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STINGRAY – Operation Stingray [rare German CD reissue w/ bonus] *EXCLUSIVE*

Few posts ago we featured in exclusive the remastered reissue of STINGRAY‘s first album, and if you love that brand of early ’80s pompy AOR / melodic rock, you need as well the band’s second and final record: “Operation Stingray“, in this rare, out of print CD reissue released during the past decade including a bonus track.
More commercial that the debut and in tune with the sound from band if this ilk like NEW ENGLAND, STYX, LE ROUX and BOSTON, “Operation Stingray” packs a set of catchy song plenty of swirling keys / synths and hooky melodic rock riffs.
While not remastered, this CD reissue has a stupendous output, and the harmony-layered bonus track is one of the standout numbers.
Awesome ’80s pompy AOR, and a collectors piece.
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STINGRAY – Stingray +1 [Bad Reputation digitally remastered] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

If you thought good classic rock music from South Africa is Trevor Rabin and nothing else – think again. Back in 1979 STINGRAY had their debut album released world-wide. Classy as it is, it didn’t make much of an impact and Stingray were gone after the follow-up LP.
However, that tremendous self-titled debut has been reissued & remastered by Bad Reputation Records and let me tell you it’s a monster slab of classic sounding Melodic Rock/ Pomp AOR as just as good as the likes of BOSTON, LE ROUX, TRILLION, STYX and early GRAND PRIX were pumping out in early ’80s.
Presented in exclusive at 0dayrox, this remaster sound fabulous crystal clear, including as bonus track Stingray’s hit ‘Better The Devil You Know…’ in its single, different AOR mix version, a track to die for.
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