THE DAMN TRUTH – Now Or Nowhere (2021)

Produced by legendary, Grammy Award-winning producer Bob Rock (Aerosmith, Motley Crüe, Bon Jovi) at Bryan Adams’ The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Montreal female fronted hard rockers THE DAMN TRUTH are releasing their new album, ”Now Or Nowhere”.
With plenty of rock and roll swagger, ”Now Or Nowhere” navigates life, love and the challenges of the last year with the pandemic, with a powerhouse vocalist and downright killer band. They might be bohemian rock n’ roll hippies, but they sure can rock hard with bluesy vibe.
This one comes bursting out the speakers nicely before settling into a groove and rocking out, adding a wonderfully soul-touched vocal and some wonderfully toned thrusting guitars.
We think this has to be among our favourite albums of the year in this style/genre. This is glorious retro stuff…