SWEET OBLIVION feat Geoff Tate – Relentless (2021)

Relentless” is the hotly anticipated sophomore album from the new metal band SWEET OBLIVION which features former Queensrÿche vocalist Geoff Tate.
The self-titled debut album caused quite a stir in the international hard rock and metal scene since it brought Tate back to a musical landscape akin to the sound of the stone cold classic metal albums he released with Queensrÿche during the ‘80s. But what made the album work so well was that instead of being a simple throwback, other different musical influences were thrown into the mix, allowing fans to hear Tate in a simultaneously famliar and new musical setting.
This time around Tate was more involved in the songwriting, and musically, “Relentless” showcases a tight group of musicians creating the foundation for Tate to a style that he made famous along with his former band.
Fans of Tate’s work in Queensryche’s early days and of the previous Sweet Oblivion record will not want to miss this…

SWEET OBLIVION (feat Geoff Tate) – ST [Japan Edition +1] (2019)

Former Queensryche and current Operation: Mindcrime frontman Geoff Tate has revealed his new project titled SWEET OBLIVION. Tate has teamed up with guitarist and bassist Simone Mularoni, keyboardist Emanuele Casali and drummer Paolo Caridi in the band – and they’ll release their self-titled debut album on June 14 through Frontiers Music, and tomorrow via Marquee in Japan including a bonus...