RICK SPRINGFIELD – The Red Locusts (2021)

For the band ‘The Red Locusts‘ all started few months ago with their self-titled debut album promotional campaign endorsed by RICK SPRINGFIELD. The band’s members are listed as singer-guitarist Paul Ramone, bassist Scotty Skuffleton, drummer Skippy Skuffleton, keyboardist Duncan Sweets and guitarist Beau Weevil.
Well, in fact, this is a RICK SPRINGFIELD new album / project, a vehicle to do some of the other type of music he loves without his name behind. However it’s pure Springfield, as the songs are being written by him and Matt Bissonette – the former guitarist in his band who he also co-wrote songs with on “Rocket Science,” “Venus in Overdrive” and “Songs for the End of the World.”
The rest of ‘The Red Locusts’ are reputed musicians; i.e. the drummer with the fun fictitious name ‘Skippy Skuffleton’ is in fact the unique Gregg Bissonette (Steve Lukather Band, Stan Bush, Satriani), etc…