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TIMECOP1983 – Night Drive +2 (2018)

As you may know, retro synthwave music is one of the guilty pleasures of this blog. After the excellent new album from TIMECOP1983 featured here few days ago, many of you asked for his debut ”Night Drive”, including two bonus tracks.
We’ve been following TIMECOP1983 singles and EPs from several years now, and we can say “Night Drive” was the culmination, the full circle into the first LP from this talented Dutch musician.
TIMECOP1983, otherwise known as Jordy Leenaerts, had been making music since he was 12 with music-making program Scream Tracker, a DOS-based software a friend had showed him, and of course, later, synthesizers. He has worked with many artists, including Frontiers-signed THE MIDNIGHT which singer appears here on one track as guest, alongside wonders Le BROCK…

TimeCop1983 – Faded Touch (2021)

We already featured here an album from TimeCop1983, a Dutch musician / producer considered one of the first, forerunner artists of the retro ’80s / synthwave movement. Now he has joined reputed vocalist Josh Dally to co-write more proper rock&pop songs and they are delivering their new album “Faded Touch”.
This beautifully nostalgic album is catchy and heartfelt, pumping out what may be Timecop1983’s most moving album to date, combining the ’80s arcade video-game culture and Miami Vice incidental music with radio-ready rock&pop / lite AOR.
Emotive music that takes you back to a lovely era and it’s like a soundtrack to your memories…