TOURIS – Big Plans +1 [remastered reissue]

As requested, here’s another sought after US melodic hard rock indie album from the early Nineties, after many years finally reissued and digitally remastered: TOURIS “Big Plans”.
Note there’s a version floating the internet claiming to be remastered, which is not. Even the digital download at major retailers is not the remastered version, only available on this physical CD.
For a proof, listen to the ballad ‘Our Hearts’ as example, in the original with some noises and tape hiss due to the limited budget of the initial release. Here’s in pristine form.
Founded in the second half of the ’80s by singer / songwriter Tony Touris, ‘Touris’ had indeed ‘big plans’. Their brand of melodic rock with AORish ballads were the sound & style of the moment, unfortunately the band never secured a major label contract. Perhaps for being located in the US East Coast where…