THE MIDNIGHT – Horror Show (2021)

Californian ’80s retro wonders THE MIDNIGHT are back in action with “Horror Show“, quite a dark departure from their previous releases. This is still plenty of melody with soaring vocals, but this time the music features elements of Eighties screamer slasher flicks.
Think the soundtracks from ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Manhunter’, etc, and add to that pop sensibility, smooth vocals and killer electric guitar solos.
Believe me, with this album The Midnight will take you back to your teen or kid years, when going to the movies was a fest.
“Horror Show” is a lightly departure from The Midnight’s regular sound, showing that the band is always willing to test out new, murky waters – a hallmark of good artistry…
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THE MIDNIGHT – Endless Summer (2016)

From time to time we feature here some of the most interesting new releases from the flourishing Synthwave scene. “Endless Summer” is the second album by THE MIDNIGHT, a L.A. based duo comprising the talents of a songwriter from the Deep South and a producer from Denmark whom have created one of the most fascinating ’80s inspired albums in this genre that I’ve heard recently.
The Midnight born four years ago created by producer Tim McEwan (of Danish origins) and singer/songwriter Tyler Lyle.
While the Synthwave stuff we prefer to present here are the kind of AORish oriented, The Midnight style is more poppy but they craft such wonderful melodies with so awesome production (above the average for this genre) that everyone need to check this album if you are a serious ’80s fan.
Eighties suckers, don’t miss this one.

TIMECOP1983 – Night Drive +2 (2018)

As you may know, retro synthwave music is one of the guilty pleasures of this blog. After the excellent new album from TIMECOP1983 featured here few days ago, many of you asked for his debut ”Night Drive”, including two bonus tracks.
We’ve been following TIMECOP1983 singles and EPs from several years now, and we can say “Night Drive” was the culmination, the full circle into the first LP from this talented Dutch musician.
TIMECOP1983, otherwise known as Jordy Leenaerts, had been making music since he was 12 with music-making program Scream Tracker, a DOS-based software a friend had showed him, and of course, later, synthesizers. He has worked with many artists, including Frontiers-signed THE MIDNIGHT which singer appears here on one track as guest, alongside wonders Le BROCK…

THE MIDNIGHT – Monsters (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Synthwave duo THE MIDNIGHT are favorites of this blog team, mixing ’80s inspired sounds with poppy AORish melodies. These guys are supremely talented at building entire worlds on a bedrock of universal themes and eminently catchy hooks. The first time this was wholly realized was the 2018 album ‘Kids’, which seemed to conjure memories of childhood innocence amid the dissolution of the American Dream in the 1980s.
On new album ‘Monsters‘ — released nearly six years to the day from their debut LP ‘Days of Thunder’ — the duo of Tim McEwan and Tyler Lyle study the fiery extremes of adolescence through a lens of wistfulness for the early 90s. The result is an extraordinary body of songs that form a true, full-album experience. With that in mind, ‘Monsters’ is best heard as a whole.
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THE MIDNIGHT – Kids (2018) *Exclusive*

For the last few years, THE MIDNIGHT have been doing something really special. Their delicious previous albums evoking and capturing wistful longing for the 1980s and bygone youth were featured here, and now we have in exclusive their new full length titled “Kids“. The Midnight are a brilliant synthwave / retro ’80s duo, and on this new album they capture...

THE MIDNIGHT – Nocturnal (2017)

Last year, Endless Summer was a breakout hit / album for wonder Synthwave duo THE MIDNIGHT (featured here), an instant favorite mixing ’80s inspired sound with poppy AORish melodies. As one can imagine, many fans have been eagerly awaiting their next release – and “Nocturnal”, their just released new effort, is sure to please. If Endless Summer was a teen...