TOBY HITCHCOCK – Changes (2021)

Powerhouse American vocalist TOBY HITCHCOCK is one of the most recognizable, versatile, and charismatic voices in the current Melodic Rock/AOR scene. As frontman of Pride Of Lions, he has been the voice behind some of the best new classics of the genre, always delivering passionate and outstanding performances.
While Jim Peterik is preparing a new Jim Peterik’s World Stage album, Toby took the time to commence work on another solo record. For “Changes“, to be released tomorrow, this time Toby hooked up with Frontiers in-house producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, who has created an outstanding collection of songs highlighting the skills of Toby’s tenor voice.
For fans of the genre there is no reason to miss this new record, which will be one into the top Melodic Rock lists of the year.

TOBY HITCHCOCK (Pride Of Lions) – Reckoning [Japan Edition +1] (2019)

Survivor’s Jim Peterik alumni in Pride Of Lions, vocalist TOBY HITCHCOCK, will release his new solo album “Reckoning” next January 25th, 2019 via Frontier Music, tomorrow this Japan Edition with a bonus.In this new album Toby is surrounded by Frontier’s stable personnel guitarist Michael Palace, and skilled drummer, keyboardist and producer Daniel Flores, plus Yngve “Vinnie” Strömberg on additional drums.Fortunately,...

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Near the end of 2018, some great advanced singles are coming from much anticipated 2019 releases.Awesome AOR combo FIND ME consisting of lead vocalist Robert LaBlanc, drummer Daniel Flores, keyboardist Sören Kronquist, rhythm guitarist Philip Lindstrand, lead guitarist Michael Palace and bassist Johnny Trobro have released their song “No Tears In Paradise” from their upcoming third studio album ‘Angels In...

ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO & FRIENDS with TOBY HITCHCOCK – Live At Frontiers XX Anniversary (2016)

ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO & FRIENDS with TOBY HITCHCOCK – Live At Frontiers XX Anniversary (2016)

ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO & FRIENDS with TOBY HITCHCOCK “Live At Frontiers XX Anniversary” – a strictly limited edition CD (500 copies) – documents the extraordinary show this band did few months ago.Recorded last February 27th in Napoli, Italy, at the party organized to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Frontiers Records, the label wanted to make things really special. So Frontiers...

TOBY HITCHCOCK – Mercury’s Down (2011)

This year, if a melodic rock / AOR release truly deserves a perfect score, Toby Hitchcock’s monster solo debut entitled “Mercury’s Down” should be amongst them. For those of you who are familiar with his previous work with Pride Of Lions, Toby is a vocalist known for always delivering a high caliber performance and this album is definitely no exception....