THE OUTFIELD – The Baseball Boys: Early Demos & Rare Tracks (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Three days ago the remaining members of THE OUTFIELD, to commemorate the 6th year anniversary of guitarist John Spinks death, released “The Baseball Boys: Early Demos and Rare Tracks“.
These are the unreleased, very early ’80s recordings of the band while operated under the name The Baseball Boys. They performed in and around England until one of these demos got them signed to Columbia / CBS Records in 1984.
“We hope you and your families are safe and sing loudly to the classic songs that represent the bands roots.”, states the press release.
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THE OUTFIELD – Extra Innings [2020 reissue]

Few days ago THE OUTFIELD has made officially available for digital download for the first time their album ‘Extra Innings‘. The album includes 1985 recordings which were unreleased / only distributed via their fan-club with the title ‘It Ain’t Over’.
In 1999, The Outfield decided to release these songs on physical CD with the addition of 4 new songs, titled “Extra Innings”. The disc went of of print and never officially available for digital download… until now.
These songs are ’80s pure gold, upbeat, feel-good stuff ready for the Summer.
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TONY LEWIS (The Outfield) – Out Of The Darkness (2018)

TONY LEWIS is probably best known as the voice and bassist for The Outfield. Along with guitarist John Spinks, the two took the ’80s by storm with their infectious songs including “Your Love,” “All the Love,” and “Say it isn’t So.” After Spinks’s untimely passing in 2014, Tony took a four-year hiatus from music but was eventually inspired to begin...

THE OUTFIELD – Playlist: The Very Best Of The Outfield [Remastered]

Requested by one of you, these are the only remastered songs available from THE OUTFIELD: the compilation “Playlist: The Very Best Of The Outfield” handled by Legacy Recordings. Released few months before The Outfield’s last album RePlay, as bonus there was included the advanced single ‘California Sun’, alongside their biggest hits from the ’80s. The ‘Playlist series’ featured songs /...

THE OUTFIELD – RePlay + Malibu Beach [B-Side] & more – Out Of Print

Not so long ago, THE OUTFIELD, one of my favorites from the mid ’80s, returned with a brand new album titled “RePlay”, released by themselves and now pretty hard to find. Requested by one of you, as well the now impossible to find ‘California Sun’ single, especially the non-album track ‘Malibu Beach‘ plus a couple of rarities. Faithful to their...

THE OUTFIELD – California Sun CDs (2011)

With original drummer Alan Jackman back in the fold, it looks to be a banner year for fans of ’80s band The Outfield, setting the stage for a major comeback.John Spinks and Tony Lewis have been carrying on as ‘The Outfield’ off and on after their heyday. But now that all three original members are together again, things seem a...