THE COLD STARES – Heavy Shoes (2021)

Classic rockers THE COLD STARES will release their new album ”Heavy Shoes” on 13th August via Mascot Records, and its title implies, perhaps their heavier record to date. This is Hendrix-like riff driven bluesy rock n’ roll, with songs never exceeding the 3-minute mark – just pure R N’ R to the bone.
The title track contains one of the catchiest, soft-clipped fuzzy riffs in recent memory. Drummer Brian Mullins’s note-restrained, yet sound-heavy approach to rhythm allows Chris Tapp the freedom to expound upon his thoughts through his guitar and his voice.
“Strange Light” demonstrates similar artistry and excellent musicianship. The tune, like most of the set, deftly moves between verse and chorus. The crunching, crushing sound easily grabs attention, and the curt guitar interlude leaves quickly enough to keep listeners wanting more…

THE COLD STARES – A Cold Wet Night And A Howling Wind (2012)

* THE COLD STARES should be Nashville’s Hottest Rock band right know. This is an incredible duo comprising guitar player / vocalist Chris Tapp and drummer / percussionist Brian Mullins. Formed in 2008 after both had spent a number of years in other bands, Chris and Brian got together for the sole reason to just jam. No preconceived notions on...