THE PRETTY RECKLESS – Death by Rock and Roll (2021)

After being delayed, finally next Friday THE PRETTY RECKLESS will release their new studio album ”Death by Rock and Roll”. Mixing dark rockers with bright melodic acoustic-mixed songs, The Pretty Reckless has the perfect formula of well-written songs, technically proficient playing, and a powerhouse front-woman.
Indeed, Taylor Momsen’s vocals command power as the band creates the sonic stage for her to excel. The songs have many moods and feelings, making them exciting and standing up to repeated listens.
The CD opens up with the title track, “Death by Rock and Roll,” encompassing the attitude and lifestyle of Rock and Roll, and I love that the album winds down with a softer track, “Rock and Roll Heaven,” that’s about discovering Rock and Roll and how it inspires and started this whole trajectory of the band’s life.
Both songs mention her dads broken needle on his vinyl player which was a great visual for me of how deeply ingrained rock n’ roll is in their lives.