TONY MITCHELL – Beggar’s Gold [2xCD Special Edition] + 1st album Far Away From Home (Out of Print)

Best known for having fronted acclaimed act Kiss Of The Gypsy back in the ’90s, Englishman TONY MITCHELL returned two years ago with a new solo album titled “Beggars Gold“. This 2xCD Special Edition includes Mitchell’s first album “Far Away From Home” as bonus disc, out of print for many years.
You can’t go wrong with the music here: melodic hard rock with a timeless classic rock blueprint, passionate vocals and polished production.

TONY MITCHELL – Church Of A Restless Soul (2020)

Vocalist TONY MITCHELL fronted Kiss Of The Gypsy, who were signed to Atlantic back in early 90s, since then he has performed with the likes of Rick Wakeman and Alice Cooper. In 2018 he released his solo album, ‘Beggars Gold’, which was a very enjoyable melodic rock treat.
Now in 2020, two years in the making, Mitchell releases ‘Church Of A Restless Soul’ via AOR Heaven Records, an album that sees guest appearances from Danny Vaughn (Tyketto), Tim Manford (Dante Fox), Neil Ogden (Demon), Paul Hume (Demon, Lawless, Dirty White Boyz), Nigel Bailey (Bailey, 3 Lions, Dirty White Boyz), Shawn Charvette and Josh Tabbie Williams, both of Midnite City…