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THE RODS – Live [Rock Candy Remastered +1] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Completing the 3-CD batch of the recent Rock Candy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ best ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS, here’s “Live“, released after their studio album ‘In the Raw’.
On here, The Rods ditch the studio polish to release a live batch of vicious, anthemic, blue-collar metal / hard rock numbers.
In a live setting, the band was loud and raunchy, almost like Ted Nugent meets Motorhead. They were fun live band as they interacted with the audience quite a bit, which is quite apparent throughout this album.
At the time, the band refused to offer up a greatest hits/best of selection, choosing instead to feature mostly newly written songs so that their fan base would view it as a legitimate new release and not just a reheated package of previous material. As bonus, this reissue features an new studio track as well.
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THE RODS – In The Raw [Rock Candy Remastered +5] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Originally released in 1983, The Rods’ third album after being dropped by Arista Records – bad timing for the label, as in ’83 this type of hard rockin’ stuff was ready to explode by the hands of Quiet Riot.
Shrapnel Records immediately signed The Rods and released ‘In The Raw‘, actually a good name for this LP as the record was taped almost live into the studio.
Some may sneer at the less than perfect recording, but those of us who know and love true classic metal / hard can appreciate the charisma that the production brings to this album. Actually, I think this live feel works to The Rods’ benefit and gives them a power that may have been lost, had the production been overly polished.
This remaster provides a clearer sound, without cuttin’ the album’s edge. And there’s 5 bonus tracks.
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THE RODS – Let Them Eat Metal [Rock Candy Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Properly titled “Let Them Eat Metal“, Rods’ fourth studio album is a cult classic.
This 1984 LP combines the AC/DC meets Motorhead attack of The Rods’ early albums with the polished production and the vibe of Quiet Riot’s ‘Metal Health’, and some from Canadians Helix, early Twisted Sister and Riot. It’s darn heavy US hard rock with a kick and catchy choruses.
This Rock Candy remastered reissue sounds ‘big’, and adds 4 bonus tracks, including a cover of “You’d Better Run”, which was made famous by Pat Benatar.
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CANEDY – Warrior (2020)

Legendary The Rods drummer Carl CANEDY is back with the second full length album with his band that bears his name. His 2014 album Headbanger was more of a solo project with special guest musicians. Canedy’s follow up album “Warrior” is a true band effort, delivering that vintage ’80s hard rock sound with a modern approach. “Do It Now” is...

THE RODS – Brotherhood Of Metal (2019)

Pioneers of the US metal scene formed in 1980, THE RODS will release a new album, “Brotherhood Of Metal” next June 7. The group surrounding vocalist / guitarist David “Rock” Feinstein – cousin of the unforgotten Ronnie James Dio and former member of their joint band, ELF – The Rods recorded five successful albums, however decided to go separate ways...

THE RODS – Vengeance (2011)

Some fires are just not extinguishable. Classic traditional heavy metal band The Rods, who got their start in the late 1970s and made their mark through the early 1980s, have returned with their first studio album in a quarter century titled “Vengeance“.Reunited is the core trio that drove the band through those years; guitarist and lead vocalist David ‘Rock’ Feinstein,...