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TANGO DOWN – Damage Control [10th Anniversary Edition Remastered] (2019)

Damage Control“, originally released in 2009, this sophomore effort by TANGO DOWN almost never happened. They lost the lead vocalist, but found an even better replacement in Alex Barbieri. Plenty of catchy 80s-style melodic hard rockers influenced by Firehouse, Winger, Saigon Kick, commercial Skid Row, etc, long out-of-print and collectible fans can now get this special 10th Anniversary Edition remastered.

TANGO DOWN – Take 1 [Collector’s Edition] (2019)

Originally released in 2005, “Take 1” is where the 80s melodic hard rock revival of TANGO DOWN started. Long out-of-print and collectible fans can now get this Collector’s Edition CD. Few bands that started in the 2000’s carry a torch of Melodic Hard Rock / AOR as brightly as Tango Down. Featuring master guitarist Scott ‘Riff” Miller also in Romeo...

TANGO DOWN – Bulletproof (2016) [retail]

TANGO DOWN – Bulletproof (2016) [retail]

This blog’s favorites TANGO DOWN last album “Bulletproof” was requested to be featured here again. Tango Down never failed to deliver top class Melodic Hard Rock, and this new album is not the exception; the band sounds bigger than ever. Something common in Tango Down is the changing faces in the vocalist slot all over the years / albums. In...

TANGO DOWN – Identity Crisis (2012)

* Founded by guitarist Scott ‘Rif’ Miller, American rockers TANGO DOWN were moulding their sound through the years, and that morphing was accompanied with different singers on each of their albums. On the debut we find Canadian Phil Naro, on the 2nd the more Hair Metal oriented Alex Barbieri stepped in, and now, for the band’s brand new recording “Identity...