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STYX – Son Of Edge [Unreleased Album 1991-1992] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Named by fans “SON OF EDGE”, this is the unreleased collection of nine STYX songs from 1991-92 or so when the band consisted of Dennis DeYoung, James Young, Chuck and John Panozzo & Glen Burtnik.
After the band’s 1990 ”Edge Of The Century” album, Styx were preparing for a follow up record and sent this, the “SON OF EDGE” tape to their label, A&M Records, who the band had been signed to at the time, although their contract was up and it was time to renegotiate terms. This negotiation was handled by a big shot show business lawyer who apparently asked for more than A&M was interested in giving, so the album was never to be, and remains unreleased.
Today 0dayrox brings to you in exclusive, Styx’s unreleased 1991-1992 album “SON OF EDGE”.
There were less than 10 CDs burned, only to be sent to A&M Records executives. And not only the sound quality is excellent, it contains some of the best two Dennis DeYoung songs we’ve ever heard. It’s great to hear where Styx would have been headed if able to do this follow-up to ”Edge Of The Century” album.
A collectors item, Only at 0dayrox

STYX – Edge Of The Century [Japanese SHM-CD Limited Edition]

Some years ago appeared a great Japanese nine-album cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue series of STYX on high quality SHM-CD, a Limited Edition turned out of print soon.
Here’s the very good “Edge Of The Century“, the twelfth studio album by Styx, released in 1990. It was the first (and only) Styx album featuring Glen Burtnik, replacing Tommy Shaw, at that time busy with Damn Yankees. It was also the last album to feature John Panozzo on drums (he would die six years later of gastrointestinal hemorrhaging).
Seven years after breaking up, Styx were back in business, testing the commercial climate for richly arranged harmonies and Melodic Hard Rock tunes.
Indeed, “Edge Of The Century” hasn’t that classic Styx sound, but it’s a superb Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album with the awesome, glossy, polished production of the genre around 1989/91.
Burtnik contributed half of the songs…

STYX – Crash Of The Crown (2021)

A new era of hope, survival, and prosperity comes calling with the release of “Crash Of The Crown“, STYX’s uplifting new studio album which was written during the last three years and recorded during the trying times of the pandemic.
The legendary rockers – James “JY” Young (lead vocals, guitars), Tommy Shaw (lead vocals, guitars), Chuck Panozzo (bass, vocals), Todd Sucherman (drums, percussion), Lawrence Gowan (lead vocals, keyboards) and Ricky Phillips (bass, guitar, vocals) – are back with their unique blend of melodies and perfectly crafted songs.
To put it simple, “Crash of the Crown ” is a superb STYX record that belongs on the shelf alongside their other records from “Equinox” forward…

DENNIS DeYOUNG – 26 East Volume 2 (2021)

Former Styx frontman DENNIS DeYOUNG is back with the second volume of his fond farewell to recorded music, “26 East, Vol. 2” As with the preceding volume, “26 East, Vol. 2” once again hints strongly at DeYoung’s rock roots with Styx.
The production and musicianship are epic, and those timeless vocal arrangements get delivered in spades. A fitting goodbye and a final signature on an outstanding body of work which will stand the test of time.
DeYoung has previously stated that “26 East” will mark his retirement from the world of recorded music. Thanks to the abundance of material, Dennis agreed to split the album in two parts. This second half starts where the previous one left off and sees DeYoung collaborate again with the awesome Jim Peterik, a fellow Chicagoan and nearby neighbor, for the songwriting on select tracks.
Peterik also play guitar, bass, does backing vocals, and there’s many others musicians collaborating here…

SHAW BLADES – Hallucination [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

Rock Candy Records also released their own remastered version from SHAW BLADES collaboration project debut “Hallucination“. Formed by Damn Yankees’ Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger), these two Melodic Rock geniuses created a wonderful album here plenty of melody and showcasing not only their terrific voices, but also the duo’s amazing songwriting quality. When it comes to extracurricular...

