THUNDERMOTHER – Heat Wave (2-CD Deluxe Edition) (2021)

Originally released last summer 2020, THUNDERMOTHER‘s ”Heat Wave” was easily one of the best hard rock albums of the year. Now it’s a getting a Deluxe Edition including a bonus disc of worthy material: new songs, outtakes from the original sessions, acoustic versions, and some live. And featuring some guests such as Jesper Binzer, Dregen and Pontus Snibb.
Formed over a decade ago by guitarist Filippa Nässil, all-woman Thundermother’s music oozes the winning sounds of AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Joan Jett, Heart, and many others. “Heat Wave” resumed all that, wrapped by a stupendous production.
Now, with a mixture of 4 new tracks, 3 acoustic and 3 live songs – all previously unreleased – last summer’s fever that saw “Heat Wave” chart high in many European countries is about to be repeated.
The duo with DAD’s Jesper Binzer on ‘Sleep (acoustic)’ is fantastic, with Guernica Mancini sounding a lot like Ann Wilson. Thundermother is a terrific band.
If you don’t normally bother with re-issues of recent albums, ”Heat Wave (2-CD Deluxe Edition)” really worth it as the bonus disc is like a new 2021 Thundermother album.
This is just so damn good!

THUNDERMOTHER – Heat Wave (2020)

What if Krokus or Bullet had a strong and mighty and cozy female vocals? And what if AC/DC and Kiss were an all female band? You may not be aware of it but I do have the answer to thy question; it would be a band as kickass as THUNDERMOTHER, a powerful and hot band made up only by girls.
Thundermother are here to sign and seal in blood that 2020 is a true bomb in terms of releasing new music; all 13 songs that make up “Heat Wave” have a similar structure, not that complicated, but stick in to the ear, just like any anthem of the 70s / 80s that is still memorized today.