastered]

Cult act and pioneer from the German metal scene, TRANCE are back with a new album 2021 still including original members, and it’s a nice opportunity to feature one of their most celebrated LP’s (requested here some time ago), 1985’s “Victory” in its now out of print CD reissue.
By the mid-80s many traditional metal bands were tempted to add a certain commercialism to their sound at the hopes of reaching mainstream success. Trance is a special case where they did deviate from their original sound, but not in the way one would expect.
“Victory” is much more melodic than Trance’s two previous albums, but still biting, musically powerful, and elaborated in arrangements.

TRANCE – Metal Forces (2021)

TRANCE are one of the seminal metal bands from the German scene and can be considered as co-founders of the genre alongside SCORPIONS and ACCEPT. With new frontman Nick Holleman (ex-VICIOUS RUMORS) they are back in business with a new album which title speaks for itself: “Metal Forces“, delivering a timeless, authentic classic metal sound combined with traditional hard rock spirit and lots of energy.
The album opens with two up-tempo songs ”The Fighter” and ”Troublemaker” featuring those typical ’80s German metal characteristics; catchy choruses, galloping rhythms and very recognizable guitar hooks and riffs…