STYX – The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings [first 4 albums Remastered]

As requested, here’s “The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings“, a 2-Disc set released by STYX containing remastered versions of the band’s first four albums: Styx, Styx II, The Serpent Is Rising, and Man Of Miracles, which were released by Wooden Nickel Records.
The four LPs contained in this compilation (plus Styx’s fifth album, Equinox) were recorded with original singer / songwriter / guitarist John Curulewski and feature a harder, eclectic, and more progressive sound when compared to subsequent albums.
The release also includes “Unfinished Song”, a rare B-side to the single “Best Thing” from the first album.

GOWAN – Great Dirty World [Special Deluxe Edition remastered +3]

For more than 20 years Lawrence GOWAN is a stable member of Styx, but long before that, this Canadian had a quite successful solo career started in the Eighties. Released a couple years after ‘Strange Animal’ — the album that really launched Gowan’s career, at least in his homeland – “Great Dirty World” establishes a transition: from light poppy AOR...

TODD SUCHERMAN (Styx) – Last Flight Home (2020)

Drummer TODD SUCHERMAN, who is best known as holding down the groove for STYX over the past 25 years, “Last Flight Home” means to officially come into his own as a lead singer and to release an album that bears his name on the front cover. “Last Flight Home” is filled with strong songwriting, expert production and solid musicianship. Oh...

DENNIS DeYOUNG (ex Styx) – 26 East, Vol. 1 (2020)

Former Styx frontman DENNIS DeYOUNG will release his new album, ’26 East, Volume 1′ via Frontiers Music. Ten songs will comprise the album, DeYoung’s seventh solo studio effort and first in over a decade.
The title “26 East” refers to 26 E. 101st Place, the Chicago address where DeYoung grew up and from where Styx was formed. The record – where Jim Peterik is involved both in songwriting and playing – was originally planned as DeYoung’s final album, but the singer later decided to split it into two separate volumes.

DENNIS DeYOUNG – Desert Moon + Back To The World [BGO Remaster]

Founder member and one of the pillars of Styx’s fame, talented singer & keyboardist DENNIS DeYOUNG started a solo career after Styx went on hiatus in the first half of the ’80s. DeYoung’s first two solo recordings “Desert Moon” and “Back To The World” have been remastered and re-issued both on one disc by BGO Records with extensive sleeve notes...

DENNIS DeYOUNG – …And The Music Of Styx Live in Los Angeles (2014)

DENNIS DeYOUNG, the legendary front man of Styx and author of key songs that define that band’s career, returned to Los Angeles for the first time during his solo career to play a sold out show at the El Rey Theater. Recorded live for AXS-TV and captured in pristine high quality, the performance has been slated for release via Frontiers...

NEW ENGLAND – Explorer Suite [Rock Candy remaster]

Another remaster by Rock Candy Records fans were waiting for it’s the sophomore effort by the Boston-based super pompsters NEW ENGLAND: “Explorer Suite“.Produced by Mike Stone, who also worked with Queen, Journey and Asia, “Explorer Suite” is a very large-sounding work by a band that deserved to be as popular as Stone’s other clients. To the pomp of the debut...

TOMMY SHAW – Girls With Guns / What If [2-in-1 BGO digitally remastered]

At the beginning of the Eighties TOMMY SHAW departed Styx to pursue a solo career focusing on commercial Melodic Rock, AOR and rock&pop with the radio-friendly approach so in vogue around the time. First it was “Girls With Guns” in ’84, and then “What If” (1985), both including cheerful melodious tunes but more deep lyrically than it may seem at...

TOMMY SHAW – Ambition [Rock Candy remaster]

If one album which really represents the true Melodic Rock / AOR sound of the ’80s deserved to be reissued that is “Ambition” by TOMMY SHAW, and Rock Candy specialists have done a terrific job with it, perhaps the best remastering work ever from this excellent British label. The name Tommy Shaw will always be synonymous with Styx, the hugely...

STYX – Paradise Theater [Japanese remaster SHM-CD Limited Edition] Out Of Print

One of you asked how it sounds the Japanese nine-album cardboard sleeve (mini LP) remastered reissue series of STYX on high quality SHM-CD. In one word; outstanding.All were released as Limited Edition and already turned out of print.Their masterpiece “Paradise Theater” was requested again on this blog, an essential STYX album in your collection. “Paradise Theater” was Styx greatest commercial...