THE TANGENT – Auto Reconnaissance [Limited Digipak +1] (2020)

In the past 15 years or so, the world of contemporary progressive rock music has seemed to solidify on bands who either tow the expected traditional lines of the genre, and those who spend a lot of their time denying that they play “prog” at all. And then there’s THE TANGENT.
Their upcoming album ”Auto Reconnaissance” features a 70 minute menu that includes Prog Rock Foot Stomping, some of the band’s most sublime elaborated arrangements to date, humor, narrative, a modern blues love song (!), straight melodic rock music, funk, and a 28 minute long emotional epic about the band’s home country of England, laden with orchestration, jaw dropping instrumentals, melodies and Andy Tillison’s trademark story-telling at its best.

KIAMA – Sign Of IV (2016)

KIAMA – Sign Of IV (2016)

Formed about two years ago, KIAMA is the brainchild of Magenta’s multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed whom are presenting their impressive debut “Sign Of IV“.Alongside Steven Wilson, Rob Reed must be one of the busiest men in the field of progressive rock at the moment. As well as his day job as leader and creative inspiration of the wonderful Magenta, he has...

THE TANGENT – A Spark In The Aether [special edition extra track] (2015)

* Northern England based combo THE TANGENT are one of those bands that have been around for such long time, you almost take for granted how reliable they are with releasing albums. The group has, in 12 years, created eight studio albums (one of them featured here on the blog), two live DVDs and had tours that have taken them...


Limited Edition* Almost 100 years ago, the most important moment in the history of Electronic Communications took place, but was mainly seen as a disaster. A Morse Code distress call, made on April 14, 1912 resulted in the saving of many hundreds of lives from the RMS Titanic, lives that would have been lost without the new “radio”.In these 100...