TANTRIC – The Sum Of All Things (2021)

TANTRIC are one of the most distinctive bands to emerge in the wake of the post-grunge explosion, a band fronted by vocal powerhouse Hugo Ferreira, whose unmistakable baritone rasp can be heard on the band’s massive hit singles from 2001, “Breakdown” and “Down And Out.”
After many years on hiatus, now Ferreira and company, including guitarist Sebastian LaBar (son of the recently disappeared Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar), bassist Jaron Gulino, and drummer Jason Hartless, are about to roar back to life with an impressively heavy and deeply emotional album, ”The Sum Of All Things”.
The album is the product of a new partnership between the band, veteran producer Chuck Alkazian and LA-based label Cleopatra Records, and it certainly measures up to its title as it represents a culmination of all that Tantric have been working toward in their 20+ year career.
Not only does the album include new songs that reveal a noticeable growth in the band’s songwriting with strong melodic hooks and poetic lyrics, but also finds the Tantric re-recording the aforementioned breakout hit singles in a new fashion.