STRANGEWAYS – Native Sons [Rock Candy remaster +2]

This Rock Candy Deluxe Remastered Edition of STRANGEWAYS “Native Sons” is the definitive version to one of the best albums from the burgeoning ’80s British AOR scene. This was requested many times on the blog, and here it is in all its glory.
After the short tenure of vocalist Tony Liddle in the first Strangeways album, the Stewart brothers (guitar / bass) and Jim Drummond (drums) went back to the drawing board and decided to have another shot at convincing their first choice singer to come over and join the band, with American vocalist Terry Brock finally doing just that.
As usual the great remastering by Jon Astley breathes new life into what was already a genre classic, and with the bonus track and Dave Ling’s enlightening essay, this is a must have release, for sure one of the best British AOR albums of all time…

STRANGEWAYS – Strangeways [Rock Candy remastered +5] FIXED

This great album is being requested over and over again, and all of us need it for sure. Before being recognized as the definitive British AOR band with their second album, STRANGEWAYS released their self-titled debut “Strangeways” to critical and fans acclaim. This remastered job by Rock Candy Records discover new layers of sound from this strong first album, plus adding 5 bonus tracks to enjoy.
This Rock Candy reissue is excellent, with a 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 3,000 word essay about the making of the album, interview with the band and additional photos spread out over a 12 page full color booklet.
And we have 5 bonus tracks including songs that never made it into the final tracklist but equally strong in terms of quality…

STRANGEWAYS – Walk In The Fire +4 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

This gem is being requested over and over again, and all of us need it for sure. Not only “Walk In The Fire” confirmed STRANGEWAYS as one of the best British AOR acts of all time, but also on this, their third record, the band reached their creative peak. This Rock Candy Records remastered reissue sounds fabulous, including 4 bonus tracks.
It’s a remarkable fact that the first three Strangeways albums don’t contain a single filler, and how many bands can you say that about?
All are must-haves, and “Walk In The Fire” is a crucial, awesome album.

STRANGEWAYS – Where Do We Go From Here? [Live At Firefest] Out Of Print

“Where Do We Go From Here?” was recorded by STRANGEWAYS at 2010 Firefest Festival in front of an adoring audience, and released via Firefest / Fireworks Magazine in limited quantities, now out of print. Contained here is a document of that performance, 22 years of hurt was dispelled for the masses that awaited the return of the band for so...

STRANGEWAYS – Age Of Reason (A.O.R.)

Scottish AOR legends STRANGEWAYS are back with a new album; “Age Of Reason“, produced and released by themselves on their own label. Since the last year’s pretty disappointed return ‘Perfect World’, the band has reunited with its original line-up; extraordinaire vocalist Terry Brock, guitarist Ian J. Stewart, bassist David Stewart, keyboard player David Moore and drummer Jim Drummond. The first...