THE COMPULSIONS (feat. Bumblefoot) – Dirty Fun (2015)

THE COMPULSIONS, the critically acclaimed New York City rock ‘n’ roll band founded by Rob Carlyle that also featuring GUNS N’ ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer & guitarist Richard Fortus, and former HANOI ROCKS / NEW YORK DOLLS bassist Sami Yaffa, released their 2nd effort “Dirty Fun” five years ago. It has been requested, and certainly it’s a worth to track down album.
While Yaffa and Fortus have departed from the group before this recording, they have been replaced by the equally exciting bassist Alec Morton and upper echelon guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – and it’s always great to hear “Bumblefoot” rocking n’ kickin’.

THE COMPULSIONS (feat Bumblefoot) – Ferocious (2020)

THE COMPULSIONS features fine musicians with a long pedigree having played / been part of the likes GUNS N’ ROSES to the NEW YORK DOLLS to DAVID BOWIE, and it shows – this is rock ‘n roll at its finest and the album proves Rob Carlyle, leader singer/songwriter, will not be defeated in his mission to deliver roots rock to the masses, despite changes to the line up and a 5 year gap between albums.
”Ferocious” delivers track after track of kick ass, roots original rock which is contagious and fun, with a blend of metal, blues and country rock influences, this album flies on every level. Carlyle’s vocals and lyrics are superb with a real gravelly edge that just transports me to imagining this band playing live, in a real grass roots music venue with the audience lapping up every riff, beat and chorus.