SKAGARACK – Big Time +1 [Digitally Remastered] + Live Reading Festival ’86 *EXCLUSIVE*

While SKAGARACK first two albums are pure keyboard driven AOR, their 3rd added more guitars to the proceedings. In “Big Time” (1993), Skagarack’s 4th and last first era album, the band slightly turned their style into a more Melodic Hard Rock sound, still retaining their classic AOR pedigree.
As requested, here’s the remastered version of this really good album.
0dayrox always give you more, and as extra you have here the complete Skagarack live set at the historic Reading Festival, in 1986.
You won’t find this recording anywhere, at least not with the ‘home-made remastering’ done by one of our staff members at his little home studio. The sound quality is very good. Just wait to hear the parping keyboards on the song ‘Victim Of The System’…

TORBEN SCHMIDT (Skagarack) – A Bit On The Side [Japanese Edition]

After Skagarack’s third album ‘A Slice Of Heaven’, vocalist / songwriter TORBEN SCHMIDT put the band on hold to release his first solo debut “A Bit On The Side” in 1991, which wasn’t a million miles away from the melodic rock of the man’s main band. In fact, the album showcased the rocking sound later developed into Skagarack’s 4th effort “Big Time’
Featuring virtuoso Europe guitarist Kee Marcello among other talented Scandinavian musicians (including female AOR singer Joal), the album resulted critically acclaimed thanks to the strong songwriting and performances of all involved.
This Japanese edition of “A Bit On The Side” appeared a year after with different artwork.

TORBEN SCHMIDT (Skagarack) – Long Story Short (+2 standalone singles)

Back in ’80s, Danish singer / songwriter TORBEN SCHMIDT was the vocalist, principal writer and front man of successful Melodic Rock AOR band Skagarack. One of the pillars for the genre in Europe, the band enjoyed a healthy career including several awards and an appearance at the prestigious Reading Rock festival, but as the Nineties rolled around Torben put the...

SKAGARACK – Big Time [digital remaster] (2012)

* Without a doubt, SKAGARACK was one of the best Scandinavian Melodic Rock / AOR acts ever, and together with Pretty Maids, the finest coming out from Denmark. Their four albums are all utterly essential in any collection. While the first two are pure keyboard driven AOR, their 3rd added more guitars to the proceedings. In “Big Time” (1993), the...