TALES OF THE OLD – The Book Of Chaos (2021)

While formed more than a decade ago, “The Book Of Chaos” is TALES OF THE OLD first album to be released by Pride & Joy Music. Founded by keyboard player Mike Tzanakis, this Greek based band recorded an EP in 2012 but faced a lot of unspeakable difficulties and obstacles, until a couple years ago Tzanakis decided to reform the whole band and give birth to his dream. New members, new reality, a total new vision. A project which would never take flesh and bones without the contribution of renowned musician producer Bob Katsionis. Italian Fabio Lione, among others, contribute vocals on several songs.
The band’s sound is quite unique, mixing elements from classic melodic metal, hard rock, progressive with synth / keyboard orchestrations entwined with lyrics inspired by the Medieval Era, making the music of TALES OF THE OLD sound like a perfect soundtrack of the Dark Ages and the eternal battle of Good & Evil.