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THE TUBES – The Completion Backward Principle [Iconoclassic Records Remastered +4] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Another THE TUBES album requested over and over again, here’s ”The Completion Backward Principle” in its Iconoclassic Records remastered plus four bonus tracks: all the B-sides from the album 7” singles and the follow-up single to the album sessions, ‘Sports fans’.
The Tubes’ first album for Capitol/EMI found them paired with up and coming producer and songwriter David Foster in search of a more commercial sound, including the likes of Steve Lukather as session player. Many of their previous A&M albums had been very strong but failed to ignite the charts or build much fan interest beyond their rabid cult.
”The Completion Backward Principle” changed all that with “Talk To Ya Later” (an AOR radio smash) and the chart success of the single “Don’t Want To Wait Anymore.”
Foster did his best to smooth out the jarring edges and polish the band without completely watering down their sound. The Tubes did their part by writing some tunes that sounded absolutely TOTO-ish, if TOTO ever contemplated amnesia, schizophrenia and late night B-Movies as song fodder…

THE TUBES – Love Bomb [Cherry Red Records remastered +2] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

This was requested several times, a not so easy to find remastered reissue of the THE TUBES‘ “Love Bomb“, finely done by experts at Cherry Red Records including as bonus tracks 2 B-sides previously unavailable on CD. This is the recent re-press after the first went sold out.
It was 1985, and THE TUBES needed a sound according to times; radio-friendly and more commercial than never before. For that matter, Todd Rundgren returned once more to oversee production duties. And whilst tracks such as, ‘Piece By Piece’ and ‘Come As You Are’ mirrored the slick commercial potential of previous fare, the second part of the album flew in the face of what fans had by now come to expect, and its uninterrupted dance-a-thon-mash-up which makes THE TUBES unique.
So ”Love Bomb” is pure ’80s: commercial but also innovative, with the band experimenting with sounds ahead of its time.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

THE TUBES – Outside Inside [Iconoclassic Records Remastered +4]

Also requested by many, here’s THE TUBES‘ 1983 LP “Outside Inside“. We have the Iconoclassic Records remastered version including bonus tracks, way better that the BGO reissue.
Produced by David Foster, almost the entire TOTO play here (Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, David Paich, Steve Porcaro) alongside top LA Session musicians such as Nathan East, James Newton Howard, Jay Graydon, and many more.