TOTALLY LOST CAUSE (TLC) – Original Sin [recorded 1991] (2020)

Originally baptized T.L.C., later known as TOTALLY LOST CAUSE, was formed in 1989 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Charlie Russello (guitar) and Michael Blare (vocals). Russello would soon follow the great migration to Hollywood like so many other hopeful and aspiring hard rock musicians would.
In 1991 T.L.C. self-released their debut album “Original Sin”. The disc included 10-tracks of well crafted and classy melodic hard rock songs that would have made for a perfect debut for the band and gained a lot of attention if it weren’t for bad timing and perhaps some misdirection.
Still, T.L.C. fared well regionally on the Rock scene that was about to go through some changes. Now the album is being properly remastered / reissued on CD, a strong collection of tracks very well produced and influenced by the likes of Baton Rouge, Black N’ Blue, Keel and….