TANIA KIKIDI – Rock & Roll Paradise (2021)

Born & raised in beautiful seaside place called New Artaki, Evia Island in Greece, TANIA KIKIDI is one of the most renowned female vocalists in her country. With her vocal flexibility she has sung / recorded many different styles of music, including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, Hard & Heavy, even Traditional Greek Music.
But she’s a rocker, with several solo albums released, and now’s the time for her new CD titled “Rock & Roll Paradise“, with songs co-written by talented guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos who also produces.
And let me tell you this is one of the best female fronted pure hard rock albums we heard in a long long, time. With ’80s inspired riffs and a punchy rhythm section, KIKIDI soars all over these killer 12 tracks.
HIGHLY Recommended